cats like rolling around in the dirt

Top 7 Reasons Why Cats Roll Around In The Dirt

​Most domestic cats, if given the opportunity, will roll in the dirt. While we tend to ​view the behavior as kitty just getting dirty ​it’s actually a beneficial activity.​ Below are some of

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fish based cat food

What Fish Based Cat Food Is The Best?

​Cats love eating fish.  Like all things, too much of a good thing can have consequences and too much raw fish can lead to a possible Thiamine (Vitamin B1) deficiency in cats. However cats can still

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Should cats eat fresh fish

Should Cats Eat Raw Fish?

​​How often do we see an image of a cat with a fish? It's just an accepted association.​Our cat knew when the fisherman in the ​family arrived home ​with fish after a day’s fishing. In fact

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Cat Scratching For No Reason

Why Does My Brazen Cat Scratch Me? It’s a Full On Assault!

Why do cats scratch their owners? What turns a normally placid kitty into a sudden pouncer and scratcher.  It gives everyone a fright and upsets children.While cats exhibit this

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low cost cat insurance

Easy To Use – Low Cost Pet Insurance

​​​Pet Insurance or ​Veterinary Discount plan​?What is the difference between pet insurance and a veterinary discount plan? ​Maybe you haven't heard of a veterinary discount

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why does my cat like sleeping between my legs

Why Cats Sleep Between Your Legs

Why does my cat like to sleep between my legs every night?  Even if ​my cat is nowhere to be seen when I go to ​bed, ​ I can wake and there he is, already hunkered down or jumping softly onto

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best top entry litter box

What Makes These The Best Top Entry Litter Boxes?

What Are The Benefits Of A Top Entry Litter Box?Top entry boxes mean less litter tracking.  Kitty can go to town digging and flinging. Some litter may still escape on paws.  Most boxes have

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cat pooping on the floor randomly

Cat Pooping On Floor Randomly? How To Solve This Quickly

​Some kitty sleuth work may be required to work out why ​a cat that has always had impeccable litter box manners ​suddenly starts urinating or pooping on the bed or on the floor

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Pet insurance or senior pets

Sadly, Our Beloved Cat Passed Away

A beloved pet passing away is the heartbreaking part of owning a pet that all pet owners have to face at some point. We form such amazing bonds with our cats that even years after they

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Uing a pet pill popper to give the cat a pill

How To Use A Pill Shooter For Cats

Having to give your cat a pill is not up there with fun things to do.  ​Cats generally don't fall for the pill buried in the food routine.This

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