Toys For Declawed Cats – Keep Your Declawed Cat Stimulated

toys for a declawed cat

Declawed cats have a different experience when it comes to playing with toys. Some people think that declawed cats can’t …

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Why Do Cats Sleep In A Ball? We want to Know!

cat sleeping curled up in a ball

One of the habits of cats, is that they often tend to sleep while curled into a ball of fluffy …

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Why Do Cats Lick Then Bite? Is That Being A Nice Kitty?

why do cats lick then bite

Why do cats lick then bite, is usually related to play behavior. Cats will often engage in rough play with each other, which consists …

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Do Cats Purr When They Sleep? It Seems Super Cute But Is It True?

sleeping cat

Do Cats Purr When They Sleep? Cats purr in their sleep during the lighter stages of their sleep. This is …

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