Pet Checklist – Information For A Pet Carer

As we all continue to come to terms with the changes COVID 19 has made in our lives, sometimes our pets will have change too.  

Your pet may need to be cared for and if this is the case you want to provide the carer with as much information as possible about the pet they will be looking after.  It isn't always possible to have a lengthy discussion with a carer particularly in times of an emergency.

It is useful to have a pet checklist ready which contains all the information that would be helpful for a carer. 

The carer may be someone known to you but this is not always the case.  The more information you can provide the better for your pet and the carer. This will give you some peace of mind also.  If a family member is the carer or will be organizing the carer this will make it easier for them also.

Use this handy pet checklist to complete the information so that you have it at hand should it be needed in a hurry.

This is free download.  If you have any suggestions for information to add to this list please leave a message in the comments.

Information In The Checklist

There is space after each of these headings to add the information about your pet.

  1. Veterinarian name and contact details : name/email/phone/address
  2. Pet owner name and contact details :name/email/phone/address
  3. Carer Name and Contact details:name/email/phone/address
  4. Medical Information including allergies
  5. Medications - Include dosage/ when administered/How medications stored/any special instructions
  6. Non Prescription Medications EG flea drops - When administered
  7. Pet Tag Information or Consider temporary tag with carer information if relevant
  8. Feeding Regime - Include food brand/ time of day your pet is fed/ amount given
  9. Age of your pet/information related to age
  10. Sleeping - where does your pet normally sleep? Does your pet have a pet bed?
  11. Grooming Basics info:
  12. Toys or comfort aids your pet uses:
  13. Other information EG Type of Cat Litter

The download link to the pdf is below

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