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The Best Cat Caves Made In Nepal to Keep your Kitty Cozy

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A cat cave, also known as a cocoon, pod, or nest, is an enclosed space for a cat made from felted wool. It has an opening for the cat to enter and exit. The cave-like qualities give cats the heightened sense of security that they need to fully relax, and we know how much they love enclosed spaces. 

Your cat can retire to the cat cave for a nap or simply to relax in peace.

Cat caves are made from felted wool like the one below.

Cats being cats, some love to roll the cat cave around and some like to just chill and poke their head out from time to time to make us go awwh!

MEOWFIA Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed (Large) - Eco Friendly 100% Merino Wool Bed for Large Cats and Kittens (Large, Black/Aqua)

If you have questions about felted wool cat caves, how to care for them, wash them and so on, click on this link to take you to FAQ cat cave questions.

Cat caves are self warming. To add some extra warmth and general coziness to the cat cave in very cold weather, a microwavable heated cat pad is the perfect accompaniment.

Reviews of Felted Cat caves

1. Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed 5. Mau Lifestyle Wool Felt Cave
2. Feltcave Wool Cat Cave 6. Himalayan Bazaar Felted Cat Cocoon
3. Juccini Wool Cat Cave Bed 7. Durkha Premium Felt Cave Cat Bed
4. Earthtone Solutions Felted Wool Cat Cave

1. Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed

measurements shown for a cat cave

These beds are arguably the most popular of all the felted cat cave beds. There are some terrific color combinations. Neutral or neutral with a touch of brightness is a good way to describe them. 

These beds are handcrafted in Nepal using New Zealand Merino wool. Wool is known for its breathable qualities and adaptability, which provide year round comfort. The cave is suitable for a warm or cool climate.

The wet felting technique is used to mold the wool into a dense fabric using only soap, water, and pressure. I have taken part in felting fabrics, and it is surprisingly quite a physical task. Kitty is just going to reap the rewards of the hard work involved in making the bed.

Interesting fact: People who live in snowy climates air and clean their 100% woolen jumpers on fallen snow rather than washing them again.

It’s called snow washing and this is an explanation of how it works.


Wool is naturally antibacterial. It repels odors, dirt, water, and stains. 


The cave is not chew proof (a dog chewing).


The measurements of the large size are 19 inches wide with a height of 12 inches. The opening has a diagonal of 8 inches. The medium size is 16 inches wide with a height of 10 inches. The opening has a diagonal of 7 inches. 

Because the bed is not rigid, it can fit into places that may not meet these exact measurements.

The cave is suitable for cats up to 20 lbs.

Machine washing is not recommended.

The bed can be vacuumed inside and out to remove debris and hair. Don’t flip the bed inside out to vacuum.

Have you heard of heated beds for cats? They do exist and are pretty popular among kitties that I know. Are they safe? This article has all the FAQs you need to answer any questions you may have about heated cat beds.

2. Feltcave Wool Cat Cave

wool cat cave bed handcrafted in Nepal

This felted cat cave is made from 100% New Zealand merino wool and is handcrafted in Nepal. Wool is the perfect natural material because it is breathable, making it comfortable for the cat throughout the year. 

Cats seem to universally adore these cat caves. The fact that they have some stability but are also light enough to go for a little roll around when playing adds to their appeal. 

A senior cat may have trouble entering and exiting the bed.

This dome does keep its shape, and that is due to the thickness of the felt and the workmanship and sturdiness of the product.

The making of the cat caves provides income to families in Nepal. This is true for all of the cat caves reviewed in this article. This short video shows the making of the cat cave. I can say from my experience with felting that what we are not seeing is that the process is actually quite physical.

If the cave is not shaped just right, fill it with bubble wrap or trash bags to reshape it. Fill the space. After a few hours, remove.


It doesn’t collapse like some other felted cat beds. 

If the hole is too small you can make it larger by cutting with a sharp pair of scissors.


Not really large enough to be comfortable for a large Maine Coon. Good for cats up to 15lbs.


The color choices are, Black and White, Blue and White, Green, Cream, Grey, Maroon, Aqua, Rainbow, and Royal Blue. The measurements are 17L x 17W x 12H inches. The opening is 7 inches.

Do not machine wash, hand wash only. Don’t use a clothes dryer, let the cat cave air dry.

