15 Sociable Family Friendly Cat Breeds For My Young Family

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If you’re thinking about welcoming a cat into your family, knowing key differences between cat breeds can help you make the right choice.

Here are 15 family friendly cat breeds that make great pets for young families.

1. The Persian Cat

A Persian family friendly cat
My coat does need brushing. Will you help to brush my coat?

A Persian cat makes a loving and affectionate family friendly pet, plus they are known to be patient with boisterous children. Persian cats do not mind staying inside the house for long periods of time and love attention. A Persian cat will happily sit with you for long periods of time.

As a family friendly cat breed, Persian cats are great company but not too demanding as a feline friend. One potential drawback of a Persian cat for the family, is that, its long coat is high maintenance.

Family members would need to be aware of how to handle the Persian cat or if the children are old enough, to learn how to help with this ongoing process of daily brushing.

2. The Burmese Cat

Burmese cat
I’m a great all rounder!

Burmese cats make an excellent choice for a family friendly cat breed because they are affectionate cats towards children and adults.

Burmese cats also tend to get along with other pets making it a good family friendly choice as quite often there may be other household pets to consider.

A Burmese cat is energetic, fun, and make wonderful family pets. They have a short coat that requires little maintenance.

3. The Siamese Cat

Siamese cats love to play
I’m ready to play!

The Siamese cat’s outgoing personality makes it an ideal cat breed for families with children – and they also love to play!

Siamese cats enjoy playing games, anything from fetch to hide and seek is right up their alley. They also love jumping around and chasing after toys..

They’re known to be affectionate and friendly companions and are sometimes known as lap cats.

They’re also very intelligent animals who understand what you’re saying (and often reply by mewing back at you), making them perfect companions for active kids.

They have striking blue eyes.

Just in case you need any persuading, here are 8 amazing reasons to own a cat.

4. The Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cat breed for families
I’m ready for action! Walk anyone?

The Abyssinian cat is known for being a very loving and affectionate pet.

They are social and will happily fit into a family with children making them an ideal family friendly cat breed.

Abyssinian cats also get on well with other pets in the household. Abyssinian cats have a short, easy to care, low maintenance coat.

Abyssinian cats are energetic and can be trained to walk on a leash.

5. The Scottish Fold Cat

a Scottish Fold Cat
Adorable and just asking for a cuddle

The Sottish Fold is one cat breed that is good as a pet for families with young children. A Scottish Fold cat will happily sit on your lap but also likes some activity.

A Scottish Fold Cat can become sedentary if left alone, indoors, so playing with cat toys and wands is highly recommended.

Kids love playing with cats so this is a perfect situation. As the Scottish Fold Breed of cat is a social cat they may be lonely if left alone for long periods of time. They benefit from having a playmate. Two Scottish Folds anyone?

family friendly cat breeds

6. The Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Cats
We are just too cute. We do grow rather large you know!

The Maine Coon cat is a well-known cat breed that is one of the best cat breeds for children.

Maine Coon cats are gentle giants with a gentle nature. Maine Coon cats are patient and will allow your kids to play with them without getting angry.

Maine Coons are also perfect for families with other pets, as Maine Coons get along well with dogs!

Maine Coons are wonderful family pets. They are great with children and patient. They have a natural curiosity and playfulness that makes them incredibly appealing.

Children love playing with Maine Coon cats. There is something about a Maine Coon!

Kids also love, love, love stories about animals and of course, cats. Books in childhood become a treasured memory. Here are some terrific and inexpensive stories about cats.

7. The Himalayan Cat

a himalayan cat
I’m ready to pounce!

The Himalayan cat is known to be gentle, friendly and playful, making them a good choice for families with young children.

Himalayan cats like to play. If you give a Himalayan cat a crumpled paper or a toy kitty, they will play for hours.

The Himalayan cat is a cross between the Persian and Siamese cat.

It also has blue eyes because of this breeding process. Like a Persian cat, your Himalayan cat will need to be brushed every day.

8. The Ragdoll Cat

a Ragdoll cat
Look at me! I want someone to love!

Ragdoll cats are known to be docile and affectionate, making them the perfect cat for children to play with.

