10 Ways To Keep your Cat Cool In Hot Weather!

In the sweltering heat of summer, it’s important to ensure that cats keep cool. Cats, much like humans, can suffer from overheating, which can lead to heatstroke—a potentially dangerous condition.

Cats have a higher natural body temperature than humans.

A cat’s normal temperature ranges from 99.5 to 102.50 degrees Fahrenheit (37.5 – 39 °C).

Cats are also good at regulating their body temperature and seek cool places to hang out in hot weather. 

How To Keep My Cat Cool In Hot Weather

cat keeping cool in a pool
No splashing please!

1. Cool Outdoor Paved Areas To Keep cats cool

One effective method to help cats keep cool in the heat, is by cooling down outdoor areas where they like to lounge, particularly shaded paving or patios.

Use a garden hose to thoroughly douse the paving stones or concrete with water until they are significantly wet.

The water will not only absorb some of the heat from the paving but also aid in lowering the surface temperature, creating a pleasantly cool area for your cat to enjoy.

If a hose isn’t available, a large bucket of water can be just as effective when splashed over the area. This will create an immediate cooling effect on the paving, offering a refreshing spot for your cat to relax.

The summer sun will inevitably evaporate the moisture, thereby warming the paving again,

The initial cooling can last for a while, providing temporary but much needed relief from the heat. Cats will sprawl out, enjoying the chilled surface of the paving, against their fur. This helps cats to regulate their body temperature.

The color and material of your paving can affect how quickly it heats up and cools down.

Lighter colors reflect more sunlight and can stay cooler, while darker colors absorb heat and can become very hot.

Materials like concrete or stone can retain heat for longer periods, so they may need to be cooled more frequently.

2. An Open Litter Box Will Be Cooler For Cats

Your cat’s comfort in hot weather, extends beyond providing cool resting places, it also includes their litter box environment.

Cats need ample room in their litter box to move around, dig, and cover their waste without feeling constricted. A cramped litter box can cause stress and may lead to litter box avoidance.

During hot weather, this consideration becomes even more important. Enclosed litter boxes, while excellent for privacy and reducing litter scatter, can trap heat inside, creating an uncomfortably warm and stuffy environment for your cat.

The lack of ventilation in a covered litter box can lead to a build up of humidity and odors, which cats find particularly displeasing.

Temporarily removing the lid or upper half of the enclosed litter box will increase airflow and reduce the internal temperature, making the litter box cooler for your cat.

3. ice Cubes In The Water Bowl To Keep Kitty Cool

cat next to a large block of ice
That is a very big ice block, kitty!

Adding ice cubes to your cat’s water bowl is a simple yet effective strategy to encourage hydration and help to keep your cat cool.

Chilled water is more appealing and can help lower your cat’s body temperature as they drink.

The ice cubes will melt slowly, ensuring that the water remains cool over a prolonged period, which is especially beneficial if you’re away from home during the day and unable to refresh the bowl with cold water regularly.

Ice cubes can serve a dual purpose by acting as a form of entertainment for your cat.

Many cats are intrigued by the slippery texture and the movement of ice cubes floating in water.

They may paw at or even try to capture the ice cubes, turning hydration time into a stimulating game.

This not only provides mental stimulation but also encourages more frequent visits to the water bowl, potentially increasing their water intake.

Try placing the water bowl on a hard, non carpeted floor. As your cat plays with the ice cubes, they may fish them out of the bowl, and the cubes can slide across the floor, turning into a fun and cooling chase.

Just be prepared for a little bit of water spillage as your cat indulges in this playful activity.

It’s important to note that while most cats enjoy this, some may be deterred by the floating objects in their water.

Always observe your cat’s behavior to ensure they’re comfortable with the addition of ice cubes and that it’s encouraging them to drink rather than preventing it.

If your cat seems hesitant, you can try adding just one small ice cube to start with and gradually increase the number as they become accustomed to it.

In addition to ice cubes, you can also consider other cooling treats such as freezing low-sodium chicken broth into ice cube trays for a tasty, hydrating snack.

4. Cool Places To keep Cats Cool

Offering access to an open, shaded window can allow for a breeze to pass through, which can be refreshing and help regulate your cat’s body temperature.

Make sure the window is secure with a sturdy screen to prevent your cat from falling out or escaping.

Similarly, creating a shady nook on the porch can provide an outdoor yet cool retreat. This can be especially appealing for indoor-outdoor cats who enjoy spending time outside but need to stay cool.

Ensure that the area is protected from direct sunlight throughout the day as the sun shifts.

Enhancing these areas with a comfortable cushion or bed can make them even more attractive to your cat. Cats are drawn to soft, cozy textures, so placing a cushion in the shade will likely entice them to settle down and enjoy the cooler temperatures.