Do you think cats get cold easily? Do some cats get cold faster than other cats?

cat in  a cat cave

3. Juccini Wool Cat Cave Bed

Juccini Wool Cat Cave Bed - Ecofriendly Felt Cat Cave for Cats and Kittens - Felted from 100% Natural Wool - Premium and Personal Space for Your Indoor Cats (Green/Blue)

These beds are handcrafted in Nepal using 100% Merino wool. Wool is a wonderful natural material that’s not only safe for pets but also healthy to use in your home. With organic, all-natural, and chemical-free materials, you’ll love having one of these beds in your home.

While these are CAT caves, there is no reason why a small dog could not use the cave if they were agile enough to jump in and out.

Vacuum the cave to remove surface dust and general debris. Spot clean with warm water and detergent or wash the whole bed if necessary.  Allow the bed to air dry after washing and gently reshape. 


Gives employment to a marginalized community in Nepal.

Caves are quality checked before shipping to the USA.


This bed has had more issues with collapsing and not holding its shape as well as others, although this is not true for all users.


The colors are: green and blue, grey and purple dots, pink, plus a gray and white flower design. The measurements are 18/19 inches wide by 10/11 inches high, and this is the only size.

The opening is 7-8 inches. The recommendations are to let it sit, once unpackaged, for 24 hours to allow it to take its natural shape.  Good luck if you can keep the kitty away for too long. For indoor use only. 

Older cats have special needs when it comes to buying a bed. This article gives an explanation of features to look out for.

4. Earthtone Solutions Felted Wool Cat Cave

cat sitting in the pumpkin design wool cave

The addition of a felted bow gives this felted cat cave a novel appearance. 

These cat caves are individually handmade in Nepal using wool from New Zealand. The cave can also be flattened and then become a cushy mat, which makes it a good sleeping place and perfect for traveling.

Felted wool is tough and can withstand a certain amount of scratching.

Some cats love to get in the cave and roll around, while others like to sit on top, squashing the cave.


Cats love that the cave rolls around when they are inside, totally hidden.

Includes a packet of catnip.


The color may vary slightly from the image shown. The orange shown may look more yellow because of the nature of the natural fiber.

May need to remove the decorative bow if the cat starts to chew the fabric.


To be used indoors. To clean, hand wash or spot in cold water using wool wash. Let it air dry after washing.

The cave measures 18L X 16W X 12H inches. At the time of writing this review 100% of people who had bought this product would recommend it to others.

cat sitting in a wool cat cocoon

This is another cat cave from the same company (Earthtone Solutions). It is the same size as the other bed. Earthtone Solutions do mention that as each felted wool cave is hand-made, it will not be exactly the same as another cave. There will be slight differences. The opening is 7 to 8 inches wide.

The opening can also be stretched to be a little wider if necessary. Just carefully pull on opposite ends of the opening and work your hands around, pulling gently if necessary. Felted wool is very durable and will not tear.

A heated cat bed is another option. Have a look at the heated cat beds in this article. Kitty will love you!

5. Mau Lifestyle Wool Felt Cave

cat inside cat cave

This cat cave is made from merino wool that has been felted and handcrafted in Nepal into a round cocoon like shape.

The cave can also be partially flattened by the cat sitting on top. It is quite okay to do this. To reshape the cave, just pop it back into shape by running your hands around inside.

For practical reasons, the bed does ship folded. It does unfold easily but may need a little reshaping. Cats also love to sleep on the folded bed.

This bed has neutral tones. The two colors are light gray and dark gray, with one softly contrasting neutral stripe. 

To remove wrinkles, use a steamer with a gentle approach. Ideally, this cat cave should not be machine washed; if this is unavoidable, wash on a wool setting and don’t spin.

Using your hands reshape the bed. To give the cat cave some shape, fill with towels or scrunched newspaper and let it dry for around 24 hours.


It is flexible and soft, so it will fit into an irregular space if necessary.

It is lightweight and easy to move about. 

It is perfect for putting at the foot of the bed.


As the bed arrives flat, the task of reshaping may not be appealing


The measurements are 20.5L X 18W X 10H inches. It is designed to take cats up to 25 lbs. The opening is about 8 inches in diameter.

