Need to Know The Best Litter Box For Large Cats?

When choosing the best litter box for large cats you need to decide if you want an uncovered box or a covered box.  Both types are reviewed in this article.

As a rule of thumb, cats prefer large litter boxes. A cat will be more likely to use the litter box if they are not stepping on their own waste.

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Our Choices Uncovered Are:

Petmate Giant Litter Pan - The Largest Of Large

Frisco High Sided Cat Litter Box - Good Selection Of Different Sizes 

Iris Open Top Cat Litter Box - Three Sided Shield

Nature's Miracle High Sided Litter Box - Good Price and Has a Corner Option

Van Ness Giant Litter Pan - Best Budget Option

Our Choices Covered Are:

Frisco Deluxe Hooded Cat Litter BoxGood Selection Of Different Sizes 

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Removable Door

Booda Cleanstep Litter Dome - Sleek Design

Van Ness Translucent Enclosed Cat Litter Pan - Budget Price Clear Top

With so many choices of litter boxes and many different features, it can be confusing knowing which one will be suitable for your household and kitty. 

Reviews Uncovered Litter Box For Large cats

#1. Petmate Giant Litter Pan

This litter pan is called Giant for a reason.  If you really want the biggest of big, the humongous of humongous this is it. The length of this box is really what puts it into the giant category for large cats. Maine Coon, no problem!

The measurements 34.7 x 19.8 x 10 inches however you can see in the image that there are two pockets at the front. The measurements of the litter part of the box is approximately 27 x 17 inches.

What are the pockets for? Well the obvious answer is to store a litter scoop or litter attractant or litter deodorizer or even a spray bottle of cleaner. 

This box contains Microban. What is Microban? Microban contains an antimicrobial protection to help prevent the growth of bacteria which in turn protects the box from odors and stains and helps to prolong the life of the litter box.

The sides of the box are 10 inches which is high enough unless your cat is a high pee- er and then the sides may not be high enough unless you make your own modifications.

The box can hold 30 lbs of litter although it is not necessary to use that much litter.  Bear in mind that this is very large box and for some people it may be too unwieldy to handle when emptying and cleaning.

Overall this box perfect for very large cats or multi cat households.  There is no reason why all size cats cannot use this box.  It does solve the problem of which litter box to use for very large cats. Using a clumping litter makes it easier to clean this box without having to dump all of the litter.

Giant Litter Pan
5 of 5 Stars

2.Frisco High Sided Cat Litter Box - Extra Large 24-in

The measurements for the box are 24”L X 18”W X 10”H. The height for the cat to step into the box is 6 inches.

At 24 inches long it has the tick of approval from a Maine Coon owner whose cat also happens to be a high peer.

The surface is polished making it easy to clean.  The open top and lower font make it also easy to scoop and keep clean.  

With a 10 inch rear wall this box and has had a good reaction from owners with high peeing cats unless they turn around and pee through the entrance.  In that case place the entrance facing a wall.

The plastic is BPA free and the box can be recycled.

There is no lid for this box. The box is sturdy and thick plastic,

It comes in two colors grey and navy. One helpful review commented that the navy shows the dust from the litter so if that is going to annoy you the grey is a better color choice.
Another excellent suggestion is to use a marker to draw a line on the box at the three inches mark so that you can see at a glance how much litter needs to go into the box.

With very large boxes, the size can cause us to overfill the box when it is absolutely not necessary.

This box has positive reviews regarding litter actually staying in the box and is recommended even if you do not have a super large cat.

Frisco high sided litter box for large cats
4.5 of 5 Stars

3. IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box Kit with Shield

The measurements are – 19L x 15W x 11.75H.  Nineteen inches long and fifteen inches wide is a decent sized litter box. Make a paper mock up of the length and width so that you can eyeball the size. As a comparison, the Petmate Giant Litter pan is considerably larger at 27 inches (the litter part of the pan).

The litter shield is is an added bonus and it is also removable which makes it super useful for cleaning and emptying the litter.

The height of the shield helps prevent litter being spread around when kitty is digging, flicking or turning around in circles.

The interior of the box has a high shine (polished) which helps with cleaning. The lower half of this box is dark blue, a practical color for a litter box. This box is made in the USA.

Where the top half of the box clips to the lower half of the box, there is the possibility that if your cat is a high pee-er there may be pee spillover where the shield and the box meet.

High pee-ers do not tend to change their habits so a solution for this is to lift the shield and tuck a paper towel between the shield and the lower part of the box.

Then it is just a matter of replacing the paper towel as needed. If this is going to be a nuisance it would be better to choose a molded box that has higher sides and where you won't have a join to contend with. If your cat is not a high pee-er this won’t be an issue.

