What Is The Best Litter Box For Elderly Cats?

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The best litter box for elderly cats is an uncovered litter box with a low entry point. An uncovered box is preferable because the cat can see what is going on and not get any frights from other pets or people who may ne nearby. A low entry is essential to make it easy for the cat to enter and exit the box.

Be careful kitty!

Some Of The Best Litterboxes For Elderly Cats Are …

1. Kitty Go Here Senior Cat Litter Box Large Box Low Entry Height approx 3 inches to front opening
2. Modkat XL – Senior Cats Use The Front Entry High End Box Height approx 6.25 inches to front opening
3. Petco – So Phresh Litter Box For Dogs and Cats Height approx 3 1/8 inches to front opening
4. Kitty Go Here – Two Litter PansBuy Two At Once Height approx 3 inches to front opening
5. Wild Card: Marshall High Back Ferret Litter Box Height approx 2 inches to front opening

Are Litter Boxes Designed For Elderly Cats?

Some litter boxes are designed specifically for aging cats or suit aging cats even if not specifically designed for that purpose. The litter box having a low front entry is the non – negotiable for senior cats.

I have included a ferret litter pan which could be suitable for your elderly cat.

The ferret pan isn’t as large as a normal litter box so this would only be suitable for a very small senior cat.

1. Kitty Go Here Senior Cat Litter Box

Kitty Go Here Senior Cat Litter Box  Opening is 12

This is a litter box that is specifically designed for elderly cats.

There are two box sizes and the larger box size is definitely better for an elderly cat. The cat has more room to turn around without being in a confined space. The measurements of both litter box sizes are in the Specifications below.

Cats with arthritis or joint pain can find it very difficult to move around so the extra five inches, of the larger box, will give the cat more space to move his body around. Turning around in a litter box can be a slow process for older cats.

The sides are not high, 5 inches and the front opening is low, 3 inches to suit senior cats. Even if your cat exits the the box at the side it is still a reasonable height all the way around.

This is an outstanding litter box for a senior cat.


A very low front entry at 3 inches is ideal for cats with arthrtitis.


The sides of the box are 5 inches high. If your elderly cat is a digger and flinger but also has arthritis a box with higher sides would be advisable.

Specifications Of Kitty Go Here Senior Cat Litter Box

The measurements for the larger box are 24″x 20″x 5″and the height of the front opening for the cat to enter the box is 3 inches. A smaller size is available which measures 20 x 15 x 5 inches. This color is Beach Sand. Other colors available are Apple Green, Gray and Storybook Lavender. The box is made in the US. The litter box is made from Polypropylene.

Why we started using a feeding platform for our cat for our elderly cat.

2. Modkat XL Litter Box, Top or Front-Entry

Modkat XL Litter Box, Top or Front-Entry Configurable to suit elderly cat

The Modkat litter box has a reasonably low front opening at 6.5 inches which would suit most elderly cays. This box can be used as a front entry or a top entry and both at the same time. This could be useful if you have more than one cat. The senior cat uses the front entry whereas other cats may prefer the top entry.

The Modkat is significantly more expensive than the other litter boxes on this page. The reason is because of the sleek design and materials used to make the box but mostly because it has a liner which is reusable tarpaulin that can used continuously for approximately three months.

The liners are tough.

The liners hook up inside the box so there is no chance of the liners moving.

This hugely assists with keeping the litter box clean, thus saving time and the expense of buying liners.


This litter box will suit any décor and for spaces where the box will be on display is idea.


The upfront cost is more that the other litter boxes reviewed on this page. This is a long term investment.

Specifications Of Modkat XL Litter Box, Top or Front-Entry

The measurements are 17.32 x 21.26 x 16.54 inches. The reusable liner and litter scoop are included.

What is the best furniture for senior cats? Senior cats may want to jump and view things from a height but maybe they can’t jump so well any more. This article discusses furniture that suits senior cats and that senior cats will love.

3. Petco – So phresh Low Entry Litter box

  Litter Box,

This litter box is ideal for elderly cats even though it is a dog litter tray used as for indoor training.

The box is a decent size measuring 19.5 inches x 23.5 inches x 5 inches with the lowest entry point being 3 inches.

