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Conquer Stress And Take The Dog For A Walk – With a Difference

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​​​Being Pet Prepared For Lock-Down Or Self Isolation

​Update:​ This article was written before a good portion of the world​ has had to go into some ​variation of a lock-down or voluntary isolation. It has now been updated to reflect how ​to be prepared if you have a pet.​You may not need to self isolate, however for many of us, that is still an unknown, so being prepared is essential.

  • ​​Ensure that you have enough food and other supplies ​for an extended period of time, at least two weeks but preferably longer. It is possible that you may need to ask someone else to purchase these items.

  • I​f someone in your house becomes ill, have a family member or friend on standby to look after your pet if that becomes necessary. Have their contact details stored with the medication instructions. Here is a Free Checklist Download for storing all your pet’s information in one place. Fill it it and then it is always ready when needed.

  • ​If you are still able to visit a veterinarian make sure that all vaccinations are up to date and that information is easily accessible.  If your animal has to board, up to date vaccinations are essential.​

  • If your pet requires medication​, for example, insulin, make sure that you have ​adequate supplies ( ASPCA recommends 30 days ) and also details of the administering regime.  Safer to have too much information here rather than not enough.​

  • Is your pet micro-chipped?  ​Make sure your pet has a collar with an up to date ID tag.

  • Consider other information that would be helpful for a carer.  What time of day is your pet fed? How much food is appropriate? What commands does your pet respond to? Does your pet have any special needs due to age, for example, a raised food bowl for older animals.​

​ID tag with up to date information for your pet. This ID tag is soundless, no clanging in the middle of the night (worth its weight in gold).

helps with stress if your dog is lost and has an id tag

​Journal – Record key information about your pet. Also useful to record other helpful information in the event you need to leave your home to self isolate elsewhere.

journalling is a destresor

​Link to Centers For Disease Control and Prevention – More information about pets and Covid-19.

Pets ​Improve Mental and Physical Health

​Stress often tops the list of workplace grievances that affect ​people in a negative manner on a day to day basis. It may be the work itself that causes stress, it may be the working environment, perhaps it is the effect ​working long hours ​are having on family members or any other number of factors that impact ​our daily lives.

​It is no surprise ​that on the way home from work ​our thoughts often turn to ​our plans for when we​ actually arrive home to our safe haven. ​Some form of relaxation is usually at the top of the list.

​Owning a pet ​has positive health benefits as shown in numerous studies​ for owners.  Pet ownership can help to reduce blood pressure, improve ​general health and mental health.  It is no wonder that pet ownership is increasing.

​According to the US Census Bureau

Over the decade ending in 2017, sales of pet care services doubled, to a total of $5.8 billion, according to the latest Economic Census statistics.

​​​Conquer Stress And Take The Dog For A Walk

If you ​have a pet, and that’s about 60 million American households, caring for the pet and exercising the ​pet is a priority. As a dog owner that means taking Fido for a walk after work even on those days when you may not feel like heading out the door again. And…the dog knows, it’s walk time.

No Ordinary Dog Walk

dog ready to go for a walk

​Taking the dog for a walk after work is what ​millions of us do when we get home but how often do we just grab the​​ lead and other dog walking essentials and head out the door on automatic pilot?

Often it can seem more like a chore. Why not change the route?  When you are in a relaxed state of mind, make a list of nearby places that would be great to walk ​the dog.

Once you start thinking of places to visit the ideas do tick over easily. 

What about that that cool coffee shop you keep meaning to visit or the park that looks super inviting with shady trees or the lake with the walking path? Sometimes these places are so close to home and yet we still stick to the familiar route out of habit. ​If you have friends or family nearby, pop in to visit them even if it’s just to say hello and have a glass of water before returning home. Note your stress levels when you have taken the dog for a walk.  It really does make a difference.​Visit some new places ​you have identified. Instead of just going through the motions of walking the dog you will both enjoy a change in routine and come home de-stressed. You may just find a new favorite walking route.

Make The Day Of An Elderly Person

relieve stress by taking the dog for a walk

Hello there! What a beautiful dog you are!      

​Pets ​make excellent de stressors for e​lderly people.

This has recently and continues to be been shown in numerous retirement centers by including pet visits ​for the elderly.

Conquer stress and take the dog for a walk to visit an elderly neighbor or someone you know who may be lonely and would welcome a visit from you both.  Pets are great ice breakers. Often it is easier to have a chat if a pet is there to ​fuss over.

You will de stress by talking to someone who will really appreciate a visit from you and your pet.  The visit does not need to be long. This one may be as easy as popping next door to visit an elderly neighbor or may require a little forward planning.

Magic Massage Glove

massaging your pet is a destressor

Use the glove to give your cat or dog a gentle massage whilst removing excess hair at the same time.  It works brilliantly well!

​Your dog doesn’t know what treat is in store with a massage ​using one of these, frankly, magic massage gloves.

Have you used a massage glove on your dog or cat?  

I have recently  bought one of these gloves and they really are magic. I am quite addicted to using it. The dog absolutely adores the attention and as a grooming tool it efficiently removes excess hair easily which is a double bonus.  

They are easy to use, there is absolutely nothing to set up, just pop the glove on and you are away. Your pet will be in heaven and it is relaxing for you both. They are equally good for dogs and cats. ​

This is not to replace a dog walk but is a nice way to finish the walk and spend a little extra time cuddling your dog.

Baking Doggy ​Treats

bake healthy dog treats destress in the kitchen

​Are you someone who relaxes by heading to the kitchen?

I am more likely to head away from the kitchen but nevertheless I agree that making healthy treats for your dog or cat is an excellent idea and a ​worthwhile ​ activity.  Apart from the health perspective it will often be economical to bake your own healthy treats. 

Bake some dog or cat treats that are healthy for your pet.  

Your pet will love you to bits and may not even mind foregoing the walk to have a treat made by you or pop some treats into a suitable container and take them with you on the walk.  

​Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

​This would have to be one of my favorite quotes ​

 Be the person your dog thinks you are

​This sums up what your dog thinks of you and of course your dog loves and adores you and thinks you are the most special person in the world.

I think it is not a bad motto to live by.  

Spending time with your pet each day is a special time and just look at those adoring eyes.

Conquer Stress Take The Dog For a walk

de stress with a pet
Okay! Some dogs can be quite nice!

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