The Best Cat Caves Made In Nepal to Keep your Kitty Cozy

elted wool cat cave made in Nepal

A cat cave, also known as a cocoon, pod, or nest, is an enclosed space for a cat made from …

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15 Sociable Family Friendly Cat Breeds For My Young Family

boy playing with a kitten

If you’re thinking about welcoming a cat into your family, knowing key differences between cat breeds can help you make …

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Good, Practical Advice You’ll Need For Arthritis In Senior Cats – From A Vet

arthritis is senior cats

This article about arthritis in senior cats is written by Dr Ali Raza a Doctor of Medicine (MD), Veterinary Sciences. …

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What is Taurine For Cats – Why Do They Need It In Their Diet?

Why do cats need Taurine

What Is Taurine For Cats? In a nutshell – Taurine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is important for …

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How Do Different Breeds Of Cat Cope With Cold Weather? Tough Cats!

how do different cat breeds cope with cold weather

Do different breeds of cat have a higher tolerance for cold temperatures? Some breeds are better at coping with a …

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