Uncovered Litter Box

Is An Uncovered Litter Box Up To The Task?

Why Choose An Uncovered Litter Box?Uncovered boxes are generally recommended because:Cats can see if a person or another animal is approaching when they use an uncovered litter box.The

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reasons to own a cat

8 Amazing Reasons To Own A Cat

Are You A Cat Person?Have you only ever had cats as pets? If so, that probably puts you definitely in the - I'm a cat person camp.​I think it is fair

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older cats with bad teeth

What Is The Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth?

​We take such good care of our ​cats that they are living longer, so it is expected that there will be age related health issues. This includes periodontal or gum disease plus

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why do cats drink dirty water

What Is The Answer? Why Do Cats Drink Dirty Water?

Our cat likes drinking from the fish pond. Is it dirty?  Well to​ me it is but kitty might have other ideas.The pond filter isn’t always

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litter box attractant for cats

This Is How To Use Litter Box Attractant For Cats

Why Use A Litter Box Attractant?The purpose of using a litter box attractant is to help lure your kitty to the litter box. Litter box avoidance is surprisingly

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cat feeding bowls on a stand

What Is The Best Thing About Using Raised Cat Bowls?

Why Use Raised Cat Bowls? check ​A raised cat feeding bowl means there is less pressure placed on the cat's joints and muscles as they do not need to crouch down to floor level in

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Cats And Birds Video

Amazing Cat And Birds Video – What Is The Secret To Harmony?

This video could have be taken on any day of the week at our place and the results would be much the same.  The only thing different would be how many magpies turn up. Some days

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cat doing the cat night crazies

What Are The Reasons Cats Get The Cat Night Crazies?

Is your cat doing the cat crazies at night, charging around the house in a maniacal fashion? Now that our cat is elderly, the crazies have all but disappeared, he is nearly 17 after

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why does my cat knead me and my husband

Why Does My Cat Knead Me But Not My Husband?

Cat kneading is part of a cat’s natural behavior. The photo above is cute and although kneading bread is just an analogy, the way a cat kneads a person,

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my cat is headbutting me

Why Do Cats Headbutt You When You Get Home?

There is nothing like a nice warm welcome when you have been away from home at work or even if you have been out and about for an hour or two.There is kitty waiting patiently, usually in his favourite

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