IRIS open top large litter box
4.5 of 5 Stars

4. Nature's Miracle Just For Cats Advanced High Sided Cat Litter Box

This litter box measures 22.8 x 17.8 x 11 inches making it slightly smaller than the Frisco box but is 11 inches high rather than 10 inches high so has the slight edge height wise.

The entrance is 5 inches high so easy for the cat to exit and enter and possibly okay for a large senior kitty depending on the mobility of the cat. Older cats can also have trouble squatting so higher sides once again are a plus.

This box is black, large and has high sides.

Higher sides do also suit the needs of a large cat who may have problems with their rear end hanging over the sides of a box with lower sides. Using a box with higher sides solves this problem and this box is also a box a large size wise for a large cat.

4 of 5 Stars

5. Van Ness High Sides Cat Litter Pan - Giant

There are two size litter pans.  The size being reviewed is the Giant size, measuring 21.25 x 17.75 x 9 inches.

There is also a large pan with smaller dimensions.

If you click through to see more information about this litter box please make sure that you choose either the Large or the Giant to see the product you are interested in.

This box has very positive reviews with a staggering 96% of people who reviewed the product also recommending the product.  At 9 inches height apart from the opening which is 6 inches high it gets good reviews for the size being suitable for large cats and the litter staying mostly in the box.

Even if your cat is not overly large it makes sense to get the giant box to keep litter confined and to allow the cat plenty of pace to move around.

The corners of the box are rounded making it easy to scoop.

The finish is polished to once again help with scooping and emptying the litter There is 20% recycled content in this product. It is made in the USA.

Van Ness High Sides Cat Litter Box for big cats
4 of 5 Stars

Covered Litter Boxes For Large Cats

The previous reviews are uncovered litter boxes for very large cats. The following reviews are for covered litter boxes for very large cats.

Reviews Covered Litter Boxes For Large Cats

#1. Frisco Deluxe Hooded Cat Litter Box with Scoop, Extra Large 25-in

The overall measurements of this box are 26L x 19.4W x 18H inches making this is an extra large litter box. The measurements of the bottom section of the pan are 25.9 X 19.4 X 9.5 inches. This is a roomy covered litter box. The door swings which is fine for most cats however some prefer to remove it for ease of the cats entering and exiting the box.

A litter scoop is included which is stored in a hidden storage compartment. The compartment is also an ideal place to store a liner or replacement filter.

It is BPA free and also recyclable, a feature we are coming to see more often on plastic products. The handle is on top.

The entry is low at the front however the back of the box is high to minimize the likelihood of any accidents, leakage wise.

Frisco Deluxe Hooded Cat Litter Box Extra Large
5 of 5 Stars

2.Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

Does your kitty fit in this box?

The door opening is 10.4H X 9.6W.  When assembled the measurements are 22.4 L x 18.3W x 17 H inches. The back of the lower part  box is taller at the back than the front. This is to help prevent leakage from those kitties who insist on being high pee-ers.

It does have a hood as can be seen in the photo. The hood can be removed for easy cleaning. There is also a handle on the hood for moving the box from one place to another. If the box is very full of litter it may be too heavy to lift easily. 

The door opening is also a good size for large cats and the large door makes it possible to scoop the box without actually removing the door. A long handled scoop will make this job easier.

For those kitties who don’t like doors, the door can be removed however this is hardly necessary as the door can be flipped up to sit on top of the box.

It has a carbon filter (you can see it on top of the box) to remove odors.

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan for Large Cats
4.5 of 5 Stars

3. Booda Cleanstep Litter Dome

The measurements for this box are 20 x 24 x 19 inches.

Bear in mind that the steps do take up some of the litter space as can be seen in the image.

Several reviewers indicate that it is a perfect size for their Maine Coons and also a Norwegian Forest Cat - both large breeds, others however have found it too small.  

It may seem like a silly thing to do, measuring the cat, but it is a worthwhile exercise to make sure your cat will fit in the box comfortably.

This box has the added advantage of keeping most doggies out, some small breeds may persist with finding a way in.

Interior of Booda Dome to show size

The stairway entry and exit means that litter is largely confined to the box so a big plus from the litter cleaning patrol.

It does have liners however like any cat litter box, they do not need to be used if this is your preference. It has a charcoal filter to help with odor control and a built in handle.

4 of 5 Stars

4. Van Ness Translucent Enclosed Cat Litter Pan

If you are looking for something a little smaller than the Frisco litter box the measurements of this extra large size are slightly smaller - 21.5 x 17.5 x 18 inches.

Cats being cats, some will love certain boxes and other will not.  As size is a critical factor, one reviewer had a Maine Coon cat that used this box with no problems.  That is no guarantee but it is good to read of others experiences. There are more comments from cat owners here.

