How To Decide What is The Best Cat Grooming Glove

Cat grooming gloves ​or cat de shedding gloves have become very popular.

Using a cat grooming glove is a really nice way to giving your cat a light massage and remove ​excess cat hair at the same time.

Grooming the cat ​using a de shedding glove ensures that you are not only removing hair but also dirt and other bits of foreign matter that the cat can somehow accumulate.  

We know cats are fastidious groomers but a little helping hand doesn’t go astray.

cat being groomed using grooming glove
How does that feel kitty?

We had a neighboring cat, years ago who basically did no grooming and he was a very large fluffy cat.  

He always looked like a train wreck with prickles and bits of debris in his coat.  

He ​adored having a pat and a chat and almost certainly would have loved a brush with one of these gloves.

Some Of the Best Cat Grooming Gloves Are:

1. Hands On Pet Grooming Gloves Slim fit – Two Gloves
​2. DELOMO – New version – Pet Hair Remover Gloves Two Gloves – More Like Mitts
3. Four Paws Cat Grooming MittOne Mitt
What To Look For Buying A Cat Grooming Glove
Tips For Removing The Hair From The Glove

​1. Hands On Pet Grooming Gloves

 Pet Grooming Glove

The design of these gloves are slightly different ​to other gloves as the fingers are a slimmer fit than many other gloves. They do also have some stretch which helps with the fit. ​​

The more hair there is on the glove makes it easier to peel off so wait until you have finished the massage before removing the hair.

Make sure you massage in the direction of the hair.

Cats love their back and head being massaged but the tummy is questionable. Some cats have been reported to not minding a tummy brush with these gloves.  Tread warily and see how kitty reacts. 

The gloves are right and left handed.

The​y can be ​used wet or dry, however overwhelmingly they are easier for a pet ​owner to use dry. 

The hair will float to some extent. You will find yourself adjusting the movement to minimize any hair float.  

If you get some static build up on the cat just spray the glove with a small amount of water. ​ ​

Rubbing a dryer sheet over the pet is another recommendation.


The slim fingers on this glove make it easier to reach hard to get at places.

The gloves can be machine washed.


Don’t leave outside exposed to the elements as the gloves may fade and the rubber may crack.


These gloves are available in different sizes, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

The gloves come in a pair, one or the right hand and one for the left hand. The best way to gauge size, is to think about what size rubber glove you would wear. If you wear a medium rubber glove then a medium glove should be the best fit.

The gloves are stretchy. They nodules are made from non abrasive flexible rubber and the glove itself is made from nylon.

There is an adjustable wrist strap to secure the glove firmly.

Cats usually shed their hair twice a year and it is signalled by the seasonal light availability not the temperature as we might expect.

​2. DELOMO – New version – Pet Hair Remover Gloves

New Version Pet Hair Remover Gloves, Enhance Pet Grooming Glove with 255 Tips, Deshedding Glove for Dog and Cat, 1 Pair Left & Right Gentle De-Shedding Glove Brush, Green

This glove is suitable for cats with all length hair, long or short. A de-shedding glove will help keep the hair at bay. With a longer haired cat with an undercoat you may need to run your fingers through the coat. A more heavy duty tool may be required however not all cats like the metal prongs of some of the heavy duty tools making this an alternative.

The silicone tips in this new version (green, black or purple) are longer and softer to collect more hair. There is also a special layer of coating on the silicone to help the pet hair peel off easily.

​These gloves have an adjustable Velcro strip which is secured at the wrist. If the size of the glove is an issue, read my tips for an easy way to help solve this problem.

There are two gloves, a right hand and a left hand. It is suitable to be used on pets with long or short hair and wet or dry hair.

The gloves are machine washable and can be hand washed by just popping into some warm water with detergent.  Let the gloves dry flat​. The flexible mesh is quick drying.

As well as removing excess hair, daily brushing will help to de tangle matted fur and put a finishing shine on coats.

The shine is always amazing and very noticeable. As well as removing excess fur, the dust and other general debris is removed.

Using these gloves can be a last minute decision as nothing is required other than the gloves and perhaps a towel for excess hair.

The cat loves it and it can be a long leisurely massage or a quick, let’s keep this under control, massage. This type of massage is also an easy way to manage excess fur developing into fur balls.

Before using spray lightly with water for better effects.


Hair comes away from the glove easily.


