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10 Ways To Keep your Cat Cool In Hot Weather!

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Cats are typically more comfortable in the summer heat than in the winter cold because of their body temperature.

Cats have a higher natural body temperature than humans.

A cat’s normal temperature ranges from 99.5 to 102.50 degrees Fahrenheit (37.5 – 39 °C).

Cats are also good at regulating their body temperature and seek cool places to hang out in hot weather. 

cat keeping cool in a pool
No splashing please; I’m resting!

Here are 10 Ways To Keep Your Cat cool In Hot Weather

Cool Outdoor Paved Areas

Cool down outdoor paving that is shaded, by hosing the paving until it is quite wet.

Even a bucket of water splashed over the paving will provide a cool spot for a short while. The heat will dry the paving quickly, however the coolness is retained for a period of time.

Cats and dogs are attracted to these cool places. The cat will love lying on the cooled paving.

An Open Litter Box

Make sure there is enough space in the litter box for the cat to enter and do his business without feeling too cramped.

An enclosed litter box can heat up during hot weather. This may make the interior uncomfortable for the cat. This could be a good time to remove the upper half of the box, even just temporarily.

This is something to be aware of in very hot weather if your cat has an enclosed litter box.

ice Cubes In The Water Bowl

a kitten walking next to a very large bag of ice
That is a very big ice block, kitty!

Pop some ice cubes into the cat’s water bowl. This will help keep the water cooler for longer.

A plus with this, is that the ice cube will be like a new toy for the cat. Something to swat and try to catch.

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Cool Places Indoors

Offer cats access to cool places, like an open, shaded window or shady spot on the porch.

We know cats like comfort. Put a comfy cushion in a shady spot and the cat will find it.

Pet Cooling Mat

Consider getting a pet cooling mat which will help keep the cat cool throughout the day.

The cat can access the mat whenever he feels like it. The mats themselves are not cold but do provide some cooling relief.

A mat will not be restricting for your cat and he/she will still be able to stretch out.

Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat Pad for Dogs Cats, Andmax Summer Water Filling Gel Pet Pad Bed, Perfect for Hot Summer Days

hardwood Flooring Is A Plus

If you have hardwood flooring, keep it uncovered or partly uncovered. A hardwood floor is definitely a place of coolness for cats.

One of our cats would come in through the cat door and almost immediately fall onto the coolness of the hardwood floor. This did necessitate some stepping around the cat but who were we to put the cat out? We are stepped around.

This also applies to tiled areas and concrete.

Ensure your cat has easy access to these areas.

keep The Cat Indoors

Keep your cat indoors during the hottest part of the day if this is an option for you. The hottest part of the day is usually around noon.

A Water fountain

Offer plenty of water, preferably from a cat water fountain to ensure freshness.

Cat water fountains are usually placed indoors, but this one can be placed outdoors, ensuring a fresh supply of water for the cat. This is particularly important if the cat can’t come indoors during the day.

Does your cat like to drink pond water? Why do cats like to do this?

Shady Places

Give your cat access to shady spots outside. Provide an outdoor shelter that is shaded from direct sunlight.

cat keeping cool lying under a bush
That looks like a cool place kitty!

Window Hammock

When the direct sun hits a window, definitely keep the curtains drawn.
If the cat has a window hammock attached to one of these windows, this can become a mini oven in summer.

Move the cat hammock to another window.

If you can’t move the hammock, make it inaccessible to the cat.

The same applies to sunny window ledges.

Cats will naturally seek places that are cool in hot weather, so these steps may not need to be taken for your cat.

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Cats are known for their ability to take care of themselves. Be aware of where your cat is in very hot weather.

Problems occur when owners leave an animal inside an enclosed car on hot days or in a house that is overly warm.

So glad we have those cool hardwood floors, dear!

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