best litter scoop

What Is The Best Litter Scoop For Cat Litter Boxes?

​If you have a cat litter box you will definitely need a cat litter scoop.Generally speaking they are inexpensive however you still need the best tool for the job. ​One that doesn't breakCan get

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how to keep a litter box clean with unfragranced litter

How To Decide Which Is The Best Cat Litter Mat

What Is A Cat Litter Mat?A cat litter mat is ​designed to help contain the spread of litter when the cat leaves the box. The mat is placed in front of or just underneath the cat litter box.It's really

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keep your cat safe from fleas

A Glossary Of The Best Flea Treatments For Cats

It can be confusing deciding on the best flea treatment for your cat as there are many choices. Some treatments, like flea spray, flea powder and flea shampoo will give instant results although not long

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best cat food for diabetic cats

How To Work Out The Best Cat Food For Diabetic Cats

Our cat is diabetic.This is a fairly recent diagnosis. In this article I will discuss what the best diet has been for our diabetic cat. This diet was set in consultation with our veterinarian. Your veterinarian

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best cat water fountain

What Is The Best Cat Water Fountain For My Thirsty Cat?

A cat water fountain dispenses running fresh water for your cat to drink.  The water in a water fountain has been filtered and aerated as opposed to the water in a cat bowl, which is still and

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cat being combed for fleas

What Are The Best Flea Combs For Cats, Easy To Use And Good Value?

​Updated June 2019A flea comb for a cat is specifically designed to be used on​ the fur of a cat, the intention being to pick up fleas in the teeth of the comb as the cat is being combed.Some cats

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natural cat flea treatment options

The Bottom Line On The Best Natural Flea Treatment For Cats

More people choosing natural flea treatments for their cat are either looking for an alternative to traditional methods, which typically use chemicals or are looking for methods that can be used in

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My kitten has fleas

The Best Flea Powder For Cats Is The One The Cat Likes

​Updated with new reviews June 2019We hope that kitty won't mind being dusted with flea powder but really there are some things that are done for kitty's own good and using flea powder is on the list.Flea

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flea spray for cats

How To Find The Best Flea Spray For Cats

​​Cat flea spray is fast acting. ​It is very useful when an infestation is noticed and you want to take action immediately for the cat’s comfort. It typically may be a product that you use

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kitten having a flea shampoo

What Are The Best Flea Shampoos for Cats in 2019?

​Updated April 2019There are good reasons to give your cat a bath using a cat flea shampoo. ​​It is​ ​a convenient choice in the arsenal of choices, when you are deciding what flea treatment

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