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How To Decide Which Is The Best Heating Pad For Cats


​The best heating pads for cats can be divided into two categories:

​1.   Most heated pads for cats look like mats where the cat can stretch out and ​be toasty warm like the one shown below.

​Usually the heating pad is not the total size of the mat but a smaller unit inside the mat.  This is still sufficient to warm the mat for the cat. Depending on the size of the heated pad, it can be placed inside another cat bed, perhaps an unheated bed.

​2.   There are also mats which are designed to go in the microwave to be heated. ​Are you are looking for ​heated cat pads that be put in a microwave to be warme​d?  There is detailed information​ and reviews here.

​This article is about the best heating pads for cats ​and the choices you have regarding functionality and price.

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​Heated Cat Pads - Reviews


​K&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Mat

​As it is a K&H product It warms in the same way as described above for the Thermo- Kitty Heated Mat.

Because the pad does not heat up to a high temperature when the cat is not in the bed some may assume that the bed isn't working properly because it doesn’t feel hot to the touch.  This is incorrect, the mat is working properly. It is safe to leave on overnight and is made to be left on for extended periods. There is no point having a cat warming mat that needs to be turned off after a couple of hours. 

This product is 6 watts whereas the other bed reviews on this page are 4 watts.  All are MET tested for safety.

The heater can be removed when the cover needs to be cleaned.  Unplug the unit and remove the heater. The cover can be machine washed with cold water on a gentle cycle. Line dry or use the no heat function on ​the clothes dryer.

This for indoor use only.  The cord is 5 foot.

The fabric is soft and stands up to a kitty that has to have a little knead before every nap.

One commenter remarked that they had these mats for years, brought them out when it is winter and the cats go straight to them. 

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PS Don't mind the dog.  He is just keeping the pad warm until the cat arrives.

​RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad,

This is the fifth generation of this popular heated cat bed and the most recently updated. (Nov 2019)

The actual heating wires have been updated to make the bed both warmer and safer.

This unit has a handheld control where you can choose the temperature you want, within a range of 80F to 130F.  It also has an auto off function. This means that you can set the timer to turn off after a specified number of hours - up to 12 hours. Once it has turned off it will need to be turned back on manually.

This heating pad is for indoor use. Do not place a blanket on top of this bed.

A positive is that the pad warms up quickly.  The cover can be removed for washing or spot cleaning.

A heated pad like this is great for ​senior cats that may have difficulty navigating the sides of a more structured bed.  

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Pet Heating Pad for Cats by lestoc

This pad is not weight activated, it heats up once it has been plugged in. If the power goes out the mat will reheat when power is restored because there is no actual on/off switch. The unit must be plugged into work. Most heating mats and beds are like this.

Whilst on the point of electricity, this reader has explained exactly how he calculated how much power the unit used and how much it cost per month.  The cost to run the heating pad was negligible.

The temperature this pad heats to is between 96F to 110F (approximately).

This mat can be folded to fit through the door of  cat house. The outer cover can be washed.

The cord is 59 inches long and is chew resistant. This seems to be more of a dog issue that a cat issue however you never can tell and many pet owners have both dogs and cats, so this is a good point.

It has a 2 year warranty.

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​HD JUNTUNKOR Pet Heating Pad

This bed is popular with cats, kittens and senior cats plus dogs that feel the cold.  It is a winner for all pets.

 Although the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, some people have had issues with the pad overheating so read all of the reviews before making a choice. It is not a good idea to place a heavy blanket on top of these units even though a soft light blanket is okay.

​​Automatic shut off is not a feature ​of this mat . It turns off when you decide it is time to turn it off.

If your cat is not too keen on lying on the mat trying putting a light, soft blanket on top of the mat.  

​The Oxford Cloth this mat is made from has waterproof and flame retardant qualities. The pad itself is an attractive mocha/chocolate diamond pattern, very sturdy, and appears easy to clean.

This mat is for indoor use.  If your cat pees on the pad, unplug, wipe clean and plug in ​again when dry.

​Heating quickly is a positive feature of this pad.​ ​The hand piece has a high, low and off setting.  This is different to most mats which need to be unplugged to turn off. On the hand piece there is an LED indicator to indicate power is turned on.

We could not find any UL rating and there is no automatic shut off so one star is removed for that.

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Our Recommendation is...

K&H Lectro Heated Pet Pad


​​​K&H products are the gold standard when it comes to heated bedding for cats.  The safety factor in each K&H heated product is the s​ame, the bed heats to just 10 to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature so not super hot and in fact may not feel particularity warm to our touch but ​is enough to lure kitty to the warmth. 

The bed then adjusts to the cat's own body temperature.  There is no chance of overheating.  

This mat is one that the cat can spread out on so makes it ideal for ​all age cats.  For senior cats there ​are no​ sides​.

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