low cost cat insurance

Easy To Use – Low Cost Pet Insurance

​​​Pet Insurance or ​Veterinary Discount plan​?What is the difference between pet insurance and a veterinary discount plan? ​Maybe you haven't heard of a veterinary discount

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why does my cat like sleeping between my legs

Why Cats Sleep Between Your Legs

Why does my cat like to sleep between my legs every night?  Even if ​my cat is nowhere to be seen when I go to ​bed, ​ I can wake and there he is, already hunkered down or jumping softly onto

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best top entry litter box

What Makes These The Best Top Entry Litter Boxes?

​Updated April 2019What Are The Benefits Of A Top Entry Litter Box?Top entry boxes mean less litter tracking.  Kitty can go to town digging and flinging. Some litter may still escape on paws.

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cat pooping on the floor randomly

Cat Pooping On Floor Randomly? How To Solve This Quickly

​Some kitty sleuth work may be required to work out why ​a cat that has always had impeccable litter box manners ​suddenly starts urinating or pooping on the bed or on the floor

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Pet insurance or senior pets

Sadly, Our Beloved Cat Passed Away

A beloved pet passing away is the heartbreaking part of owning a pet that all pet owners have to face at some point. We form such amazing bonds with our cats that even years after they

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Uing a pet pill popper to give the cat a pill

How To Use A Pill Shooter For Cats

Having to give your cat a pill is not up there with fun things to do.  ​Cats generally don't fall for the pill buried in the food routine.This

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best costumes for cats to wear at halloween

Here Are The Best Cat Halloween Costumes For Cats

It's almost Halloween!  The cat would look super cute in a costume!​Is It Okay for cats to wear Halloween costumes?​If you think your cat won’t be impressed with

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I'm a happy cat

How To Have A Happy Cat!

Can you remember bringing your cat or kitten home for the first time? It is exciting and heartwarming to know that this  little creature is now going to part of your family for

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scented cat litter

Which Scented Cat Litter Is The Best One To Use?

​In recent years some​ excellent ​scented litters have been developed and these are the ones reviewed in this article.Note: Some of the litters reviewed are scent activated meaning

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odor control litter

Which Is The Best Cat Litter For Odor Control?

​The ​best cat litter ​for odor control is one that, not necessarily replaces the odor with a perfume but nevertheless masks the odor of a cat using the litter box.  Our

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