6. Himalayan Bazaar Felted Cat Cocoon

Cat Cave Bed Meow House Felted Bunny Hiding Shed Natural Eco Organic Wool Kitten Hideout Cocoon Pod Nest by Himalayan Bazaar

The cocoon has a softly striped pattern. It is handcrafted in Kathmandu, Nepal. The bed is light and portable and can be folded and stored when not in use

There are no seams or stitching. To make the shape, the felt is pressed and molded.


Easy to move from one place to another.

Repels stains.


No size measurement is given for the entrance (the image gives a good idea).


The bed measures13 x 13x 9 inches. Made from felt formed from 100% organic merino wool.

7. Durkha Premium Felt Cave Cat Bed

cat caves made in Nepal

Handcrafted in Nepal from 100% New Zealand merino wool. Merino wool is stronger than cotton and is also fine and flexible.

Being a breathable natural fiber, it is perfect for winter and summer.

The thickness of the cat cave/cocoon is designed to prevent it from collapsing. It can, however, be collapsed and then reshaped back into a cat cave.

To clean, lightly vacuum to remove hair and debris.  Spot clean with cold water.

Pros and Cons. This is a new product, and there are not enough pros and cons to give an accurate representation of the product. The specifications are listed below.


There is a wide variety of color choices: light blue and burgundy, orange and white, red and burgundy, turquoise and white dots, dark and light green, light blue and white, and last but not least, black and white.

The measurements are 21L x 17W x 12H inches.

felted wool cat cave
I am hiding you know!

Which Ones Do We recommend?

We recommend the number 1 and 2 choices of the products reviewed, which are the Meowfia and Feltcave cat caves. Don’t settle for less than the best!

That is not to say that any of the other brands may not suit your purposes. All of the caves are felted from merino wool and all the cat caves are made in Nepal.

Other differences mainly include the size of the cave and the dimensions of the entry/exit. The wide variety of colors and design elements is also going to be a big factor in making a choice. There are neutral colors, bright colors, and quirky designs to choose from.

Cats love them and never want to leave. They love the security and will make the cat cave their new home.

FAQ – Cat Caves Made In Nepal

Why is felted wool used to make cat caves?

Wool is a natural fabric. It has been used for thousands of years across many cultures.

Felted wool is an extremely durable fabric which makes it perfect for dense composition required for cat caves.

Wool resists dirt. Wool fibers are naturally hydrophobic – meaning they repel water.

Felted wool retains heat better than synthetic materials. 
Felted wool is good for the summer months, but also provides insulation for the colder months, so your cat can nest up all winter long!

Plus and a big plus, felted wool is hypoallergenic! No worries about allergies with this fabric. This is also a safe choice for cats that have developed environmental sensitivities to synthetic fabrics.

How do you look after felted wool cat caves?

A felted cat wool cave is first of all vacuumed to remove surface dirt.  The cave can be spot washed with cold or warm water – in the same way that you would care for a woollen hand knit sweater.

Use a damp cloth and rub gently to remove any marks

Do not machine wash or use a clothes dryer.  The cave should always be air dried and then given some help to reshape if necessary.
A cat cave can be hand washed however read the specific instructions from the manufacturer as instructions may vary.

Will A Felted Wool Cat Cave Lose Its Shape If Washed?

A felted cat cave may need to be reshaped after washing. Fill with something light like bubble wrap that can be shaped easily inside the cave.

Rubbish or trash bags would be fine also and the trash bags can still be used when reshaping is done.  Leave the cave to air dry.

Are Felted Wool Cat Caves Made By Hand Or Machine?

Felted cat caves are made by hand.  This gives them all a certain uniqueness.

Where Does The Wool Felted Wool Cat Caves Come From?

The wool used in most of the beds that are shaped in Nepal comes from New Zealand or Australia and is 100% Merino.

Are Felted Wool Cat Caves Heated?

Felted cat caves are not heated.  As they are semi enclosed they will retain warmth.  For extra warmth add a soft cushion or folded blanket. 

A microwave heated pad for pets is perfect for popping inside a cat cave in cold weather.

felted wool cat cave pattern

Here is a link to a tutorial showing the exact instructions for making a felted cat cave from start to finish.

It is a lengthy process that does definitely require some commitment. It is also an advantage if you have prior felting experience.

This makes me very excited dear. I’m thinking His and Hers!

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