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What Carpet Is Best For A Cat Scratching Post? The Pros and Cons

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As a pet owner of felines, you understand the significance of having a post for them to have a good scratch on. It gives them a designated spot to stretch and scratch. It helps keep their nails strong and healthy and sharp.

Many people tend to forget to consider the type of fabric used when picking a scratch post.

Choosing the right carpet for your cat’s scratching post can make all the difference about whether they use it. We recommend sisal and this is why.

The wrong type of carpeted post can be unappealing to your cat. They may ignore the post and scratch other items in your home.

a cat scratching a sofa

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of carpet that are best for a cat scratching post. You can make an informed decision and keep your cat happy and healthy.

What Carpet is Best for a Cat Scratching Post: A Comprehensive Guide

Here are some things to consider when selecting the best carpet for your cat scratching post:

Durability The carpet you choose should be durable enough to withstand their claws and a lot of serious scratching. Look for carpets with a tight weave and a high density of fibers.

Texture Cats have different preferences when it comes to texture. Some cats prefer a rougher texture, while others prefer a smoother texture. Although this could be difficult to determine, if you have knowledge from previous cat scratchers used, that would be helpful.

Thickness The thickness of the carpet can also affect your cat’s satisfaction with the scratching post and how well the carpet wears. Thicker carpets may provide a more satisfying scratching experience for your cat.

Color While color may not be as important to your cat (I know kitty, I’m making assumptions) it will be important to you. If possible, choose a color that will complement your home and interior décor.

Keep your cat’s safety and satisfaction in mind. By considering these factors first and foremost, you will make the best choice for your cat.

Types of Carpet For Cat Scratching Posts

From classic jute, sisal mats to cozy plush carpets – there are plenty of solutions out there for cat owners.

From sisal rope for durability, soft plush carpet for a luxurious feel or even jute twine if you want natural fiber – there are many options available when selecting carpeting for cat scratching posts.

Consider the pros and cons of each type of carpet and choose the one that best meets your needs

Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is a popular choice for many cat scratching posts because it is durable, affordable option and has a looped pile that cats love to scratch. It is also easy to clean and maintain.



Durable and resistant to wear and tear

Offers good traction for cats to scratch on

Low-looped texture provides a comfortable scratching surface


Can be difficult to clean

Cats may not be as attracted to the texture compared to other materials

Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpet has a twisted pile that gives it a shaggy appearance, boasting both strength and flexibility.

It has its spring-like fibers, that don’t necessarily create indents or footprints that are hard to remove like plush carpets!

It is a good choice for cat scratching posts because it is soft and comfortable for cats to scratch.


Durable and resistant to wear and tear

Soft texture provides comfort for cats

Good traction for cats to scratch on


Can be more expensive than other materials

Difficult to clean

Can unravel or become frayed over time with heavy use

Plush Carpet

Plush carpeting adds a luxurious touch to any room. It is created with tightly woven loops which must be carefully sheared for an even finish.

The fibers create a comfortable and inviting low pile look. Plush wool carpet has a dense, velvety pile that cats love to scratch. It is also soft and comfortable for cats to lie on.


Soft and comfortable for cats to scratch on

Attractive appearance


Not as durable as other materials

Tends to show wear and tear more easily

Cats may be more likely to pull out carpet fibers


Sisal is made from natural fibers and is a popular choice for a cat scratcher because it is durable, offers plenty of traction and has a rough texture that cats love to scratch.


Durable and resistant to the wear and tear of cat scratches

Provides excellent traction for cats to scratch on

Natural and safe material


Rough texture may not be as comfortable for cats to scratch on

Can be more expensive than other materials


Jute is also strong but softer than sisal, making it more comfortable while still providing enough support for cats to enjoy the activity.


Strong and durable material

Softer than sisal, providing a comfortable surface for cats

Natural and safe material


Can be more expensive than other materials

May not be as attractive in appearance as other materials

Not as commonly available

 Cat Scratching Post Sisal

This cat scratching post is covered in sisal. The hanging ball is made from a plush fabric. The base is covered in carpet.

Cat Scratching Post

This scratching post is covered in sisal. It has a sturdy base to prevent tipping and wobbling.

what is the best carpet for a cat scratching post

The posts in this cat scratching post are covered in sisal rope. Two scratching posts are useful if you have more than one cat. The basket and the platform are covered in faux fur. The back scratcher is a nice addition.