Some people do have trouble with the hair coming away from the glove easily, despite the new coating that has been applied.


The glove is made from nylon mesh which dries quickly after washing.

There are 259 soft silicone bristles. The gloves have an adjustable wrist band to assist with fitting.

These gloves use silicone rubber. There are three colors – Green, Black and Purple

Give your cat a massage. Follow step by step instructions explaining how to give your cat a relaxing massage. Win win for everyone!

3. Four Paws Cat Grooming Mitt

 Grooming Brush for  Cats

This is a mitt rather than a glove. In addition to removing loose hair this mitt stimulates natural oils with the end result being that lovely, shiny coat.

The mitt can also be used to remove cat hair from clothing, furniture and carpets.

If your cat isn’t too sure about this strange mitt that has just surfaced, just leave it hanging around and try again in a day or two. Hopefully you will have a more positive experience once the cat is used to the mitt.

Tip for Use: This tip works for any mitt/glove. Hold the cat’s collar lightly, to keep them steady while you smooth the mitt the length of the body. This will give the cat a feeling of stability and security.


Easy to remove pet hair from this glove.


Only make a right hand mitt. Would be useful to have a left hand mitt option.

Not necessary efficient at removing cat hair from furniture and clothing.

Do cats feel the cold? Warm them up with a massage using a grooming glove and remove cat hair at the same time.

​What To look For When Buying A Cat Grooming Glove

Solve The Fitting The Glove problem

Getting a glove that is the right size is undoubtedly the biggest issue with the gloves/mitts, as they are often too big for smaller hands.

The size of the gloves is important.  If they are too big your hand will swim around inside in the glove and it will be difficult to use without resorting to bunching the fabric to clutch.

I have a small hand and find that the gloves that have individual fingers are a better choice to give me more control.

However, if the mitt is too big for one family member but fits perfectly for another, the person with the smaller hand can solve this problem by wearing another glove, like a cotton glove, inside the mitt.

By putting on another glove and then putting on the mitt, the size issue, is often solved.

Removing The Fur From The Glove

Unless your cat has a lot of hair to remove. it is unlikely to come out in huge swathes as is sometimes shown.

The hair does not always get caught in the glove but may float and resettle.  

For this reason we suggest having a towel under your kitty on your lap to catch any wayward hair.​

If weather is permitting, this can be an outdoors activity.

Using The Glove While Bathing The Cat

If you want to use the glove while the cat is having a bath (very brave of you), check that the glove of your choice can be used in water.

Not all gloves or mitts are recommended for using in water.

To keep the mitt in tip top condition for as long as possible and extend the life of the mitt, put it in a laundry bag when machine washing.

Right Hand Glove OR Right and Left Hand Gloves

Some gloves are right handed only.  

Make sure you read the instructions to find out if your glove is right and left handed or if there is a choice.

Some grooming gloves include both a right hand and a left hand glove.

cat hair from cat on grooming glove

​Tips For Removing The ​Hair/Fur From The Glove

Depending on the amount of hair that is trapped in the glove, will depend on whether it peels off easily as often shown in advertisements.

Here are some tips to help remove the hair from a grooming glove.

  1. Try using something ​like a chopstick to run along the bristles to loosen the hair and make it easy to pull from the glove. ​

  2. Use duct tape. Press duct tape onto the surface of the glove and pull away the duct tape ​with the hair. The hair will be stuck onto the tape.

  3. This tip is for cats with short hair. Even cats with short hair shed their coat leaving hair everywhere.  Try tapping the glove or mitt sharply against a wall or ​floor (preferably outside) and most of the hair will fall out.​

  4. ​​This is best done outside and when using two mitts or two gloves, clap your hands together or shake your hands.​

  5. ​Next time you are vacuuming, just vacuum the glove to pick up any of those stray hairs remaining on the glove.

By the way, while you are using the grooming glove is an ideal time to check the cat’s tummy for the sign of any fleas.

Have the flea spray nearby so that you can deal with the fleas at the same time.

vector - two cats reading
I must admit, I get very excited when I see the grooming glove coming out!
Handson Pet Grooming Gloves

Hands On Pet Grooming Gloves

Can be used wet or dry.

Four sizes for you to choose from.

Can be machine washed

Can be easily popped into a pocket, not so easy to do with with the mitt like products.

More Grooming Gloves

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