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How to Flea Bomb with Indoor Cats – What You Need to Know for a Safe and Effective Treatment

cat, dog and child scratching from fleas

In this article, we will discuss how to flea bomb with indoor cats, while keeping your cats protected. Flea bombs …

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My Cat Still Has Fleas After treatment. Is The Treatment No Good?


My cat still has fleas after treatment. You may think you have rid your kitty of cat fleas by giving …

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How To Make Your Own Awesome Essential Oil Flea Collar For Cats

lifecycle of a flea on cats

The purpose of making an essential oil flea collar for cats is twofold. Firstly you will avoid using a flea …

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The Bottom Line On The Best Natural Flea Treatment For Cats

natural cat flea treatment options

Finding the best natural flea treatment for cats, often signals that we are looking for an alternative to traditional methods, which …

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The Best Non Toxic Flea Wipes For Cats

Wipes for fleas on cats

The best non toxic flea wipes for cats provide an added boost to cat flea control. They are convenient, as …

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Why Use Natural Neem Oil For Fleas On Cats?

Neem oil for fleas on cats is just one way of many ways that neem oil is used. What Is …

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What Is The Best Flea Spray For Cats?

flea spray for cat fleas

The best flea spray for cats must a) work quickly, b) be easy to apply and c) be good value. …

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The Best Flea Powder For Cats

My kitten has fleas

The best flea powder for cats will deliver ‘on the spot” results. Flea powder can be used as a standalone …

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The Best Flea Tablets For Cats? How Often Are They Given?

flea drops medication

The best flea tablets for cats are fast acting and reliable.  How do you know which ones work the best? Word …

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Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas on Cats – The Miracle Powder Your Cat Needs

diatomaceous earth for fleas on cats

Using diatomaceous earth is an effective method of natural flea control. This natural flea pest control method is chemical free. …

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What Is The Most Effective And Best Flea Medicine For Cats?

best flea medicine for cats

The best flea medicine is referring to cat flea drops that are applied to the skin of the cat between …

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What Are The Best Flea Collars For Cats?

flea collars for cats

A cat’s worst nightmare must be having fleas. Getting a flea collar for the cat is an obvious and easy …

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The Best Flea Treatment For Kittens

best flea treatments for kittens

The best flea treatment for kittens depends on the age of the kitten. If the kitten is less than 6-8 …

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A Glossary Of The Best Flea Treatments For Cats

cat with fleas scratching

The best flea treatments for cats depends on your needs.  Click on the heading to go straight to the section …

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Stop The Scratching! What Are The Best Flea Combs For Cats?

cat flea comb

The best flea combs for cats are designed to efficiently pick up fleas in the teeth of the comb while the …

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