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Choose The Best Heated Cat Bed For Your Cat

The best heated cat bed will have the cat seeking out the bed as soon as the weather turns chilly. Cats love warmth. Our cat was a sun-seeker, always parking himself in sunny spots all around the house. He seriously had the house heat mapped for warmth.

Read Points To Consider before making a choice.

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The Best Heated Cat Bed – Points To Consider

  • Do you want a heated cat bed that is enclosed and has a partial cover or roof or do you want an open cat bed?

  • If you want a cat bed that is more like a flat padded mat in appearance? There is information here.

  • If you are looking for a heated pad that can be placed inside a bed that you perhaps already own, there is information here.

  • Consider the age of your cat and the height of the sides of the bed. An older cat needs a bed with low sides that are easy to step over. A bed that he can walk straight into, like this one is ideal.

  • Consider the size of your cat. Where appropriate we have mentioned where a large cat has had difficulty with a bed being too small.

  • Consider the fabric and if it is washable or part washable.

  • Consider the length of the cord and where you will mostly place the bed. Will the cord be long enough? The warranty may be void if you use an extension cord.

  • Will the bed be placed on carpet or tiles or a hardwood floor? If the floor surface makes it likely that the bed will slip, it may be worth placing a carpet off cut or small mat underneath the bed.

In A Hurry ? Our Best Picks

Product ImageK&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Fashion SplashCheck Price
Product ImageK&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat BedCheck Price
Product ImageK&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Kitty Deluxe HoodedCheck Price
Product ImageK&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Mod Dream Pod HeatedCheck Price
Product ImageK&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Sleephouse HeatedCheck Price
Product ImageK&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Snuggle Cup BomberCheck Price

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The Best Heated Cat Beds reviewed

1. K&H Thermo Kitty Fashion Splash Cat Bed

K&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash Mocha Small 18 Inches Round

This bed is super popular with not only cats but their owners too. It follows doesn’t it, that if the cat is happy and uses the bed, the cat owner will be happy too.

It is available in two different sizes – Small, which is round and measures 18 inches and Large, which is an oval shape and measures 16 inches by 22 inches.

There are two colors, mocha and blue, both great colors.

The sleeping surface is orthopedic foam. The sides are a low bolster for support, comfort and security.

It is also not reliant on weight to heat the bed. None of the K&H beds are body weight activated. It has a four watt heating unit which heats the air to 10 to 15 F above ambient air temperature and then when the cat enters the temperature adjusts to the cat’s body temperature around 102F.

This may not feel warm or hot as you might expect to your touch. However it actually is warm. Because the the temperature adjusts to the body temperature of the cat it means that the cat will not overheat. It also means that electricity use is minimal. Turning on and off is done manually at the plug however the bed can be kept on for long periods of time.

There is more info about heated cat beds and their safety here.

This bed is easy to clean with a vacuum brush attachment.

This gorgeous heated cat bed is perfect for an elderly cat. The sides are low making it easy for an older cat to navigate and the semi structured sides still offer support.

In summary this bed ticks all the boxes. It is soft and cosy. It heats but does not get too hot. It is a good size and comes in two sizes. It is perfect for older cats with mobility issues. It is easy to remove the heating unit to wash.

K&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash Mocha Small 18 Inches Round

2. K&H Thermo-Kitty Cat Bed

This is a super popular snuggly bed for cold weather.
The 4 watt heating unit is buried within the thick and super soft orthopaedic foam base. It uses less electricity than the average night light. Note: Some beds may use 6 watts.

 Heated Pet Bed

How hot does it get?

The unit doesn’t just keep heating up to get hotter and hotter. It is not warming the surrounding air like a space heater. It warms the surface of the bed to be 10 to15 degrees above ambient air temperature when unoccupied. When the cat lies on the bed, it warms to approximately 102F, which is a cat’s normal body temperature. It is in no way reliant on the cat’s weight.

The bed is available in two different sizes. The small bed has a sleep surface (diameter) of 15 inches and the larger size has a sleep surface (diameter) of 19 inches. The cord is 5.5 feet.

With normal day to day use the removable cover is easily washed in cold water however if the foam ring gets soiled it can be hand washed with soapy water, rinsed, squeezed gently and then air dried.

3. K&H Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed

This cozy bed works in the same way as the Thermo Kitty heated cat bed described above. It has a 4 watt heating unit that heats the air approximately 15F above the ambient air temperature.

The removable hood is an added feature in this bed. It adds to the coziness factor. Plus we know how cats love to hop into small enclosed spaces.

When the cat gets into the bed it adjusts to kitty’s own body temperature of about 102F which is normal body temperature for cats.

The bed is not pressure sensitive, it does not rely on the weight of the cat. It will warm a little. This will tempt kitty into a nice warm environment and then as explained the bed adjusts to the cat’s body temperature. How clever is that?

