Pet Checklist | Helpful Information Your Pet Carer Needs To Look After Your Pet

A pet checklist that has detailed information about your pet gives you peace of mind when someone else is caring for your pet. A pet checklist can be given to anyone who may be looking after your pet. The caregiver will have the pet checklist to refer to if needed.

Sometimes we have unexpected changes in their lives and our pets may need to be cared for by someone other than you. Although the caregiver may or may not be known to you, the caregiver won’t have the same breadth of information about your pet that you do and this is where a pet checklist will be really helpful.

It is not enough to just have a conversation about the pet, with the caregiver. People forget information, we all do!

The information must be recorded on the pet checklist.

The caregiver will not be depending on his or her memory and hoping they’ve got it right because the caregiver will be directly referencing information that you have given to them.

Why Have a pet Checklist?

You want to provide the caretaker of your pet ​​with as much information about your pet as possible. In this case, too much information is okay. You also don’t want to write lengthy pages of notes where the information becomes hard to find in a forest full of words.

The checklist is divided into categories making the information quick and easy to locate.

A pet caretaker also needs and wants this information. If you are a pet carer or might be a pet carer in the future, this is a useful download for you too.

Sometimes we are thrust into a pet-care situation by default, in an emergency, or we might be looking after a pet for a friend. Whatever the situation, the same amount of information about the pet is definitely helpful.

The solution is easy. You need a checklist with space to write information. You need a pet checklist and that is exactly what we have, no cost, just a useful resource for you.

This is a FREE download. Click here to download the checklist. It is in pdf form. ​There are two pages in this pet checklist download. Have even more to say? Write on the back of the pages.

a cat with cat carrier and luggage
Am I going somewhere?

Having a written checklist eliminates the problem of forgetting information.

I can picture myself in this exact situation and have a friend who writes exceptionally detailed instructions.

Some information may never be needed but at least it is there.

The caregiver may be someone known to you, but this is not always the case. The more detail you can provide, the better for your pet and the caregiver.

This will give you some peace of mind as well. I don’t know about you, but I always find having to leave the cat behind a bit of a downer. You know they will miss you.

If a family member is the caregiver or will be organizing the caregiver, this will make the job a whole lot easier for them as well.

a checklist
Nothing beats a good checklist!

If the pet details change, you can always download the checklist again or print it out.

This is a FREE download. Click here to download the checklist. It is in pdf form. ​There are two pages in this pet checklist download.

​Pet Checklist – Sample page

This is a sample page. There is more information in the download.

pet checklist sample page

If there are any other details you wish to include, you can write on the back of the pet checklist.

This Is What Is In The Checklist

Veterinarian Name and Contact details

There is space to write the name, email, phone number, and address details of your veterinarian.

Give any other details that may be relevant.
How does the pet behave at the clinic?
Do you need to cover the cat’s cage?
How does the veterinarian bill you?
How does the cat travel to the vet?

Any special instructions? Where is the cat carrier?

Pet owner Name and Contact details

Space to write your name/email/phone/address plus any contact details that the pet carer may need in your absence.

This may include someone else who can look after the cat in an emergency.
It may also be someone who can contact you (the cat owner) if necessary.

Carer Name and Contact details

This is for the carer to complete.

Medical Information including allergies

This information should include medical information that may impact the care of the cat.
Our cat developed diabetes so this was an important health condition that needed to be taken into consideration.


Include dosage of the medication.
When administered?
How medications are stored?
How is the medication administered?
Is it by injection, pill popper or tasty treat pill pocket?

Any special instructions that relate to giving the pet medication should be included.

Non Prescription Medications

When and how is the medication is administered.

Pet Tag Information

What is the information on the pet tag?

You may want to consider a temporary tag with carer information for the duration of your absence.

Pet Food Information

Include the brand of food/ the time of day your pet is fed/ the amount given and where the feeding bowls etc are located.

If there is a particular brand that is not a good fit for your pet, be sure to mention that too.

Age of your pet

Any information that is related to age, for example your pet may be hard of hearing.

Bedding may need to be refreshed frequently.


Where does your pet normally sleep?

Does your pet have a pet bed?

If the cat pees on the bed (hopefully not) but you would want to let a carer know that this could be the situation,

Grooming Basics

​This will include any information that relates to grooming, for example, if your cat is a long haired breed it may need regular brushing.

Your cat may like being petted with a grooming glove. This is a good way to help a stressed cat.

Toys or comfort aids

Where are they located?

Other information

​Other information – for example, type of cat litter.

Where to dispose of the cat litter. Where is the cat litter stored? Will the carer be required to purchase more litter? Is the cat an inside cat only and so on.

Keeping a litter box clean is something that cat owners take for granted but non cat owners may not.

There is some basic information here about keeping the litter box in good shape.

Here is the download link – Pet Checklist For A Pet Carer.

pet carer checklist
vector - two cats reading
I hope they remember to add that I like a little warmed milk at night, to help me sleep.

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