The Best Microwave Heated Pads For Cats For Warmth And Comfort

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Some heated pads for cat beds can be heated in the microwave.

These microwavable heated pads can be placed inside another cat bed, such as an unheated bed.

No need for cords and no electricity is used apart from the microwave. Instant warmth and portability are key features.

Heated Cat Pads For The microwave

A heated cat pad that is heated in the microwave is an excellent portable option because it can be taken to the cat’s location, whether that be somewhere in the house, outdoors, in a cat carrier, while traveling, and so on.

1. Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad Popular product
2. K&H Microwavable Pet Bed Warmer 9″ X 9″ More expensive
3. Pet Fit For Life Cooling And Microwave Heating Gel Pad Used by ASPCA
4. Arf Pets Microwavable Pet Heating Pad Good Price
Safety When Using Microwavable Heated Cat Pads

Best Microwave Heated Pads For Cats – Reviews

1. Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad (Circular shape)

  Microwave Heating Pad for pet bed

This heated pad is a plate sized disc (circular). It is warmed in the microwave following the manufacturer’s instructions and placed under your cat’s bed. The heated pad retains heat for 10 hours, gradually cooling over that time period.

The heated pad, placed at the foot of your bed under some bedding will draw the cat to the warmth. This is useful when training (persuading) the cat to sleep at the foot of the bed instead of on you. Big Bonus right here, in my opinion.

The instant warmth of a pad that can be heated in the microwave makes it a great on the go item, quick to use and convenient to use.

A microwave pad that can be heated quickly is convenient to use when transporting the cat in a cat carrier in cold weather. The cat may already be stressed by having to go in the carrier.
The heated pad will provide some warmth and comfort for the cat. As the pad stays warm for hours, this is something you could do ahead of time.


No electricity to worry about as the pad is heated in the microwave and then removed.

A microwave heating disc is perfect as a kitten warming disk and for elderly and convalescing cats.

This microwave heating pad for the cat Includes a cover.


The heated pad gradually cools and then will need reheating.

The disc is hard, it is a heating disc not a soft cushion. Place inside the soft cover provided.

Specifications of the Snuggle Safe Microwave Heating Pad

The size of the microwavable heated pad is 8 1/2″ in diameter. Clean the pad or disc by wiping with a damp cloth or spraying lightly with disinfectant and wiping it dry. Do not use abrasive substances.

To reheat the disc, allow it to completely cool down before reheating.

Don’t allow your pet to chew the disc. The product contains Thermapol, which is non-toxic. 

In the microwave, heating times are as follows: 600-650 watts (8 minutes), 700-750 watts (7 minutes), 800-860 watts (6 minutes), 900-1000 watts (5 minutes), 1100-1,200 watts (4 minutes), and 1300-1,500 watts (2.5 minutes).

Read the instructions for heating and safety instructions if the product overheats.

2. K&H Microwavable Pet Bed Warmer 9″ x 9″ (rectangular Shape)

You may notice that this microwavable pet ped warmer is more expensive than other brands. K&H is a trusted pet brand for beds, both self warming and electric, indoors and outdoors, so they do have expertise in the area.

This trust and reputation, gives peace of mind to those who are loyal to K&H pet products and in particular, the warming pet bed products.

The filling in this microwavable pet bed warmer is gel like. It hardens on cooling, but when heated, it softens and is labelled as being “soft and squishy.”

The cover of the microwave pet warmer is made from neoprene (think wetsuits). The warmed pad is then inserted into the pet bed.

If your cat strolls away from the pad, the pad will cool faster than if the cat stays longer on the pad. The cat’s own body heat will help the pad remain warmer for longer.

Mind you, we have no control over that. The cat doesn’t always listen to sensible suggestions.

The pad can be used indoors and outdoors.


The pad remains soft (note: this is in contrast to the SnggleSafe product described above).

The neoprene cover of this heating pad, has an easy carry handle.

As it is heated in the microwave, it is suitable for use indoors and outdoors.


This heating pad may be more expensive than similar products.

Specifications of the K&H Microwavable Pet Bed Warmer

The manufacturer gives instructions for how to heat the pad. As microwaves have different wattages, the heating times will vary. Once you have the desired heating time, write it in the space on the front of the product to remind you when you are heating the pad the next time.

The pet warmer’s dimensions are 9 x 9 x 2 inches. Handwash the pad with soap and water. There is a limited one year warranty.

3. Pet Fit For Life Cooling and Microwave Heating Gel Pad

t Cooling and Microwave Heating Gel Pad Safe for Cats and Dogs

This is a microwave heating PLUS a cooling pad. This pet pad heats in the microwave and cools in the fridge. The gel filled disc has a fleece cover for use in both summer and winter. The cover can be machine washed. The disc is wiped over with a cloth to keep it clean.

