Why Is My Cat Laying On The Floor? He Is Stretched Right Out!

Why is my cat laying on the floor? Some common reasons why your cat lies on the floor are as …

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How To Keep The Cat Off The Bed – In The Nicest Possible Way!

cat sleeping on a bed

How to keep the cat off the bed without upsetting the cat or feeling as though you are being a …

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Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Shoes? Strangely, The Cat Seems To Love It!

why does my cat sleep on my shoes

Why does my cat sleep on my shoes? Cats love shoes. Some cats show shoes a lot of love and …

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Can Cats Sleep With a Cone on? Poor Darlings!

can cats sleep with a cone on

The amazing cat can twist and turn its body in ways that we humans only wish we could. When cats …

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Cats Sleeping On Their Back! They Look Blissful But Is This Okay?

young cat sleeping on its back

Have you ever wondered why cats often sleep on their backs? This unique cat sleeping position is not only adorable …

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Why Cats Should Not Sleep With Young Children! let’s Use Caution!

kittens should not sleep with young children

It is not just cats that should not sleep with young children, the same applies to any household pets. The …

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Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Pillow? I Love it!

why does my cat sleep on my pillow

Cats are known to be creatures of comfort, and they love to sleep in warm and cozy places. So, if …

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