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Multiple Cat Automatic Feeders – A Lifesaver For Feeding More than One cat

multiple cat automatic feeder

How do you manage to feed multiple cats? Even one cat can be a frantic maniac around mealtime. Have you …

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Cat Food With hydrolyzed Protein Which Cats Is It Best For?

Cat Eating hydrolyzed protein cat food

As a cat owner, you may have heard of cat food with hydrolyzed protein while looking for the best diet …

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Best Whisker Fatigue Cat Bowls – Kind To Whiskers

cat food in a shallow bowl

The best whisker fatigue cat bowls are shallower and wider than traditional cat bowls. This is because cats whiskers are …

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Why Do Cats Bury Food? Are They Hiding It From Other Cats?

why do cats bury food

One of the most curious behaviors of cats is their tendency to bury food. While it may seem like the …

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The Best Hypoallergenic Dry Cat Food For The Health Of Your Cat

best hypoallergenic dry cat food

Hypoallergenic cat food is a type of diet that is deemed to be beneficial for cats with allergies. Hypoallergenic foods …

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What Is The Best Diet For An Old Cat? Tips for Choosing the Right Diet

old cat eating a wet food diet

The best diet for an old cat consists of mainly animal protein. Cats need animal protein to survive because they …

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What Fish Based Cat Food Is The Best?

​The best fish based cat food is commercial cat food that is specifically formulated for cats and contains Thiamine, which …

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Should Cats Eat Raw Fish? I think so but i’m not sure!

cat eating raw fish

Should cats eat raw fish? A diet heavily weighted towards raw fresh fish will eventually mean that the cat will …

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How To Give A Cat Medicine With A Pill Shooter For Cats

cat with medication

What Is A Pill Shooter For Cats? A pill shooter for cats is an aid to assist in dispensing cat …

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What Is The Best Hypoallergenic Cat Food For My Cat?

best hypoallergenic cat food diet

What Is Hypoallergenic Cat Food?   Hypoallergenic cat food has few or minimal artificial ingredients. It is formulated for cats that …

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What Is The Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth?

vet checking teeth of old cat

The best cat food for older cats with bad teeth is cat food that is in small chunks. Why should …

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What Is The Best Thing About Using Raised Cat Bowls?

cat bowls raised for easier access for cats

Why use a raised cat bowl for your cat? Raised cat bowls are recommended for the reasons indicated below: Contents …

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The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Cat Safe: What NOT to Feed Your Cat

What not to feed your cat

Imagine this! You are sitting on the couch and kitty is looking sideways at you eating chocolate. Can cats eat …

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Do you need a cat feeding mat? Do you want quicker cleaning up?

cat feeding mat

The most practical cat feeding mats are non slip. You need the mat and the food bowl to stay on the …

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What Is The Best Cat Water Fountain For My Thirsty Cat?

cat drinking from a faucet

A cat water fountain dispenses running fresh water for your cat to drink.  The water in a cat water fountain …

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