Where Are Cats Whiskers Located On Different Parts Of A Cats Body?

where are cats whiskers located

Cats’ whiskers are located on either side of their face, the upper lip area, on the jaw, around the eyebrow …

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Six Easy And Practical Ways to Stop Cat Litter From Going Everywhere

stop cat litter going everywhere

What is the solution to stop cat litter from going everywhere? It’s no fun stepping in cat litter, especially with …

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6 Of The Best Cat Nail Caps

Colors for cat nail caps

The best cat nail caps are: a) easy to apply b) do the job they are designed to do. Looking …

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Pet Checklist | Helpful Information Your Pet Carer Needs To Look After Your Pet

checklist for pet carer

A pet checklist with detailed information about your pet gives you peace of mind when someone else is caring for …

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Popular Cat Nail Caps Pros and Cons – How To Assess The Facts!

cat with pink nail caps

Cat nail caps pros and cons. There are more pros than cons; however, there are still a couple of pitfalls, …

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The Process Of Growing Cat Grass Is Easy And Rewarding

cat looking at cat grass

Growing cat grass is a fun thing to do. It is easy to have success and grow a successful crop …

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The Best Hypoallergenic Dry Cat Food For The Good Health Of Your Cat

best hypoallergenic dry cat food

First of all what does hypoallergenic cat food mean? Unless we are veterinarians are we just using our knowledge of …

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Declawing Your Cat – The Not So Rosy Facts

a cats paw and claws that have not been declawed

What Is Declawing? Declawing your cat implies that the declawing procedure only involves removing claws. Declawing of cats, is actually …

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Paper Litter After Declawing Is Good Practice

paper litter for declawed cat

Why use Paper Cat Litter After Surgery? Paper litter after declawing, is the recommendation by veterinarians as the best cat …

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Conquer Stress And Take The Dog For A Walk – With a Difference

walking a pet

Conquer stress and take the dog for a walk. I have made an addition to this post. ​Update:​ This article …

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Best Heated Cat Bed – Keep Your Cat Warm This Winter

heated cat bed

The best heated cat bed will lure your heat-seeking cat with its irresistible warmth, as soon as the weather turns …

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How To Decide The Best Self Heating Cat Bed For Your Cat

self heated cat bed

What Is The Meaning Of A Self Heating/Warming Cat Bed? A self-heating or self-warming cat bed is one that simply …

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How To Decide Which Is The Best Heating Pad For Cats

best heating pad for cats

The best heating pads for cats is often a topic of discussion as cooler weather rolls around. Heating pads for …

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The Best Microwave Heated Pads For Cats For Warmth And Comfort

best microwave heated pads for cats

Most heated pads for cats look like mats. The cat can stretch out and be toasty warm. One of these …

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How To Know – Are Heated Cat Beds Safe?

are heated cat beds safe

As the weather starts to cool, the cat takes up residence in his favorite warm places – in front of …

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