Why Do Cats Stare At The Wall? Very Interesting Wall Kitty!

cat looking at the wall

Why do cats stare at the wall or stare at literally nothing? I can’t count the number of times I …

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How To Make A Litter Box Non Stick And Easier To Clean

Non stick Litter Box

Life is easier with cat litter that doesn’t stick to the litter box. I’m pretty sure that if you are …

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Why Do Cats Knock Things Over? It’s not Funny Kitty!

why do cats knock things over

Why do cats knock things over? We watch videos of cats knocking things off tables and other surfaces and it …

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Favorite, Popular And Funny Cat Sayings With Photos

funny cat sayings with pictures

Often I read sayings or quotes about cats and think how particularly clever or funny they are. Some people have …

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