Cat Hiding After Moving to New Home: Keep Your Cat Calm And Safe

cat hiding

Is your cat hiding after moving to a new home? Panic! No not a good idea but what do you …

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How Do Cats Use Their Whiskers To Interact With Other Cats And Humans?

orange cat with defined whiskers

Cat whiskers are unique and fascinating part of a cat’s anatomy. They are not just decorative features, but rather important …

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Flower Themed Names For Cats – Fun And Joy With Floral Names

kitten in the flowers

A flower themed name for a cat is always going to sound happy and joyful. Who could be cross with …

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How To Cat Proof A fish Tank! No Cats Allowed Here!

how to cat proof a fish tank

How to cat proof a fish tank? There are several ways to cat proof a tank. Choose the right tank …

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Cat Breeds That Love Water: A Guide to Aquatic Felines

Bengal cat playing in water

When most people think of water and cats, they think that cats hate water and avoid it at all costs. …

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What to do If Your Indoor Cat Got Out? Preventive Tips and Solutions


As cat lovers and owners, we understand that one of the biggest fears we may face is the disheartening experience …

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