As the sides are only 5 inches high, don’t add too much litter, as diggers and flingers are going to fling some litter over the edge of the box. The sides will be high enough for some geriatric cats. It is the low front entry that is the big plus with this box.

One savvy user used a large cardboard box to add height to the sides. To replicate this idea, remove one side of the box. The box now has three closed sides and one open side. Slide the box under the litter box. Simple and effective idea.


This box is large enough to easily accommodate a 13lb cat and perhaps even larger cats.


The sides at 5 inches high, may result in some litter will be kicked over the edge.

Specifications Of So Phresh Low Entry Litter Box

This box measures 19.5 x 23.5 x 5 inches. The lowest entry point is just over 3 inches. A smaller size is also available, measuring 19.5 x 14.5 inches. The color is mid gray.

4. Kitty Go Here – Two Litter Pans

 Kitty Go Here Senior Cat Litter Box

The manufacturer of this litter box clearly states that the product is also recommended for senior cats that can’t cope with a traditional litter box.

The fact that they come in a set of two is very useful if you have more than one cat and want a litter box for each cat, or if you need one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

These are the same measurements as the Kitty Go Here litter box. If you need two boxes this option would be more economical.


Comes in a set of two boxes. This is useful for older cats with limited mobility.

Specifications Of Kitty Go Here – Two Litter Pans

These litter pans for senior cats are gray. They measure 20 inches wide x 24 inches long. The height of the sides is 5 inches and the height of the entrance opening is 3 inches.

5. Wild Card: Marshall High Back Ferret Litter Box

Marshall High Back Ferret Litter Pan

This is a wild card but it might just suit your needs.

Clearly this litter box is for ferrets however we have included it here because it does have a very low opening at approximately 2 inches, which is an inch lower than the other two models reviewed on this page.

Sketch out the measurements on a paper and it will give you a better idea of the size.

This would suit a small, elderly cat who has arthritis or stiff joints. It would also work well for a kitten.


A very low front entrance with high sides.


The box will be too small for most cats.

Specifications Of Marshall High Back Ferret Litter Box

The measurements of this litter box are 14 inches x 12 inches and the sides are 7 inches with a front opening of approximately two inches. There is no color choice. The box sent could be green or purple or blue.

Do you recognize the tell-tale signs of aging in your cat? Old age in our cats does tend to sneak up on us. One day our cat seems sprightly and then we notice that they don’t move as easily. This article highlights the signs to look for in aging cats.

More Litter Boxes For Senior Cats

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How To Choose The Best Litter Box For Elderly Cats

1. Entering And Exiting The Box

The cat needs to be able to enter the litter box easily. If the box is not easily accessible, he may not use the box and pee or poop elsewhere.

Cats don’t do this on purpose. If your elderly cat is pooping outside the box it probably indicates that something is wrong.

Arthritic limbs make it difficult to climb over anything too high. The opening to the box needs to be low so that kitty can get in and out without being in pain.

This may mean that litter will be tramped in and out however this is part and parcel of looking after an aging cat. Put a litter mat at the entrance to help minimize this problem.

Elderly Ginger Tabby Cat Lying Down Among Green Leaves
Elderly Ginger Tabby Cat Lying Down In The Garden

2. Size Of The Litter Box

The box needs to be large enough for your cat to turn easily, so larger is better.

Larger is actually better in relation to all litter boxes as mentioned in the study in this article.

3. Location Of The Litter Box

If possible leave the litter box in the same location because elderly cats will have some memory loss and perhaps dementia.

Make it easy for kitty by leaving the box in the same place.

Another aspect to location is having a litter box upstairs and downstairs if this applies to your situation.

4. Litter May Escape The Box

This does happen anyway, elderly kitty or not. If the box is shallow and the front opening is lower than usual, it is going to stand to reason that there may be litter escaping the litter box.

The normal precautions can be taken for this, such as using a litter mat underneath the litter box so that most of the litter is trapped on the mat.

Puppy trainer pads underneath the box are a good solution to make cleaning easier if kitty is peeing outside the box.

Well dear, we are nudging up to this. A litter box for elderly cats sounds like it could be on the agenda
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