Ragdoll cats are the ideal indoor cat. Ragdolls are very sweet and love people. They make good pets for families.

As Ragdoll cats are semi longhaired, they do require regular grooming.

Ragdolls love to be brushed and petted.

They get lonely when you leave them alone for too long.

9. The Birman Cat

a Birman Cat
I am a beautiful, gentle cat!

Birman cats have a serene demeanour, so it won’t be difficult to find one sleeping on the couch.

Plus, Birman cats are extremely affectionate and love spending time with their owners, making them an excellent family friendly cat breed.

Birman cats have a very relaxed personality, so they’ll enjoy just hanging out in the living room while the kids watch TV or play games nearby.

Birman cats do have a long coat, but because they don’t have a thick undercoat, grooming is easy, with a once a week brush usually being enough.

10. The British Shorthair Cat

I’m ready to sit on the couch with you!

British Shorthair cats get along with children and dogs and make great family cats.

British Shorthair cats enjoy being around the family but they don’t necessarily like being picked up.

British Shorthair cats are calm and laid back but love playing with toys and chasing a laser pointer.

I must admit, I have a particular fondness for these cats.

11. The Norwegian Forest Cat

a Maine Coon cat
Just look at the gorgeousness of my tail

Norwegian Forest cats are one of the most loyal cat breeds out there, making them perfect pets for families with young children.

They are sweet natured cats. They love climbing so providing some high perches will make them very happy.

They are large in size and some are very large. They definitely fall into the best cat breeds for children.

12. The Siberian Cat

the Siberian cat

Siberian cats love being in high places and looking down on everyone (so if you have a cat tree in your living room, they’ll be in there all day).

Siberians cats are cat-friendly so they’ll get along well with other cats. other pets and children.

Not only that but Siberians cats are very affectionate, so your kids can cuddle up next to them for hours!

Siberian cats like water so don’t be surprised to see your cat going near sources of water.

13. The Manx Cat

the Manx cat

The Manx cats is a very affectionate cat breed. Manx cats love cuddles and getting petted by family members. Manx cats like playing with their toys.

Manx cats are also good at opening cupboards.

A Manx cat is also likely to charge around the house.

Some Manx cats do not have a tail and some have a short stubby tail.

Manx cats are often said to have a dog like personality.

14. The Bengal Cat

a Bengal cat

Bengals cats are very intelligent cats.

Bengals cats are active and they love to have a chat. Bengals like water and climbing and jumping, so you can expect them to be high up on cat trees or shelves around your house most of the time.

A Bengals cat is a perfect choice for children in busy households and can even learn tricks.

A Bengal cat loves attention. Bengals will keep out of the way of toddlers and very young children.

Primary school age children are a match for the energy and curiosity of a Bengal cat.

15. The Japanese Bobtail Cat

Japanese Bobtail Cat

Japanese Bobtails have a short kinked tail. They are quite a rare cat.

Japanese Bobtail Cats are energetic, outgoing and good with children.

They are an intelligent, smart and playful breed that easily pick up new tricks.

Japanese Bobtail Cats enjoy playing games which makes them perfect pets for families with young children (especially if they’re the energetic kind).

Japanese Bobtail Cats also understand what you say to them and often reply by meowing back at you.

Japanese Bobtail Cats are very social cats, people oriented and like being part of the family. They don’t like being left alone for long periods.

A Feline Friend For The Family

a little girl carefully holding a kitten
Two cuties!

Family friendly cat breeds will only tolerate friendly kids.

Kids, particularly very young children, need to be shown how to behave around the cat or kitten.

Family life can suffer if a kitten or cat is scratching the the kids.

One simple way to avoid cat or kitten scratches is using a wand toy to play with the cat. Little hands from the youngest family members are out of the way, safe and sound.

Sometimes it is not the breed that is the important aspect but rather how the kids treat the cat.

Human companionship with a cat is just what makes the bond between pets and children so special.

Find the friendliest cat breeds to choose a cat for your family but show your kids how to be friendly to cats. Remember, they may need to show their mates too.

Kids learn by example, so the way you treat the cat is very important for those all important copycats in your home – your kids.

vector - two cats reading
Such great information dear!

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