Can I Bathe My Cat Every Day Safely? What Is Best?

cat having a bath

Can I bathe my cat every day? In short, no, it is not wise or necessary to bathe a cat …

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Why Does My Cat Scratch Me? It’s A Full On Assault

cat scratches on a hand

Cats scratch because it is a normal behavior for them. Scratching serves many purposes, including removing the dead outer layer …

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Six Easy Ways to Stop Cat Litter From Going Everywhere

stop cat litter going everywhere

What is the solution to stop cat litter from going everywhere? Cat litter goes everywhere because the litter sticks to …

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My Cat Hates Car Rides – What Can I Do?

my cat hates car rides

My cat hates car rides and this is stressful my cat and stressful for me. Watching the cat suffer from …

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Save Money – DIY Cat Litter

DIY Cat Litter

Has DIY cat litter ever been on your radar? Why not make your own cat litter? DIY cat litter may …

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