There is no danger of the cat overheating or the bed overheating and the cat will still be drawn to the bed as a warm place to have a snooze.

This little bed is really cave like and we know how cats love that.

The hood gives that extra warmth factor too if the surrounding air is cool making it extra snuggly for the cat.

At 5.5 feet long the cord is a good length.

There are two different sizes suitable for all size cats. Small cats can stretch out and the large model takes a 20lb cat.

It is popular with owners of older cats for the warmth factor that having a cover brings. The plush, supported sides are perfect for an older cat who may tend to collapse against the sides.

Easy to take apart to wash and refresh when needed.

4. K&H Heated Kitty Sleephouse

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Sleephouse Heated Pet Bed Tan/Leopard 12

This sleep house is for indoor use only.

One great advantage of this heated cat bed is the design and the fact that the cat can just stroll inside. There are no sides to jump over, making it an ideal heated cat bed for senior cats.

The cat can also do a little rooftop reconnaissance as the bed has a flat roof which is suitable for some cat spying.

The thin heating pad is inserted into a sleeve which then covers the base of the house. The heating pad (17 x 16 x 14 inches) can be removed for cleaning. The pad is the only part of the bed/house that emits heat.

One very handy feature when it is not being used is that it folds down. This is a practical idea as storage of multiple cat beds can be an issue. Somehow cat beds seem to multiply.

It is great for any time of the day but particularly if your house is a little chilly at night.

Cats gravitate to this cute little house but some kitties may need coaxing. A little bit of catnip placed in the house is a good enticement.

This bed warms in the same manner as the other K&H heated cat beds reviewed on this page.

5. K&H Mod Dream Pod Pet Bed

K&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Mod Dream Pod Heated Pet Bed 22 Inches Green/Black

This shell shaped and aptly name pod bed is not only functional but looks really cute too.

One reader liked the color green and commented on how it almost gave the impression of having greenery inside the house. There are other colors.

One negative is that some people report an unpleasant chemical smell however others report no odor at all. It appears that the smell, which is a chemical smell dissipates over time. If you are overly sensitive to particular smells this may be something you would need to consider.

The unit heats in the same way as the other K&H products reviewed on this page.

The design is perfect for cats as it has that tempting jumping into a box feel that cats love. They really are safe and secure in these pods. There is only one way in and out and the cat has it covered. They have a good view of comings and goings.

It is intended for indoor use. The pod comes in two parts. The top is zipped to the bottom.

This product is safe to be plugged in 24/7. When the cat is not lying in the bed, the heat just dissipates into the air.

Most people leave the bed turned on so that it is warm for the cat to pop in at any time. It is your choice though because it needs to be manually turned on and off.

The exterior fabric is a 600 denier polyester and the interior is a plush Lycra fabric. The shell can be washed by hand when necessary. It cannot be machine washed. To wash by hand, use a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly, and air dry. Rinse thoroughly as detergent can get trapped in the nylon fabric.

6. K&H Thermo-Snuggle Cup Bomber Heated Cat Bed

K&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Snuggle Cup Bomber - Indoor Heated Cat Bed

This bed is recommended for small breed cats so if your cat is small and you are looking for a heated bed that he can snuggle right into this would be a good choice.

It is from the K&H range so it has been Met safety tested.

The heating unit is energy efficient at a low 4 watts.

This bed can be machine washed.

The size is 18 x 14 x 7 inches

The heating unit can be removed so the bed can be used when the weather is warmer also.

This bed would also suit a small breed dog.

Our Recommendation Is

1.K&H Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash Cat Bed

This bed is irresistible for kitty. The bed is slightly warmer than ambient air temperature. The warmth draws kitty to the bed and he will snuggle in as the bed adjusts to his body temperature.

He will not overheat. You know the bed is safe because it has been MET safety tested. It has a one year warranty.

It is super easy for the cat to get in and out of the bed which makes it a plus for senior cats who may have trouble navigating beds with higher sides.

K&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash Mocha Small 18 Inches Round
Today’s Best Price

More Heated Cat Beds

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If your cat is getting older and thinner and less mobile he will be especially appreciative of a little extra warmth.

There are other options to consider in the cat bed heating department. You may prefer or just need a heated cat pad.
If just a little extra warmth for a shorter period of time is called for, a pad that can be heated in the microwave is super easy to heat up and use.

There is more information about both of these heated cat pads below.

How Safe Are Heated Cat Beds?

All of your questions answered about general use and safety of heated cat beds.

Choosing A Heated Cat Pad

Cats can really stretch out on a heated cat pad. There are some terrific heated cat pads.

Will A Microwave Heated Cat Pad Stay Warm?

Some microwavable heated cat pads will keep warm for up to 12 hours.

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