6 Of The Best Cat Nail Caps

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The best cat nail caps are:

a) easy to apply
b) do the job they are designed to do.

Looking cute is a factor also, but working as expected and being easy to apply is what we are looking for.

By the way there is a detailed list of Pros and Cons in this article about cats wearing nail caps.

If you are still sitting on the fence about using cat claw caps we suggest you read the pros and cons article first.

People make assumptions that cat nail caps are somehow a bad thing and yet when you delve into the reasons for using them, your opinion may shift. They do have their place.

1. VICTHY Soft Pet Nail Caps Random Colors
2. Soft Paws Cat Nail Caps Clear – More colors plus Orange and Black for Halloween
3. Well & Good Kitten Nail Caps Green & Purple Glitter
4. Purrdy Pink Glitter plus Valentines day, Halloween, Rainbow, USA, Bling and more
5. Ninery Fantastic Color Choice
6. Kitty Caps Variety Color Choices
How To Apply Cat Nail Caps
Don’t Overfill The Caps With Glue

Best Cat Nail Caps Reviews

1. VICTHY – Soft Pet Cat Nail Caps 5 Random Colors

The image shows all the different colors available. When this product is purchased you will receive 5 random colors plus the applicators and glue.

VICTHY 100pcs Dog Nail Caps, Glitter Colors Pet Dog Soft Claws Nail Cover for Dog Claws with Glue and Applicators, Small

These detailed instructions on the back of the packet explain exactly how to apply the cat claw caps. As with anything new it will become easier with practice.

VICTHY 140pcs Cat Nail Caps, Colorful Pet Cat Soft Claws Nail Covers for Cat Claws with Glue and Applicators Medium Size

These caps are a good budget buy and include a generous number of cat nail caps.

This should give you a good idea if this is something you wish to continue doing. Plus the number of caps means that if you make a mistake there are still plenty left. This is a good starter kit.

PS I like the idea of multi colored nails. That way if you do have some rejects it won’t matter or mess with needing an exact amount of one color.

You can always graduate to one color once you have the technique mastered.

This article covers FAQ about declawing cats and the common issues that arise as a result of declawing.

2.Soft Paws Clear Cat Nail Caps

This is a premium product and a trusted brand.

Soft Claws Cat Nail Caps Take-Home Kit, Large, Clear

The pack contains just one color choice of caps however there are different color packs to chose from. In this example the caps are clear. Other colors include, pink, pink sparkle, blue, blue sparkle, red, pink and black.

Love the orange and black Halloween caps. The red and green Christmas caps also look brilliant. These would look sensational on black kitty.

3. Well & Good Green & Purple Glitter Kitten Nail Caps

These nail caps are for size Medium. Check the size before purchase.

Kitty Caps Nail Caps for Cats | Spring Green with Glitter & Ultra Violet, 40 Count, Medium - 3 Pack | Safe, Stylish & Humane Alternative to Declawing | Stops Snags and Scratches

There are other size and color combinations.

Kittens and children go hand in hand. Eliminate any fear the kids may have of being scratched by the kitten, so the kitten and the kids can play together. No more tears or scratches.

The glue is included plus applicator tips.

There are 20 of each color caps, 20 green and 20 purple.

Wrap little kitty in a towel so that he feels snug and secure and it will help to prevent persistent kitten wriggling while the caps are being applied.


Purrdy Paws Soft Nail Caps for Cat Claws Pink Glitter Medium

Purrdy Paws is an American company.

These caps were designed by a veterinarian. Let’s face it, no one wants to declaw cats. That is, as we know an outdated practice. There is more information here about declawed cats. No one wants to be scratched or have furniture ruined either. Not all cats will scratch furniture but a good many will.

These caps have some fabulous themes, for example, Valentines day, Halloween, Rainbow, USA, Bling and more. There are also 4 different sizes.

The best nail caps for cats are safe and non toxic. If the cat swallows a cap it will simply pass through the digestive system.

5.Ninery Ave Soft Pet Cat Nail Caps

Ninery Ave 20pcs Soft Pet Cat Nail Caps Claws Control Paws Off + Adhesive Glue

Budget Option

These caps are made from an environmental PVC and are non toxic.

These caps nails are a good option if you are still undecided. There are 20 pieces in the pack plus the glue required is included.

Although they are a good budget option there is a fantastic color choice for color coordinated kitty or let’s dress up kitty.

6.Kitty Caps

Kitty Caps Kitty Caps Nail Caps for Cats | Safe & Stylish Alternative to Declawing | Stops Snags and Scratches, Small (6-8 lbs), Hot Purple & Hot Pink

Kitty Caps are available in four sizes, x small (cats under 5 lbs), small (cats 6-8 lbs), medium (cats 9-13 lbs) and large (cats over 13 lbs).

The caps are made from a non toxic vinyl resin.

Any lingering uncertainty or nervousness about applying caps can be solved by having the caps applied by a veterinarian or groomer.

This will enable you to see it being done first hand and ask questions.

If you do have a declawed cat choose a suitable cat litter.

Our Recommendation

1 VICTHY – Soft Pet Cat Nail Caps 5 Random Colors

This product is a good way to try out nail caps to see if they will work for your purpose. The reasons for our choice includes the detailed instructions. You need these. This is your pet you are talking about and being fully informed will help to increase your confidence. The pack includes everything you need, an extensive color choice – room for mistakes with still plenty of caps plus glue and applicators. The price is good and value for all that is included.

How To Apply Cat Nail Caps

Choose the correct size for your cat or kitten. All of the products will specify the approximate size you will need.

Most cat nail caps come in small, medium and large and may also specify the weight of the cat.

Nail caps that are too large, will come off.

To start, trim the nails of the cat. Do a couple of claws at a time if the cat is not too keen on having his claws trimmed.

It is certainly worth reading the pros and cons of cat nail caps before making up your mind about cat nail caps.

Don’t Overfill The Caps With Glue

Fill the caps ⅓ with glue. Take care with this. Avoid having an overflow. You may want to wear some rubber gloves.

If glue does get on the cat’s fur it can be removed with nail varnish remover.
Let the caps dry before letting the cat disappear. This is a good time to pull out a kitty treat or give the cat a massage using a pet message glove.

When you do let the cat go observe the cat to make sure that all is okay. It is normal to expect that a cover may fall off.

If they continually fall off check that the size you have isn’t too big.

Once again, have a groomer or the vet put them on for the first time if it is too difficult.

cats reading the paper in bed
I don’t know dear. Does pink suit me or should I go for purple? I want your honest opinion.

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