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The Longevity Advantage: Do Indoor Cats Live Longer?

do indoor cats live longer

Do indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats? Indoor cats tend to live longer than their outdoor counterparts, with an …

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How to Flea Bomb with Indoor Cats – What You Need to Know for a Safe and Effective Treatment

cat, dog and child scratching from fleas

In this article, we will discuss how to flea bomb with indoor cats, while keeping your cats protected. Flea bombs …

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Cat Hiding After Moving to New Home: Keep Your Cat Calm And Safe

cat hiding

It’s not uncommon for cats to hide during the transition period of moving from the old home to the new …

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What to do If Your Indoor Cat Got Out? Preventive Tips and Solutions


As cat lovers and owners, we understand that one of the biggest fears we may face is the disheartening experience …

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How To Entertain Indoor Cats Effectively And In A Worthwhile Way?

Cats Climbing, Sitting, Jumping, Balancing

Indoor cats need daily stimulation and entertainment. To ensure your cat stays healthy and happy, you need to find ways …

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How To Train A Cat To Stay Indoors – Home Sweet Home!

two cats by an open door to the outdoors

Because you’ve probably already decided to keep your cat indoors, away from potential dangers outside and other cats, let’s get …

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8 Simple Ways To Keep My Cat Cozy In Cold Weather

keep my cat warm in cold weather

How can I keep my cat cozy in cold weather? How do you keep your cat warm and cozy in …

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How To Keep A Cat From Running Out The Door! I Don’t Want A Missing Cat!

cat waiting to run out the door

A physical barrier is going to be the quickest and easiest solution to stop your cat from running out the …

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This Is How To Introduce Multiple Cats With Success

multiple cats in the household

Introducing a new cat can be tricky or the process can be a piece of cake. The most common answer …

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Why Cats Should Be Kept In At Night – 5 Reasons To Think About

cat outside with a clock showing 6 oclock

The discussion as to why cats should be kept inside at night time, can be divisive and for that reason …

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Best Cat Shelves To Give You Floor Space and Give Your Cat Wall Space

cat sitting on a cat wall shelf

We know that our cats love perching, sitting, or reclining in a high location. Cats Love High Places A high …

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