best covered litter box

Make Sure You Choose The Best Covered Litter Box

​Covered litter boxes come with a variety of different features. ​To choose the best covered litter box for your cat and your household there are things to consider. ​​Think

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Cat Tearing Paper

Why Does My Cat Shred Paper?

Does your cat like tearing paper ?Our cat has always had a penchant for tearing paper.We first noticed this a long time ago, one Christmas Day. It is tradition at our place that all of the Christmas wrapping

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best hypoallergenic cat food diet

What Is The Best Hypoallergenic Cat Food For My Cat?

What is hypoallergenic cat food?  Hypoallergenic cat food has few or minimal artificial ingredients. It is formulated for cats that have allergies

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senior cat porch enclosure

What Is The Purpose Of A Secure Senior Cat Porch Enclosure?

Our cat is a senior citizen. We think he looks quite youthful but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and maybe we are seeing and remembering the

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cat food for senior cats with bad teeth

What Is The Best Litter Box For Elderly Cats?

One day you realize that your kitty cat has become old and it might seem as though it has almost happened overnight.We are so used to our animals being around, that when we realize they are not as sprightly

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Uncovered Litter Box

Is An Uncovered Litter Box Up To The Task?

Why Choose An Uncovered Litter Box?Uncovered boxes are generally recommended because:Cats can see if a person or another animal is approaching when they use an uncovered litter box.The

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reasons to own a cat

8 Amazing Reasons To Own A Cat

Are You A Cat Person?Have you only ever had cats as pets? If so, that probably puts you definitely in the - I'm a cat person camp.​I think it is fair

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older cats with bad teeth

What Is The Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth?

​Updated April 2019​We take such good care of our ​cats ​and as a result that they are living longer, so it is somewhat expected that there will be age related health issues.

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why do cats drink dirty water

What Is The Answer? Why Do Cats Drink Dirty Water?

Our cat likes drinking from the fish pond. Is it dirty?  Well to​ me it is but kitty might have other ideas.The pond filter isn’t always

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litter box attractant for cats

This Is How To Use Litter Box Attractant For Cats

Why Use A Litter Box Attractant?The purpose of using a litter box attractant is to help lure your kitty to the litter box. Litter box avoidance is surprisingly

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