Choose a cushion with a washable cover for easy cleaning, as outdoor or semi-outdoor spots can attract dirt and debris.

For added cooling, consider bedding materials designed to stay cool, such as those with breathable fabrics or cooling gel inserts. These can help wick away heat from your cat’s body and provide a more comfortable resting place.

A catio, such as the one below can easily be moved around outdoors to cool spots in your garden or on an apartment balcony. This is very much weather dependent, as it may be too hot for your cat to be outdoors.

 Cat Cage Playpen - Indoor Outdoor

Monitor the shaded areas throughout the day to ensure they remain cool and inviting. As the sun moves, what was once a shaded spot can become sunlit and warm.

Regularly adjusting the location of the cushion or adding additional shade solutions, like outdoor pet-friendly sunshades or umbrellas, can help maintain a consistently cool environment for your cat to enjoy.

5. Pet Cooling Mat To Keep Cats Cool

Consider getting a pet cooling mat which will help keep the cat cool throughout the day.

The cat can access the mat whenever he feels like it.

A mat will not be restricting for your cat and he/she will still be able to stretch out.

Cats do tend to stretch right out in hot weather so even the extra small mat as shown below will be suitable for your cat as he will sprawl across the mat and off the sides of the mat.

The cooling mat is almost flat. It is filled with a gel and is pressure activated, when your cat lies on the mat.

The mat shown below is the smallest size. It measures 11.8 x 15.7 inches. There are larger sizes. This cat cooling mat is an extra small.

6. hardwood Flooring Is A Plus For Staying Cool

If you have hardwood flooring, keep it uncovered or partly uncovered. A hardwood floor is definitely a place of coolness for cats.

One of our cats would come in through the cat door and almost immediately fall onto the coolness of the hardwood floor.

This did necessitate some stepping around the cat but who were we to disturb the cat? We stepped around the cat. In fact a visiting dog to our home, does exactly the same thing to keep cool.

A hardwood floor is a bonus in hot weather, if you happen to have one. It is hot where I live in summer and with the air conditioner on, the hardwood flooring becomes very cool to walk on, so it makes total sense that animals want to stretch right out to keep cool.

This also applies to tiled areas and concrete.

Ensure your cat has easy access to these areas.

7. keep The Cat Indoors In The Heat

Keep your cat indoors during the hottest part of the day, if this is an option for you.

The hottest part of the day is usually around noon but not always. Check the temperature times where you live.

It is common sense to keep any any pet and ourselves inside during the hottest part of the day if is possible.

You may wonder about living in a very hot climate when you have to go to work each day. How will your cat stay cool/

In a very hot climate, where you will be gone for part of or all day, it is necessary to leave your pet inside with the air conditioner on.

This may seem excessive however, I have seen this situation first hand and it made total sense to leave the animal inside with the air conditioner turned on. It may not be a long term solution however for your peace of mind it is 100% worth the cost.

8. A Water fountain Offers Coolness For Cats

Offer the cat plenty of water to drink, preferably from a cat water fountain to ensure freshness.

Cat water fountains are usually placed indoors, but this one can be placed outdoors, ensuring a continuous fresh supply of water for the cat. This is particularly important if the cat can’t come indoors during the day.

Water that is in a bowl becomes stagnant quite quickly and you may notice that our cat does not drink from the water bowl. ever or rarely.

Does your cat like to drink pond water? Why do cats like to do this?

9. Shady Places To Keep Cats Cool

Give your cat access to shady spots outside. Provide an outdoor shelter that is shaded from direct sunlight.

Remember to monitor the shaded areas throughout the day to ensure they remain cool and inviting for your cat.

As the sun moves, what was once a shaded spot can become sunlit and warm.

Regularly adjusting the location of cushions or adding additional shade solutions, can help maintain a consistently cool environment for your cat to enjoy.

cat keeping cool. lying under a bush
That looks like a cool place kitty!

10. Window Hammock – beware In Hot Weather

When the direct sun hits a window, definitely keep the curtains drawn.
If the cat has a window hammock attached to one of these windows, this can become a mini oven in summer.

Move the cat hammock to another shaded window.

If you can’t move the hammock, make it inaccessible to the cat.

The same applies to sunny window ledges.

Cats will naturally seek places that are cool in hot weather, so these steps may not need to be taken for your cat.

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Cats are known for their ability to take care of themselves. Be aware of where your cat is in very hot weather.

Problems occur when owners leave an animal inside an enclosed car on hot days or in a house that is overly warm.

vector - two cats reading
So glad we have those cool hardwood floors, dear!
ways to keep a cat cool - pinterest image

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