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7 Large Cat Breeds Which Make Great Pets

Best Large Cat Breeds

​What are the best large cat breeds for you?

We describe some of these large cat breeds with their place of origin, physical characteristics, and their personality. Of course we all know that there are no real guarantees when choosing a cat or any pet. The temperament is something that can be hard to gauge.

In our opinion, all of the large cat breeds on ​the list below ​make ​great pets.

1. Norwegian Forest Cat

A large domestic cat, the Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest cats weigh from 9 to 17 pounds. This is much bigger than most domestic cats. As a reference, the average cat weighs 8 pounds. That means that some Norwegian Forest Cats can weigh twice as much as an average cat. When it comes to body length and height they are slightly larger than average. Males are larger than females.

Norwegian Forest cats are native to Norway. Norwegian Forest Cats were actually the cats of Vikings and were used on Viking ships to keep control of rodent populations. As these cats have adapted to a snowy environment by adopting a water-resistant fur coat, they are one of the few breeds that like water.

Also from living in an environment with lots of trees, these cats are known to climb, and they love to perch themselves on places high off of the ground. This is something to consider. Can your provide or do you have places for the cat to perch and climb high off the ground like a tall and sturdy climbing tree.
These cats are really gentle and kind which makes them wonderful family pets. Intelligence is in their blood.

Their fur coat is very thick. This means that by getting a Norwegian Forest cat, you will need to brush him once or maybe twice a week.

Norwegian Forest Cats are delightful big cats that are easy going and gentle companions. It is definitely worth considering a Wegie as a pet.

2. Persian Cat

Persian Cat A large cat breed
White Persian Cat ​

Persian cats are beautiful creatures. They do have that face that makes you say -awhhh. They have a luscious coat engulfing their body, and a cute little flat face. These cats are also some of the most popular cats in the USA.

The ancestors of Persian cats were first recorded as being imported from Iran into Italy in the 1600’s.

Persians are not the biggest cats on this list, but they are definitely bigger than the average cat. They can weigh anywhere from 7 – 12 pounds.

What these cats don’t have in weight, they certainly make up for it in their crazy amount of hair. These cats have HUGE fur coats, so it’s definitely recommended you have the proper tools in hand to fight the war against shedding. Here is the best brush for Persians to keep your house free from too much hair. Ideally a Persian cat will be brushed daily.

Persians are affectionate, so they usually love the quality time they get to spend being brushed. Don’t be mistaken though, as these cats are perfectly fine with being by themselves and are independent. Persians can be selective with who they choose to love.

These cats are fine with families. Persians are an amazing choice if you are looking for a friend that likes hanging out with you, but is not always craving attention.

3. Ragdoll Cat

Oh My goodness. I am irrestible!

Ragdoll cats can weigh between 8 and 20 pounds. A female can weigh between 8 to 15 pounds and the males considerable larger, can weigh between 12- 20 pounds.

They are a newish breed, first bred in the 1960’s in the USA.

Ragdolls aren’t just a large cat breed in weight, but also stature. Male cats can be two feet tall however females will be slightly smaller.

A Ragdoll is suited to a family who will fuss over the cat and treat the cat gently.

They have a medium length coat.

If you don’t want to spend too much time grooming, then a Ragdoll could be your cat. Ragdolls only need to be groomed about twice a week compared to a Persian cat where daily grooming is recommended.

4. Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon breed of cat
I am a big gorgeous kitty!

The Maine Coon is probably the most popular big cat! Maine Coons are definitely big compared to the average cat. The average cat weighs about 8 pounds, while Maine Coons can reach up to 18 pounds.

They are not only hefty in weight but also in overall body size. Maine Coons are known to reach up to 3 and a half feet, but most are in the 2 foot range.
Maine Coons are smart.

They are also kind natured companions that get along with dogs and children. Maine Coons have thick fur which is medium to long and they do require regular brushing to keep the fur tangle free.

To conclude, Maine Coons are definitely a large cat breed, but this aspect isn’t the only thing that defines them. They are also sweet and gentle creatures and make great pets.

5. Chausie Cat

Chausie Large Cat Breed
The Chausie (pronounced chow-see) is another big ​cat ​

The Chausie originated from Egypt. They did not become domesticated until the 4th generation of Chausies, as they are a hybrid species with jungle cats.

These cats aren’t as big as some other cats on this list, but are still bigger than an average cat. They can weigh 20 pounds, but are usually closer to 15 pounds.

Chausies are exceptionally long for their body weight.

They are social, intelligent and outgoing. These cats are usually easy to care for but they do appreciate having a routine to follow and can become set in their ways. For this reason, if you are interested in a family pet it is recommended that your Chausie becomes part of the family when he is a kitten.

Their coat is short, so minimal grooming is needed.
As they are closely related to wild cats, they are very active in their everyday life. If you are considering adopting a Chausie make sure they have somewhere to let out all their energy.

They thrive on attention so are better in a household where someone will be home all day. The Chausie is a great choice as a large cat if you are looking for a breed that is exotic and lively.

6. Savannah Cat

I’m a kitten but you can see my lovely markings! Did I mention I like keeping busy.

The Savannah is another breed that is mixed with wild cat. The Savannah’s wild ancestor is the Serval. The Serval is a wild cat from the sub-Saharan desert in Africa. This cat was first bred in America.

Like the Chausie, these cats are long and slender. Savannah cats have a large weight range from 8 lbs to 24 lbs. These cats can be up to 2 and a half feet tall however the later generations of Savannahs are close to 1 and a half feet tall.

You will definitely find loyalty in these cats. Like other hybrid breeds, these cats have a lot of energy. Having plenty of room to run around is a must.

Some people call these cats “the dogs of the cat world” as they display some traits very similar to dogs. They are smart, friendly and affectionate.

For a Savannah cat to display these traits, they must be nurtured, and loved as kittens.

Savannah cats can also get along with dogs and other cats if they are introduced as a kitten. These cats are often mistaken for Bengals as they have a very similar look. Both have the classic gold coat with black spots.

Savannahs are a great pet if you are looking at large cat breeds and want a wonderful and loyal companion.

7. Siberian Cat

Look at me! In the snow!

And last to our list of large cat breeds is the Siberian cat. It is in the weight range of 11 – 20 pounds, and can be 2 feet tall. Siberian cats are from Russia, and are the national cat of Russia.

Siberians are related to Norwegian Forest cats. This is shown in both their physical, and mental characteristics.

You can expect your Siberian to always be close to you looking for attention. They are actually lap cats, which might be uncomfortable considering their heftiness.

Like Norwegian Forest cats, Siberians love water, have thick coats, are smart and are generally wonderful family cats. Where they differ from Norwegians is their energy level. Expect this guy to always be running doing something active. If you want have a big cat but you also need a great family cat, it sounds like you would love a Siberian.

​Large cat breeds are just like any other size cat just ​a bit larger so more gorgeousness. They can become your best-friends, and when you want to snuggle, you will have a little more to snuggle with.

cats reading the paper in bed
Are you awake dear? I said, you have plenty of snuggle for me.

large Cats Need A large Litter box

It does stand to reason that the bigger the cat the bigger the litter box needs to be. There are many litter boxes to accommodate larger cat breeds.

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