Spotlight On Super Awesome Cat Purses And Bags And Totes

I love cats and bags so that must mean I’m a cat lady and a bag lady. Don’t tell anyone.

I have found the most adorable selection of cat purses and bags and totes. They all have one thing in common, a cat theme.

Cat Purses And Wallets

This is what I look for when I am buying a wallet. I’m a seasoned and fussy wallet buyer.

I used to always look for a separate section for coins when buying a wallet. My main consideration used to be the need to be able to access the coin section quickly, when needed.

Now that I basically don’t use coins or even money at all, that isn’t a deciding factor anymore BUT sometimes I do end up with a coin or two and some notes.

folded banknote with coins

Bearing this in mind, my current wallet does have a small zipper section, like the cat wallet shown below. It does come in useful for things other than coins, a quick place to put earrings when at the hairdresser, a place to put a ring should I have a need to remove one, even a couple of folded notes.

Women's Wallet, cat design
Cat Wallet showing coin section

I need enough spaces for credit or loyalty cards but not so many spaces that the purse becomes heavy and overloaded with cards?

I use an app on my mobile to store loyalty cards which works brilliantly well and saves having to carry around so may cards. I use and highly recommend Stocard. It’s an online wallet and it’s good for guys too.

The spaces for cards in a wallet need to be large enough so that I am not trying to wrestle them from a too tight space. This is seriously annoying when in a hurry.

The card spaces shown in the cat wallet below are from the same wallet shown above.

The design of a wallet is super important. A wallet is a purchase I expect to last some time, at least several years. These wallets featuring cats in the deign are all just too cute. Every time I scroll through this list, I choose a different cat wallet as my favorite.

This is a shoulder bag from Istanbul.
Did you know that Istanbul is known for its cats?

Looking for gift ideas for a cat lover? This is a curated list of cat gifts, practical and fun gifts and a combination of both.

Totes With A cat design

How many totes do you need? Personally I don’t think there is an upper limit.

I always have a lightweight nylon bag in my purse for unexpected shopping purchases.

As stores are moving towards not providing shopping bags, these small bags have been a lifesaver on many occasions.

They do hold a surprising amount of stuff whether that be groceries or odds and ends.

So go on, get a new cat tote. After all, you are doing your bit for the planet by not using a bag from the store.

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Here Are Some Other Times I Use totes

  • Totes to use for my laptop and assorted pens and notebooks to transport from one place to another.
  • The movies – I always, always take a tote with a wrap, it gets cold in the movies.
  • Traveling – This is serious tote stuff and the tote does have to have pockets and a zippered top for security and so that things won’t fall out when the tote may be tucked away with other luggage.
  • Studying – an essential tote with room for computer or tablet plus phone, notepads, pens and other essential stuff.
  • Storing Stuff – I have a tote or two or three used for yarn storage.
  • Spare Totes – Yes that’s right. There is always a need for spare totes and when you search through the pile you will know when you have the exact one, the one that is perfect for that need on that day – could be a business looking tote or a fun tote.
  • Going anywhere for the day – You have to have all bases covered, a wrap, drink bottle, makeup, snacks, a hat, sunscreen and so on.
  • Knitting – Im a knitter and from experience I can tell that you can never have enough totes for WIP’s (work in progress). It gladdens my heart to use my favorite tote bag for knitting projects.

    Cats as decoration on them, makes them even better.

    In my knitting tote you will sometimes find a yarn bowl which also makes a great gift for a cat loving knitter or crocheter.

Give a tote to someone you love and who loves cats.

Triple T Studios – Cat design Clothing and Accessories

There are divine cat inspired handbags and totes on this page.

This site is all about gorgeous cat products however their main mission is supporting global big cat conservation projects.

Here are some of the beautiful cat bags and totes from Triple T Studios.

Happy Cat Handbag

blue handbag with allover cat pattern

Black Cat Coin Purse

red coin purse with black cat

Black Cat Ear Card Holder

card holder featuring cat ears

Gracey Cat Zipper Pouch

cat design bag

Happy Cat Wallet

pink wallet cat design

Refined Cat Wallet

wallet - cat design

Leopard Foldaway Tote With Pouch

pink cat design folding shopping  tote

Paw Lace Market Tote

white leather cut out cat paw print trim

Cheetah Wild Cat Tote

tote images of wild cats

Cat Print Reusable Tote

tote- images of cats

Cheetah Tote

tote image of the head of a lion

A Great Grocery Cat Tote

Cat Tote Bag with Zipper

This cat tote has a longer set of handles to ensure that it easily and comfortably goes over the shoulders. When hands are full it is essential to be able to hoist the bag over your shoulder.

Another great feature of this cat bag is that it stands up by itself because it has a gusset at the bottom, which makes it easier to pack.

The zipper across the top of this cat tote is very good for added security and also stops items from falling out of the bag problem.

cat purses and bags

And… More Cat Purses and Bags

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Where is the credit card dear? I have seen the most divine bag. Are you awake dear?

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