leather couch and cats

I Have A New Leather Couch And Cats. Is This Going To Be A Problem?

Cats Love Couches But Do Couches Love Cats? Not All Couches

Recently we bought two leather couches.

The previous couches were upholstered in a durable fabric and they had worn extremely well and survived general family abuse, such as, food, drink, pets, teenagers, and the occasional small person. 

Because we have a cat who did spend a fair amount of time on the couch or on the back of the couch, I regularly used a rubber type brush to re​​​​​move cat hair, which worked really well for that purpose.

What I couldn’t stop was the scratching which resulted in the fabric looking “pulled or pilled” in various places.

Hide The Damage

As the fabric was tough, the pilling could be somewhat hidden by throw rugs and strategically placed cushions.

This scratching usually happened when we were not around, probably because he knew we were not partial to that type of behavior.

Even when we were around, the damage was done in the blink of an eye.

He had a scratching post but it seemed that the couches were a bit of a scratching magnet.

keep cat off leather couch

New Addition To The Couch Family

Finally, at our peril as it turned out, we replaced the couches with two leather couches. We weren’t prepared for the immediate assault on the leather couches.

It was literally -  dash straight up there and dig those claws in, resulting in holes in the brand new leather.

Our response was immediate but over the next few weeks it became a major problem.

The thing is the cat had had free reign with jumping onto the fabric couches so it was really our problem not hisbut we hadn’t anticipated this and we couldn’t sit and watch the new couches being attacked.

Even if we could keep him off the couches during the day he could do whatever he wanted to in the middle of the night.

Another annoyance which sounds minor but also became an issue was the throw rugs that had been used on the old couches now just kept slipping off the new leather, somewhat slippery, couches.

Sure they could be thrown onto the couch, in that casual Home Beautiful way, but as far as covering the couch they just didn’t work anymore.

We Made A Plan - Sort Of...

So we had to make a plan and it was rather haphazard at first with just trying to cover the couches with the throw rugs.

Just imagine how tedious that became night after night plus the whole couch had to be covered so it was really quite a rigmarole.

 My OH designed and made some throw over couch covers made from, wait for it, heavy duty black plastic.

I don't think anyone would ever say this would be a good design feature but we were desperate and for some reason we had a lot of heavy duty black plastic - don't ask me why - the shed is a place I rarely venture.

They were fully fitted to the couch and worked really well. (PS I can see a spinoff profession here) There must be a market for black heavy duty black plastic couch covers.

The black plastic covers still needed to be put onto the couch​ so still a bit of a hassle. Also they did tend to slip a bit so the next step was to attach some lead sinkers (the fishing type) to strategic points so that the cover could stay in place weighted down by the sinkers.

Now, it's starting to get really silly.

And, those black plastic covers as clever as they were, were really hard to fold up and put away and then where to put them became another problem.

They needed to be nearby, but black plastic is a bit of an eyesore, to put it mildly.

Plus wrestling with heavy black plastic when you are ready for some shuteye is no fun at all and just adds to overall crankiness. 

I Found Some Covers

Finally, after searching online and not knowing exactly what I was looking for I found some semi fitted covers, made from a velour type fabric that were pretty much the same color as the couches and could hip, hip hooray, stay on the couches.

I bought the covers and life was restored to pre leather couch days.

I still took them off when guests were expected but everyone else just got used to the covers and in fact I often forgot all about them being there at all.

I should mention that they are easy to wash.  Because they are largish, I put one at a time into the washing machine and they washed beautifully and dried quickly.

This option was a lifesaver. It’s the little things that can become such a chore and putting those covers on each night and taking them off in the morning, was driving us crazy.

leather couches and cats

I should add that the cat has multiple comfy places to hang out, in almost every room of the house, on the windowsill to gaze out at the world, on the bed with a comfy blanket to soak up the warm afternoon rays of the sun, on a sheepskin and so on.

Currently it is right in front of the gas heater on soft, squishy cushions topped with a velour blanket. More than once, I have thought I could trade places with the cat.

I'm Just Not That Into You Any More

Strangely, after all of this has happened he has decided, for the moment anyway, that he isn't that into leather couches and when he does jump up, it is softly and to sit on us, not the couch.

Maybe this is because he is getting older and in this past twelve months he has aged a lot.

It leaves me thinking - Did we solve this problem or did he? Nup, not even going there. 

I  highly recommend the couch protectors. They were a lifesaver and the ones I bought were similar in color to the couch.

These protectors would also be great for parents with toddlers or grandparents looking after grandchildren.

Couches are expensive and having the covers just means, it doesn’t matter if the cat is there or if something is spilled.

Life is too short to be worried about such things and a compromise was the solution.

cats and leather couches