Why Are My Cats Whiskers Singed? Poor Kitty! His Whiskers Are Curly!

kitten with charred whiskers

Why are my cats whiskers singed? There are actually quite reasonable and plausible reasons without resorting to any animal cruelty …

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Why Do Cats Like Bags? My Cat’s Eyes Light Up When He Sees A Bag!

It is almost a given, you bring in your shopping bags and as you are trying to unpack them, your …

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Why Do Cats Whiskers Change Color? They Are A Strange Mixture Of Black And White!

white cat with white whiskers

Why do cats whiskers change color. Cats whiskers change color because of these two different factors. Firstly, a kitten’s whiskers …

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Why Does My Cat Have Long Whiskers? They Look Amazing!

why does my cat have long whiskers

Why does my cat have long whiskers? Some cat breeds definitely have a predisposition towards longer whiskers. Genes play an …

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Why Are My Cat’s Whiskers Bent? Is It Hurting The Cat?

close up of cat's face and bent cat whiskers

Have you noticed that your cat’s whiskers are bent? Most of us have grown up knowing that whiskers are important …

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Do Cats Whiskers Grow Back and return to normal when they have been damaged?

cat with long curly whiskers

As a loving cat owner, I want my cat to be as healthy and happy as possible. Therefore, I give …

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Why Do Cats Bury Food? Are They Hiding It From Other Cats?

why do cats bury food

One of the most curious behaviors of cats is their tendency to bury food. While it may seem like the …

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How Deep Should Cat litter Be? A Rule Of Thumb For Quick Calculations

how deep should cat litter be

Cat litter in its many forms is one of the many things to learn about when becoming a cat parent. I …

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Why Do Cats Lie On Paper? Something To Do With Warmth?

two cats sitting on paper and books in a bookcase

Why do cats lie on paper? Place a piece of paper in the middle of the floor and your cat …

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