Best Vacuums For Cat Litter That Get The Job Done With No Hassle

cat litter attractant

The best vacuums for cat litter will depend on your situation. If you have multiple cats, an upright vacuum is …

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Cat Drinking Glasses Are Guaranteed Fun And A Little Bit Crazy

cat drinking glasses
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Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas on Cats – The Miracle Powder Your Cat Needs

diatomaceous earth for fleas on cats

Using diatomaceous earth is an effective method of natural flea control. This natural flea pest control method is chemical free. …

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What Is The Most Effective And Best Flea Medicine For Cats?

best flea medicine for cats

The best flea medicine is referring to cat flea drops that are applied to the skin of the cat between …

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Why Do Cats Headbutt You? Is It Love Or Attention?

woman and cat headbutting

Why do cats headbutt you, you ask? Cat headbutts are a sign of affection or greeting and recognizing that you are …

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Which Litter Box Is Best – UnCovered Or Covered Litter Boxes?

uncovered or covered litter boxes

Which is the best type of litter box? Uncovered or covered litter boxes? There are pros and cons for both …

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Choosing the Best Litter Box Attractant for Cats – A Guide for Pet Owners

litter box attractant for cats

Litter box attractant for cats is used to lure your kitty to the litter box. Cat litter attractant is added …

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12 Telltale Signs Of A Cat Aging That Are not Always Obvious

an aging black cat

The telltale signs of a cat’s aging are sometimes not noticed right away. Our lives can seem to go on …

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