Where Do You Stand In The – Cats Are Better Than Dogs Debate?

cats and dogs debate

The cats are better than dogs debate and vice versa is an argument that never ends. In terms of popularity, …

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Where Do Cats Sleep Outside At Night? A Sad And Exposed Life For Some!

cats huddled together outside

Being in cat rescue for over 30 years, wild cats will never cease to amaze me with their survival instincts. …

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Why Do Cats Bring You Toys? It’s A Simple Understanding!

why do cats bring you toys

Why do cats bring you toys? It might seem like a random occurrence and typically for cats, there is not …

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Sleep Apnea in Cats Or Is it A Natural Feline Behavior?

Sleep apnea in cats

Your cat wanders all night and sleeps most of the day and evening.  You are undoubtedly aware that plenty of …

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Cats Under Blankets – Discovering the Hidden World of Feline Comfort

cats under blankets

Cats can be found in some of the strangest places. Some love to perch on high shelves, while others enjoy …

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21 Unexpected Uses For cat Litter Around The Home

We all know the purpose of using cat litter when you own a cat, but you might be surprised at …

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