The door flap is removable. Removing the door makes it easier for the cat to get in and out of the box however in households that also have a dog this may not be a good idea.

There is a filter on the top which is replaceable.  It removes odors and freshens the air. The box has a highly polished finish which makes scooping easier as there are no rough surfaces for the scoop to catch on.

A plus factor for the cat is the translucent upper half of the box enabling the cat to see who or what is nearby.

On a slightly negative note these boxes have sometimes arrived at their destination cracked or missing clips.

Van Ness Translucent X Large Litter Pan
4 of 5 Stars

First Choice - Uncovered Litter Box

#1. Petmate Giant Litter Pan

The Petmate Giant Litter Pan is our recommendation for very large cats similar in size to Maine Coons or Norwegian Forest Cats. To get one larger you would need to make your own.

This box is a giant and is suitable for multiple cats. It also has the handy two storage pockets at the front.  A good place to store the litter scoop or litter liners or deodorizer.

The box contains Microban to discourage bacterial growth.

This is a sturdy box that will last a long time and efficiently does the job of catering to very large cats whilst at the same time being equally suitable for the kitten in the family.

Overall rating :  5 / 5

First Choice - Covered Litter Box

#1. Frisco Deluxe Hooded Cat Litter Box

The Frisco Deluxe Hooded Cat Litter Box is our recommendation because it fits the size requirements to be suitable for very large cats.  The measurements are 26L x 19.4W x 18H.

This box will also provide privacy for your very large cat at the same time allowing him the space and room to turn around inside the box.

The lid comes off for easy cleaning and it has a charcoal filter to help with odors in addition to having a ventilation panel.

Frisco Deluxe Hooded Cat Litter Box Extra Large

Overall rating :  5 / 5

Uncovered Litter Boxes


How To Choose A Large Litter Box


Decide whether you want a covered or uncovered litter box. Both types are reviewed in this article.


Measurements - This is super important because there’s what we think of as a large cat and then there are cats that are really large like the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat, so large takes on a different meaning. You will need the approximate measurements of your cat (length) and the measurements of the box that is under consideration.


Where will the box be located? Consider the size of the room where the box will be located. A jumbo litter box designed to fit into a corner is perfect if you are low on space but have a large cat. If space is tight the box measurements are important.  Avoid the scenario of having the box arrive only to discover that it doesn't fit into the space you had allocated.


Cleaning the box. Will it be easy to scoop? Does the box have handles? Are the handles built in to the box?  Built in handles are desirable in our opinion, one less thing to break. If there are no handles will the box be easy to pick up when needed to empty the litter?


The age of your cat. Our cat is elderly and jumping into a box with high sides is not an option although sometimes he surprises us - never underestimate a determined kitty. Climbing a stairway entry is more his style as in the Petmate Litter Dome.

About Measuring...The Cat? The Box?

Yes, you do need to measure both, the cat and the box to be able to choose the best box for your large kitty. 

I don't know about you but it can be hard to visualize measurements especially once you have read through several lists of different measurements.

It is a quick and simple matter to measure which just takes a few minutes. Mark out the measurements of the box on some newspaper to get a good visual of how big the box really is.
It is worth spending those few minutes measuring particularly if the intended space for the box is somewhat limited or restricted by other fixtures.

Even taking the measurements into account, it is difficult to say 100% that the box will be suitable for your large cat. The dimensions may be okay but cats assume different positions when doing their business so there is no one size fits all. I never believed any of that one size fits all nonsense. Just like people cats come in lots of different sizes.

Research also suggests that bigger is better. One of the findings from this study indicated that larger litter boxes were preferable for all size cats not just large cats. 

Is Your Large Cat Also A Digger And Flinger?

If your cat is large and a digger and flinger you will need a large box with high sides to stop litter being flung around like a snow storm.

Read the reviews for this particular box regarding solving the problem of large cats who are also diggers and flingers in the litter box.

Don't Forget To Measure!

It is worth going the extra step and measuring instead of just eyeballing the litter box you think will be okay. In the end it will save you time and take away any guesswork, so go and find that tape measure and measure kitty.

Just tell him the measuring is for a cashmere kitty bed and he will be happy.

Uncovered Or Covered Litter Box? 

It can be a tricky choice, choosing an uncovered or covered litter box Is one better than the other?

A Detailed Look At Uncovered Litter Boxes

Some kitties like to see from their vantage point in an uncovered litter box, exactly who might be sneaking up.

A Detailed Look At Covered Litter Boxes

Other kitties want privacy with a capital P. Please knock before entering.

The Best Litter Box For Large Cats

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