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When Do Cats Shed Their Hair? It is Everywhere!

There are certain times of the year when you may notice that there is a lot more cat hair “floating” around the house. It settles everywhere and carpets and rugs are a magnet for cat hair.

I accidentally sat in the favorite chair of a shedding cat and sneezed non stop for hours, not to mention the cat hair all over my clothes. Okay, that was my fault but it is common to come home to find kitty has taken up residence on your favorite garment, which is now covered in cat hair. It has to be removed before you can wear the garment again.

When Do Cats Shed Their Hair?

Cats usually shed their hair twice a year. It is signalled by the seasonal light availability, not the temperature as we might expect.

In Spring, the longer light filled days, signal a circadian rhythm for cats to shed hair in preparation for the summer season ahead. Conversely, darker less light filled days as winter approaches, means shedding occurs to accommodate a new thicker winter coat.

Cat shedding in these circumstances, as a reaction to light, refers to those cats that spend a lot of time outdoors or cats in the wild. These days however, many cats have a total indoor lifestyle so the cat is exposed to mostly artificial light. This means that your cat sheds some fur almost all year round and that is quite okay. Either way it is something you need to accept if you live with a cat.

Does Brushing The Cat Help With Shedding?

The image above is similar to most grooming gloves.

Using a cat shedding glove or brushing the cat on a regular basis will reduce the amount of hair that is shed by the cat from entering your homey stratosphere. Using a shedding glove will also mean that you can keep the hair fall out to a minimum because it collects in the glove. The cat will enjoy a nice massage at the same time.

Don’t necessarily expect to remove large amounts of fur if using a glove. It depends on how much hair your cat sheds. Even a short haired cat can shed a lot of hair. When it becomes a regular part of grooming you will be removing a small amount of hair often, which has to be a good thing.

Excessive Shedding Of Cat Hair

If your cat is senior and has excessive shedding or bald patches are appearing, please take your cat to the vet for a check up. Similarly if your cat, senior or otherwise, appears to be shedding more than usual it will mean a trip to the vet for a diagnosis and treatment if necessary. It is best to get an expert opinion when something is not right.

when do cats shed cat hair

Some Solutions For Cat Hair Shedding

  • Regular use of a cat glove will help lessen the amount of cat hair shed, with the bonus of a massage for the cat.
    Hint: Put a towel on your lap to catch stray hair. Cat hair tends to float.

  • Invest in sticky rollers or (lint rollers) which remove not only lint but also cat hair. They are quick and easy to use and an essential for any cat owner. A quick brush over a jacket as you head out the door will remove cat hair.

  • Use some pet protectors on your furniture. This quilted look protector looks quite satisfactory to fling over the bed in the morning. There is a huge variety of these covers depending on the size of your furniture.

    From experience something that is easy to whip on and off is a good idea. I wrote an article about this when our cat was clawing our new leather couches. The same principle applies to cat hair. We did it the hard way.
  • If you have carpet or hard floors, sweep the cat hair using a broom. Yes I know that sounds weird. These pet hair removing brooms are amazing. This one has a telescopic handle so the handle length can be adjusted. The rubber picks up hair/fur brilliantly from fabric couches. I can vouch for that. Plus, the broom lasts forever.
cats talking about shedding hair
My hair is so hard to manage at shedding time! It is so fly-away!

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