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Paper Litter After Declawing Is Good Practice


The Best Litter ​For Declawed Cats After Surgery

​After ​declawing, using traditional surgical methods, ​the recommendation by veterinarians is to use ​​​paper pelleted litter for at least a week after returning home.

The reason for using paper pelleted litter rather than a traditional litter, for example, clumping clay, ​is to lessen the chance of getting an infection.​ ​​Litter that is dusty ​can stick to paws and may result in infection​ so ​must be avoided in this instance.  Paper litter is dust free.

​Another reason to use paper litter is because litter box avoidance​ is a common problem in cats that have been declawed. If the cat associates the litter box with pain ​​it is quite likely that the cat will not use the litter box, therefore it is worth considering ​any expense in purchasing r​ paper pelleted litter as part of the cost allocated for having surgery. While the paws ​are still in the healing process it is important to change the litter daily to prevent contamination.

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How Long ​Should ​Paper Pelleted Litter Be Used After Declawing​​?

​Following surgery, the paws will be sore.
Your cat will take around 14 days to recover from the surgery. After this time you may want to use a different litter or return to a litter that you have used prior to surgery.

Once the paws have healed, if kitty is a little unsure about which litter to use, have both types available and he will make the choice.  

Ideally start using the recycled newspaper litter before surgery so that the cat has some time to get used to using a different litter.

Before surgery, not just declawing but any surgery, mix some of the new paper litter with the old usual litter until the old is gradually replaced with the paper litter.  ​This will give kitty a chance to adjust if you have the time available before surgery is scheduled.

​The Best Paper Pelleted Cat Litter

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​The Best Litter For Declawed Cats

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​Litter for Declawed Cats

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