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What Is The Best Cat Furniture For Senior Cats?


Cat furniture for senior cats can make a huge difference to the overall comfort of your cat. ​

​As your cat ages and enters the senior years, cat furniture for senior cats will make​ life a whole lot easier with less pain impacting old joints. This is particularly so if your cat has been diagnosed with arthritis. You will be comforted knowing that you are doing something really helpful for your cat. Everyone is happy!

​​Cats spend their whole lives jumping and landing with great aplomb.  It is when they become older and agility is decreased that we start to notice that the cat may have some joint problems. If you start to notice problems ​take your cat to your local​ veterinary clinic for assessment​.

Cat steps and low level cat trees are brilliant for senior cats. ​The lower height required to jump and land reliev​es the pressure from the weight of jumping ​and landing to and from the bed, the couch, the chair or even the windowsill. 

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What Cat Furniture Is Best For A Senior Cat?

​The best cat furniture for senior cats is a low level cat tree or a set of steps.

A Low Level Cat Tree For A Senior Cat

​A cat tree for a senior cat needs to be quite basic. It ​must be low enough ​for the cat to access easily.  Remember that the cat will also be jumping back to floor level so bear this in mind when thinking about height.

​Ideally there will be a perch for the cat to sit on with some height.  Cats like high places and even senior cats​ like ​height.

​A bonus with most cat trees is a scratching post.

​​The fabric ​of the tree covering ​should be soft but also durable and​ able to be spot cleaned.

​​Also consider the weight of the cat tree. If you are going to be moving it ​from place to place, weight is a consideration.

​​​Also check for any areas where there may be rough edges. This is also to be avoided.

​A Set Of ​Steps For A Senior Cat

​Cat steps for a senior cat need to be not too high for the cat to easily ascend and descend. 

​Ideally there​ will be a perch at the top so the cat steps can function in a similar way to a cat tree ​by providing somewhere to sit and watch the world going by.  

​​Cat steps have the added advantage of allowing access to higher inaccessible locations. A small cat tree can also be used as an accessibility option.

​​​Cat F​urniture For Senior Cats

  •  ​Three sleeping compartments, no assembly required - comes assembled​
  •  ​Top step can be omitted, leaving a wider perch for sitting.  Still bed height
  •  Offers extra options for playing. Not suitable for large cats.
  •  ​Very popular particularly for a child's bedroom.
  •  ​Durable and well constructed. More ​options than Frisco 24 inch condo

Cat Furniture For Senior Cats - Reviews


​Frisco 24 inch 2 Story Cat Condo

This cat condo is 24 inches high so perfect for a senior cat with mobility issues, not too much jumping required. The measurements are 24inH x 16.5inW x 16.5inL.

The unit is compact and takes up little floor space which makes it a very good choice if space is limited.

The two ​compartments are roomy and are big enough for large cats. The front is a plush fabric and the sides are woven sisal so the cat has a scratching area also.

Why is it good for senior cats?

There are three different napping opportunities, the two apartments and the perch on the top. The height has to be a plus factor and the wide openings into each apartment which are covered in a plush fabric so no hard edges to manoeuvre.

The unit can easily be relocated and it is also a good height to sit next to a chair and give the cat a brush as he sits on the top perch.

A big bonus for this unit is that no assembly or tools are needed as it comes fully assembled.

For placement a flat level surface is required and for best stability against a wall or corner.

97% of people would recommend this product. Some of the comments made refer to the unit’s sturdiness and that it is suitable for large cats.  More comments can be read here.

One excellent idea is to place a towel or small bed) well anchored) on the top perch. This can then be removed for ​laundering.

Many remarks ​concern the fact that the two cats or three use this unit at the same time.

best cat furniture for senior cats
5 of 5 Stars

​Versatility and price


​Frisco Pet Steps - Cream

These pet stairs are a brilliant idea as a piece of cat furniture for elderly cats.

They easily serve two functions. Firstly they provide the cat with an easy means of climbing just that little bit higher for easy access to favorite places and also double as a perch to sit on at the top.

​Importantly coming back to ground level will not entail any jumping and landing at all as the cat simply walks down the steps.  

The steps are also practical in that they provide a means for the cat to reach places that may have become inaccessible such as the bed. The steps can be placed next to the bed for easy access or any other place that the cat can no longer reach easily.

 By leaving off the very top step when assembling (as shown in the photos)the perch at the top is bigger so that cat can sit on the top step and survey the world.

The steps weigh just over 23 lbs so they can be moved from place to place relatively easily.  The steps are easy to assemble.

​The steps are 17 inches long by 7 inches wide. For the three step stairs, the top step would be 17 inches by 11 inches wide. ​

Steps for an elderly cat
​5 of 5 Stars

​Excellent value for money


Frisco 28 inch Cat Tree - Animal Print or Gray

This tree is also perfect for a senior kitty and offers slightly different options to the 24 inch tree. 

