Need To Know The Best Covered Litter Box For Large Cats?

How do you work out which is the best covered litter box for large cats? We have outlined the best covered boxes outlining the positive and the negative points for each litter box..

Are you undecided between a covered or an uncovered box? Then this is a must read article for you.
It also explains the importance of measuring…everything!

A rule of thumb regarding measuring – the litter box will ideally be one and a half times as long as the cat, measuring from the nose to the base of the tail.

Some of the Best Covered Litter Boxes For Large cats Are:

1.Frisco Multi-Function Covered Cat Litter Box – Jumbo
2. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan Removable Door
3. Booda Cleanstep Litter Dome Sleek Design
4. Amazon Basics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box – Large
5. Petmate Basic Hooded Cat Litter Pan – Jumbo Size
6. Van Ness Large Enclosed Cat Litter Box
Advantages Of Using A Covered Cat Litterbox

Measurements Of Covered Litter Boxes

1. Frisco Multi-Function Covered Cat Litter Box29.73″L x 17.5″ W x 17.64″H
2. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan 18.3″L x 19.7″W x 22.4″H
3. Booda Cleanstep Litter Dome22.5″L x 22.5″W x 19″H
4. Amazon Basics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box24″L x 18″W x 17″H
5. Petmate Basic Hooded Cat Litter Pan24″L x 19″W x 18.5″H
6. Van Ness Large Enclosed Cat Litter Box20.5″L x 19.5″W x 19.5″H

The measurements of these large covered litter boxes, clearly show that the Frisco box has the largest dimensions.

You may be looking for a litter box that doesn’t have such a large floor profile and prefer higher sides on the litter box, so this is something to take into consideration.

Measure the space have for the litter box, including the floor space and the height.

1.Frisco Multi-Function Covered Cat Litter Box- Jumbo

a very large covered cat litter box

This is a very large covered litter box.

A litter scoop is included with a storage compartment. The compartment is also an ideal place to store a liner or replacement filter. Mention the word ‘storage’ and you’ve got me.

It is BPA free and also recyclable, a feature we are coming to see more often on plastic products. I think we are coming to see products that are recyclable or compostable and so on, as part of the decision making process now and this will continue.


Good for high pee-ers.

This jumbo litter box also works well to keep litter contained.

The top of the box is removable for easy cleaning.


Ideally the litter box would be placed near a wall so that the lid can be opened and stays open without having to hold it open.

The litter tray that goes inside (optional ) is too small and the box works better without the litter tray.


The overall dimensions are 29.73 inches long, 17.5 inches wide and 17.64 inches high. making this an extra large litter box.

The height from the floor to the bottom of the entrance is 6 inches.

This article gives foundation information when choosing the best litter box for a large cat. It covers the good and bad points about using a covered or uncovered box for your large kitty. It also outlines the measurements you need to take to get the correct size litter box for your cat.

2. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

a jumbo sized covered litter box
The whole top can be removed for cleaning or you can flip the door up and use a scoop without removing the top.

Does your kitty fit in this box? The measurements are in the Specifications.

The back, of the lower part of the litter box, is taller than the front. This is to help prevent leakage from those kitties who insist on being high pee-ers.

It does have a hood as can be seen in the photo. The hood can be removed for easy cleaning. To detach the top half, slide the handles on the sides towards you.

There is also a handle on the hood for moving the box from one place to another. If the box is very full of litter it may be too heavy to lift easily.

The door opening is also a good size for large cats. The large door makes it possible to scoop the box without actually removing the door.

A long handled cat litter scoop will make this job easier. The door is also clear and removable.

For those kitties who don’t like doors, the door can be removed however this is hardly necessary as the door can be flipped up to sit on top of the box. Note: The door can be stiff and doesn’t necessarily swing freely.

It has a carbon filter (you can see it on top of the box) to remove odors.


Suits multi cat households.

Large opening for scooping litter.

Has a built in bag anchor for easier cleaning.


If your cat is a high pee-er, urine can get stuck between the two halves. It may drip onto the floor. Even if it doesn’t drip, the odor from the trapped urine will be unpleasant.


The door opening is 10.4H X 9.6W. When assembled the measurements are 18.3″L x 19.7″W x 22.4″H.The door opening size is 9.6 inches wide x 10.4 inches in height.

If an uncovered litter box is the way you have chosen to go with your large kitty, this post looks at uncovered litter boxes for large cats.

3. Booda Cleanstep Litter Dome

covered cat litter box with steps at the entrance
How is this for a Scarlett O Hara scenario? I can just see kitty sweeping down the staircase.

Everyone knows this litter box or at least recognizes the design. The Booda Litter Dome has long been regarded as one of the best covered litter boxes for cats.

Bear in mind that the steps to enter and exit the litterbox, do take up some of the litter space as can be seen in the image.

Without the stairs the size of the box is shaped liked a half moon and is 12 inches wide x 21 inches long.