 Cat Scratching Post, Natural Sisal Rope

This very cute design has a sturdy base covered in plush carpet. The post is covered in sisal. The cactus top is also covered in plush carpet.

Gray Cat Scratching Post

This single pillar post is covered in jute. The dangling toy is replaceable.

Not Carpet But Sometimes Found On A Cat Scratching post

Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass looks like real grass and comes in different colors, however, it can be slippery for cats when they scratch or stretch on it.

In summary, Berber and Frieze carpets offer durability and good traction for cats to scratch on, while Plush carpets offer comfort but may not be as durable.

Sisal and Jute carpets are natural and safe materials that provide excellent traction, but the rough texture of sisal may not be as comfortable for cats to scratch on, and both materials can be more expensive.

Why Is Sisal A Good Choice For A Cat Scratcher?

Sisal is a good choice for a cat scratching post. These features make sisal the best long term choice.


Hard-wearing sisal is the ideal material for cat owners – its naturally strong fibers are able to withstand even the most determined of cats’ claws. Carpets can quickly become tattered and ragged with prolonged feline attention, this resilient fiber stands firm!


Sisal’s rugged texture triggers cats’ desire to scratch, providing them with an irresistible gratification. With its remarkable resistance and gratifying sensation, sisal is the perfect material for cats to get their claws into.

Natural Material

For pet owners who are looking for a safer way to make their cats happy, sisal offers the perfect solution. This natural material is free from harsh dyes and chemicals that could pose health risks.

Renewable Resource

Choosing sisal for a scratching post offers an eco-friendly alternative to conventional materials, as it comes from the leaves of sustainable agave plants. This renewable resource is perfect for green pet parents.

Overall, sisal is an excellent choice for a cat scratching post because it is durable, has a texture that cats enjoy, is natural and safe, and is renewable.


This Is What Happens To The Sisal As It Is Scratched By The Cat

As the cat scratches the scratching post covered with sisal, the sisal rope frays and pulls apart in small fibers. This is to be expected. Don’t think your cat is pulling the scratching post apart.

These fibers create a rough and textured surface that provides traction and resistance for the cat’s claws, which makes the scratching experience satisfying for the cat.

The process of scratching also helps to loosen and remove the outer layer of the cat’s claws. The claws which can become dull over time.

The rough sisal fibers allow the cat to achieve a satisfying scratch while also helping to sharpen their claws.

As the cat uses the sisal-covered scratching post, the fabric will gradually become more and more frayed. This in turn creates an even rougher texture for the cat’s claws to dig into, which is a good thing.

This process can continue for a long time, as sisal is a very durable material. It can withstand repeated scratching from a cat’s claws.

what is the difference between sisal rope and sisal fabric?

Sisal rope and sisal fabric are made from the same natural fibers. They do differ in their form and uses.

Sisal rope is mostly used for outdoor activities such as gardening, landscaping, and as a cat scratching post covering.

Sisal fabric, is made by weaving sisal fibers together. The fabric is sturdy and rough-textured. It is used for making, carpets, rugs, and other household items.

Sisal fabric is also frequently used as the scratching material for cat scratching posts.

Are Carpets Also Made From Sisal?

For an environmentally friendly and stylish flooring option that can stand up to heavy foot traffic areas such as hallways, sisal carpets are the ideal choice.

These natural fiber rugs and carpets offer a unique texture and range of color options from light beige to dark brown.

It’s important for homeowners with sisal carpets to take care when it comes cleaning them. Regular vacuuming combined with prompt spill clean up will not only help maintain their look but also increase durability.

But I Like Soft Carpet!

Carpet may look great to begin with and pet stores are filled with scratching posts covered in carpet.

Carpet does start to look quite tatty pretty quickly.

Also one major drawback is – how is the cat going to know the difference between his scratching post covered in carpet and the lovely wool carpet on your floors or stairs?

It could all become one scratching post.


After researching and analysing various types of carpets, it is clear that the best carpet and fiber for a cat scratching, post is sisal.

Sisal is a durable fiber that is natural and can stand up to the wear and tear of a cat’s claws. Cats enjoy scratching the rough texture. This helps to maintain their claws and prevent destructive scratching behavior elsewhere.

It can be tempting to go for the cheaper, more readily available options when it comes to a cat scratching post. However, these carpets may not provide long-term satisfaction or stand up against damage caused by claws!

Invest in sisal for a long lasting product.

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