Although the description says it is best suited for small cats and kittens, the Q&A states that is suitable for all sizes but perhaps not if your senior cat is a large cat.

This tree does need to be assembled. It is easy to assemble even for one person. The tools required are a 5mm Allen wrench which is included with the product. 

The customer photos are adorable showing cats in the condo. The photos are on this page plus a link to the reviews both positive and critical.  

Depending on your color preference the options are an animal print or gray. It is quite surprising how the unit looks quite different in the plain or animal print covering.

                                                                                                            There are two vertical posts covered in sisal to provide scratching opportunities.  The horizontal post rolls around encouraging play and is also covered in sisal. There are two dangling toys which are designed to be released if they are placed under excess pressure.  This is a safety feature. The toys are not designed to be reattached if they are pulled free.

Why is it good for senior cats? The height make all areas easily accessible for senior cats.

There are no hard or rough edges.

It provides playing opportunities.  The rotating bar is at the bottom of the unit so a senior cat can still used this feature even without climbing onto the structure. 

​4.5 of 5 Stars

​Lo​st some points because of the size not being suitable for large cats.


​Ar​markat 30in Cat Tree - Sky Blue

The dimensions for this tree are 30 in x 25 x 25 in. This is a trusted brand known for quality.

The maximum holding weight is 20 lbs.  This size of the perch is 10 inches x 12 inches so better suited for a small to average sized senior cat rather than a large cat.

It is made from manufactured wood and non toxic material  covered with a soft​ fleece fabric, sky blue in color.

A great suggestion is to use this tree in a child’s bedroom. Ideal for the cat and let’s face it the kids love having the cat in their bedroom.

Easy to assemble as the ​comments on this page shows.  The Allen wrench for tightening the screws is included. The holes line up well​, a small point but super important when self assembling).

If some bolts are exposed and do not lie flush use furniture pads to cover to avoid damaging the floor. This is an occasional comment but worth noting.

Even if you want to use this perch as a step for a senior kitty to access a couch or bed  it would be perfect.

It has the scratching aid as well which is useful to prevent furniture scratching.

4 of 5 Stars

​Frisco 28in Cat tree - Cream

This cat tree is recommended for cats of all sizes. However it is mainly suitable for smaller or average sized cats because of the size of the apartment and the perches.

​​The inside room of the apartment is 13.5 (L) x 13.5 (W) x 10 (H) inches.

​Both perches are 11.25 x 11.25 inches.

​The scratching rope is made from sisal and the fabric is a faux fleece made from polyester

The​ color is cream as shown so it ​blends with any decor.

The assembly tools are provided.​

​The overall quality of the product has positive reviews regarding construction and durability.

4 of 5 Stars

​Are Cat Trees Easy To Assemble?

Cat trees are easy to assemble. Some cat trees, like this one require no assembly however most do require some simple assembly.  They are designed to be put together very easily and people report that they were able to complete the job easily. Any tools and screws etc are always included.  In the main ​the tool required is ​an Allen wrench for tightening the screws.

​Where Is The Best Place To Put A Cat Tree?

Often cats trees are tall and can be unstable so they are best placed against a wall or in a corner to minimize any risk of the tower becoming unstable. Wall anchors are provided with many cat climbing structures. As with any product it depends on how it is being used, the number of cats using the tower and so on.

However, the towers described on this page ​ are all low in height as they are specifically being reviewed for senior cats. In theory this should mean that these products are relatively stable and can be placed where the need is most obvious.  This may mean positioning the tree near the couch or bed or armchair. Experiment with different locations. 

These smaller cat trees are so reasonably priced that after having success with one type or brand you may decide to purchase another. The Frisco 24 in 2 story cat​ condo has many commenters remarking on the stability of the ​unit.

Our Recommendation is...

​Frisco 24inch Cat Condo


​​​The great features of this condo are that it is ​good height​ to suit senior cats and allows a slight jumping opportunity to get to the top perch. Even is that is too much jumping for arthritic or elderly cats, there are still two lower levels where the cat can be snug and still keep an eye on what is going on.  All cats like to do this, regardless of their age.  

It is easy enough to move the unit from place to place, although for senior kitty's memory it is wise not to keep making too many changes to furniture placement. 

It is the perfect unit to place next a couch or chair so the cat can sit on the top within arms reach of you or whoever is sitting in the chair for an extra petting opportunity.  

Overall rating :  5 / 5

​This ​rating is followed very closely by the Frisco Pet Steps.  It may be that the steps ​ suit your situation more than ​a cat condo or vice versa.  Both are excellent choices for senior cats.

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The best Furniture For Senior Cats!

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