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The Best Microwave Heated Pads For Cats For Warmth And Comfort

The best heating pads for cats can be divided into two categories.

Heated Pads For cats

Most heated pads for cats look like mats where the cat can stretch out and be toasty warm like the one shown below.

Usually the heating pad is not the total size of the mat but a smaller unit inside the mat. This is still enough to warm the mat for the cat. Some heated pads, can be placed inside another cat bed, like an unheated bed.

K&H Pet Products Amazin' Thermo-Kitty Pad Gray 15

Heated Cat Pads For The microwave

The other type of heating pad for cats are mats which are designed to go in the microwave to be heated. This link will take you to information and reviews about heated cat pads that be put in a microwave to be warmed.

This article is about the first type of heated cat mat. We review the best heating pads for cats and the choices you have regarding functionality and price.

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Heated Cat Pads – Reviews

1.K&H Lectro Heated Pet Pad

This mat is suitable to use indoors and outdoors. This makes it a versatile and convenient choice if you want or need a mat that does double duty.

K&H indoor cat warming beds heat to approximately 10 to 15 degrees above the ambient air temperature. This warmth draws the cat to the bed. We already know the cat very clever at finding warm places. When the cat lies on the pad/mat the temperature adjusts to the cat’s body temperature.

It is not the weight of the cat that activates the heat, but the heat adjusts when the cat lies on the mat.

This mat come in different sizes and with each size there is a change in wattage.

The interior is orthopaedic foam. The exterior is a super soft, waterproof and durable PVC material. Clean it by wiping with a damp rag. A free fleece cover is included.

For safety the mat must be unplugged when cleaning and not used until it is totally dry. The cord is wrapped in steel for safety.

Many people have used this mat outside as a cat shelter for feral cats. Even feral cats will seek out warmth if it there for the taking.

The pad is fine for indoor use. It is also an option for colder places, like garages, patios, porches or basements where the temperature dips.

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