What Are The Best Cat Nail Caps?

​The best nail caps for your cat will be:a) easy to apply and ​b) do the job they are designed to doOkay looking cute is in there too but working ​as expected and being easy to apply ​is what

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Pet Checklist_Information For Carer

Pet Checklist – Information For A Pet Carer

As we all continue to come to terms with the changes C​OVID 19 has made in our lives, sometimes our pets will have change too.  Your pet may need to be cared for and if this is the case you want

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nail caps for cat's claws

Popular Cat Nail Caps : Pros and Cons – Here Are The Facts

Cat Nail Caps - Pros and Cons.  There are more pros than cons I'm sure you will be happy to know.  There are still a couple of pitfalls which are discussed.  This post will outline all

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growing cat grass

The Process Of Growing Cat Grass Is Easy And Rewarding

Growing cat grass is fun and it is easy to have success.  ​If you really want to know about growing cat grass this post is for you.Great to get the kids involved. This ​makes an excellent Science

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best hypoallergenic dry cat food

The Best Hypoallergenic Dry Cat Food For The Good Health Of Your Cat

​The best hypoallergenic dry cat food is reviewed in this article. ​Quality is paramount and this is reflected in the products reviewed.  Dry cat food can be more convenient to feed the cat.  This

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Declawing Your Cat – The Facts

​What Is Declawing?Declawing a cat (onychectomy), is a topic that is always controversial, emotion charged and with ​differing opinions. The procedure is commonly called ‘Declawing,’ the

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paper litter for declawed cat

Paper Litter After Declawing Is Good Practice

The Best Litter ​For Declawed Cats After SurgeryPaper litter after declawing, is the recommendation by veterinarians as the best cat litter to use for at least a week after returning home. Here

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walking a pet

Conquer Stress And Take The Dog For A Walk – With a Difference

​​​​Being Pet Prepared For Lock-Down Or Self Isolation​Update:​ This article was written before a good portion of the world​ has had to go into some ​variation of a lock-down or voluntary

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heated cat bed

How To Recognize The Best Heated Cat Bed For Your Cat

​The best heated cat bed will have the cat seeking out the bed as soon as the weather turns chilly. Cats love warmth. Our cat was a sun-seeker, always parking himself in sunny spots

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self heated cat bed

How To Decide The Best Self Heating Cat Bed For Your Cat

What Is The Meaning Of A Self Heating Cat Bed?The best self heating cat bed sounds like a bed that just heats up from the cat sitting or lying inside or on top of the bed. That is pretty much what self

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heated cat pad for a cat

How To Decide Which Is The Best Heating Pad For Cats

​The best heating pads for cats can be divided into two categories:​1.   Most heated pads for cats look like mats where the cat can stretch out and ​be toasty warm like the one shown below. Check

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best microwave heated pads for cats

The Best Microwave Heated Pads For Cats For Warmth And Comfort

​Does your cat have a habit of sleeping on you in bed, perhaps on your legs, or near your head, on your feet and so on? Apart from barring the cat from the bedroom, it is ​just a fact of life.  If

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