Several reviewers indicate that it is a perfect size for their Maine Coons and also a Norwegian Forest Cat – both large cat breeds, others however have found it too small.

It may seem like a silly thing to do, measuring the cat, but it is a worthwhile exercise to make sure your cat will fit in the box comfortably.

This box has the added advantage of keeping most doggies out. Some small breeds may persist with finding a way in.

The stairway entry and exit means that litter is largely confined to the box, so a big plus from the litter cleaning patrol.

It does have liners however like any cat litter box, they do not need to be used if this is your preference. It has a charcoal filter to help with odor control and a built in handle.

This box is particularly good to help stop litter tracking.


Keeps the doggies out!

Made in the USA.

Great for senior cats. They can just stroll up the ramp. That’s their exercise for the day.


It may be difficult to line up the top part of the box with the lower half when taking part and reassembling after cleaning.


The measurements for this box are 22.5 x 22.5 x 19 inches. There are three colors, Nickel, Titanium and Pearl Linen. It has a filter to keep odors to a minimum.

Are you looking for a top entry box? This article is not specifically geared towards large cats so please do check the measurements. There’s those perky measurements again. It’s a pain but from experience I know that my eyeballing the size and taking a guess is not always a good idea.

4.Amazon Basics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box – Large

No-Mess Large Hooded Cat Litter Box

This box is spacious enough that large cats can turn around with no problems.

The hood features a wide flip top door that can either be flipped up and left open or allowed to hang down to cover the entry. This also helps to reduce odors.

The ability to keep the door flipped up and open is fantastic, making it easy to scoop and clean the litter box without having to remove the hood.

It’s deep enough to hold the litter well, preventing the cats from kicking it out when the door is open.


A bonus not having to take the lid off to scoop the box.

There is a corner configuration if this works better for your space.

Excellent price point.


Don’t use the handle to lift the box when it is full of litter.


The litter box measures – 24 x 18 x 17 inches

5. Petmate Basic Hooded Cat Litter Pan

 Hooded Cat Litter Pan

This covered litter box comes In two sizes, Large And Jumbo. The Jumbo measures 24 x 19 x 18.5 inches and is available in blue and silver or white and pink or white and blue. The Large also has the three color choices and measures 18.8 x 15.2 x 14 inches.

It has a lower front entry point of 5 inches, approximately, which is handy if your large cat is now a senior.

The door is an issue for some cats and not for others. It can be removed and replaced when the cat has adjusted to the box. It works well for litter containment although without the door there would be more litter spread.

Size wise, which is what we are looking at here, it works well. The back section is raised higher which is good for high pee-ers and yes there are a lot of high pee-ers around.


Carbon filters help to dispel any odors.

Hood has a molded handle.

The plastic at the bottom of the box is reinforced.


The snaps connecting the top to the bottom may not be secure so test before carrying with litter.

The plastic in the body of the box appears to be flimsy for some cat owners.


The Jumbo litter box measures 24 x 19 x 18.5 inches and is available in blue and silver or white and pink or white and blue. The box has carbon filter which can be replaced as necessary.

There may be some insights in this article if you are trying to decide between an uncovered or covered litter box. Both have their pluses and minuses!

6. Van Ness Large Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Large Enclosed Cat Litter Box

If you are looking for something a little smaller than the Frisco litter box the measurements of this large size are smaller – 20.5″L x 19.5″W x 19.5″H

The litter box has a highly polished, non stick finish, is easy to clean and resistant to stains and odors.

The door flap is removable. Removing the door makes it easier for the cat to get in and out of the box however in households that also have a dog this may not be a good idea.

There is a zeolite filter on the top which is replaceable. It removes odors and freshens the air. The box has a highly polished finish which makes scooping easier as there are no rough surfaces for the scoop to catch on.


The flap is removable.

Does a good job at keeping dogs out.


The latches ae flimsy.


The measurements are 20.5″L x 19.5″W x 19.5″H. It is made from plastic and recycled materials.

Advantages of Using A Covered Cat Litterbox

One of the main benefits of a covered litter box is that it helps to keep the litter in the box and off the floor.

The stop of litter spread can be a great help in homes with multiple cats, as it reduces the amount of time that you need to spend scooping and cleaning the cats litter boxes.

Covered litter boxes can help to reduce odor. By containing the litter and faeces within the confines of the covered litter box, there is less chance for odor to escape into the room.

Covered litter boxes also provide a sense of security for cats. Some cats feel more comfortable when they have a place to hide when they eliminate, and a covered box can provide this.

Some covered litter boxes even include features such as an enclosed air filter to help further control smells.

Covered litter boxes can be easier to keep clean than uncovered ones, as they trap debris inside.

Covered litter boxes offer a number of benefits that make them an attractive option for cat owners.

vector - two cats reading
Well dear, my two main requirements are that the litter box is large enough and I can hop in and out easily.
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