This microwavable gel heating pad for pets is used by ASPCA in shelters.

Heating instructions for the Pet Fit For Life Cooling and Microwave Heating Gel Pad

1. Use microwave on medium to medium-high setting depending on the model
2. Place the hot & cold gel pad flat on the turntable (with the fleece cover on)
3. Heat for 30 seconds
4. Remove gel pad and distribute the heat by moving the gel around inside
5. Return to microwave with opposite side up and reheat for another 30 seconds
6. Repeat steps 2 thru 5 until desired temperature
7. Remove from microwave and place next to your pet to keep them warm for hours 


This is a heating pad (in the microwave) and a cooling product.


Warmth of this heating pad may not last as long as the hard gel product.

Need to distribute the product evenly when heating.

Heating at 30 second intervals in a microwave can be a nuisance (if you are impatient, like me)

Specifications Of The Pet Fit For Life Heating And Cooling Pad

This microwavable cat heating pad is filled with a nontoxic gel. The pad is heated in the microwave at 30-second intervals until the desired warmth is reached.

Or for cooling purposes, the pad is placed in the refrigerator to cool. The dimensions are 12 x 12 x 1 inches, and it weighs 12 ounces.

4. Arf pets Microwavable Pet Heating Pad

  Microwavable Pet Heating Pad

How to Use: It is important to note that the fleece cover must be removed before heating the pad in the microwave. Remove the fleece cover before warming up the pad.

Pop the heating pad onto a plate and into the microwave, following instructions.

Remove the now heated pad from microwave and use your hand to test the temperature.

Replace the fleece lining on the heated pad before placing it in the desired location.


The heating disc has a soft texture.

This heating pad is good for kittens or even convalescing wildlife.


The heat in this heating pad does not last long so it needs to be reheated.

This microwave heating pad is an economical option.

Need to experiment with length of time needed for heating this pet heating pad.

Specifications Of Arf pets Microwavable Pet Heating Pad

The Arf heating pad measures 8″ X 8″. The cover fabric of the heated pad is fleece and the heating pad material is a gel.

Microwave Heating Pad We Recommend

Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad

It’s hard to go past this, cat microwave heat pad, original product.

Just a note regarding the Thermapol compound. It is supposed to remain in a semi-solid state when heated. It does not go soft like some gel-filled products. I say this because some people are surprised that the compound used for this product is not soft.

microwavable heat pads for cats - Pinterest image

Safety When Using microwavable Heated cat pads

Microwavable heated cat pads are designed to provide warmth for cats however it is important to exercise extra caution to ensure your cat’s safety.

When heating the pad follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the proper usage of the heated pad. Now, I know we can sometimes be in a rush and not read instructions properly. Just take the couple of minutes it takes to read the instructions.

Microwavable heated pads are intended to be placed in a cat’s bed or designated resting area rather than directly under the cat or at least have a cover that the pad is slipped into..

Here are some general tips for using a microwave pet bed warmer:

  1. Follow Instructions
    Read and follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer for the heated cat pad. They provide guidance on proper usage and safety precautions.
  2. Supervision
    It’s a good idea to supervise your cat initially when using a new heated pad to observe how they react and ensure they are comfortable.
  3. Layering
    If the heated pad becomes too warm, place a layer, such as a thin blanket or towel, between the pad and your cat to regulate the temperature.
  4. Check for Damage
    Inspect the heated pad from time to time for any signs of damage, wear, or malfunction. Replace it if needed to avoid any potential hazards.

Microwavable heated cat pads can offer comfort to your cat. Responsible and cautious use of any type of heated cat pad or cat bed that is heated is the key to ensuring their well-being of your cat.

This Is a Heated cat pad That Uses electricity

The bed below clearly shows that it is heated electrically and is a different product to the microwavable heating pads described in this article. Read more about heated cat pads and how they work.

 Electric Heated Dog or Cat Pad Temperature Adjustable Pet Bed Warmer Pad
vector - two cats reading
Toasty warm, sounds marvellous to me! Ten hours sleeping, no problemo!

A microwavable heating pad for cats is convenient. It can be moved form one bed or sleeping place to another. If your cat snoozes in a window perch during the day, the heating pad can be popped in there for extra warmth.

A microwavable heating pad for outdoor cats is prefect for a cat that spends some time outdoors.

Heated cat pads are also used outdoors in cat houses for stray cats to give the cats some comfort in winter.

Like anything heated in the microwave, always test for warmth and follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

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