Why Does My Cat Put His Paw On me? it is So Cute!

why does my cat put his paw on me

Why does my cat put his paw on me? It is a form of communication. You can communicate with your …

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Why Do Cats Bite Off Other Cats Whiskers? Is This Normal behavior?

cat nibbled mans mustache

If you have more than one cat you have probably noticed that sometimes one of the cats will chew the …

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Do Hairless Cats Have Whiskers? Are Cats Okay With No Whiskers?

a Sphynx cat without any whiskers

Do hairless cats have whiskers? It is a bit of no and a bit of yes. Some breeds such as …

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Best Whisker Fatigue Cat Bowls That Are Kind To Whiskers

cat food in a shallow bowl

The best whisker fatigue cat bowls are not as deep as a traditional cat food bowl. Cats whiskers are highly …

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