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A Cat Yarn Bowl Is An Awesome Gift For A Knitter and Cat Lover

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What Do You Get A Knitter Who Is A Cat Lover?

A cat yarn bowl is the perfect solution. This is an easy question for me to answer, being both a cat owner and a knitter. It is also something that a non-knitter would probably not know existed.

The solution is – A Yarn Bowl! A what?

What Is A Yarn Bowl?

This is a yarn bowl. A cat yarn bowl is a yarn bowl with a cat being an added decorative feature.

Kitty Cat Yarn Bowl by Award-Winning Artist Judith Stiles. Handmade in USA (Cape Cod). Pottery Knitting & Crochet Bowl, Handmade Durable Pottery. Gift for Knitters, Cat Lovers and Animal Lovers.

As any cat owner knows, cats love yarn. They can’t resist playing with it, chewing on it, and tangling it around their bodies.

For knitters and crocheters, this can be a real problem, as precious yarn can quickly become a knotted mess.

A cat yarn bowl is the perfect solution to this problem. Created with cats in mind, these cleverly designed bowls keep yarn safely contained while allowing cats to play to their heart’s content. Plus, they make a great gift for any cat lover who also enjoys crafting. Practical and fun, a cat yarn bowl is the perfect way to keep your yarn safe from feline mischief.

The yarn feeds through a slot, therefore eliminating tangles plus the cat, (the real one) cannot create merry havoc by chasing the ball of yarn around the room.

The cat chasing the yarn is a problem and we knitters and crocheters have to go to all sorts of lengths to hide the yarn from the cat.

As a knitter I have several WIPs (Works In Progress) and I know some people, not naming names, who like to have a bowl for each project. It keeps everything together and nice and tidy.

It is also really handy to just pick up the bowl with whatever project you are working on and take it with you, wherever you may be going.

Tip – If using the yarn bowl on a slippery surface use a disc of non slip liner underneath the yarn bowl.

Ceramic Yarn Bowls

Ceramic or pottery yarn bowls are possibly going to be heavier than other yarn bowls.

This is actually okay, as it means that these bowls will have stability and won’t move about when the yarn is being used and drawn through the slot.

Kitty Cat Yarn Bowl by Award-Winning Artist Judith Stiles 

Kitty Cat Yarn Bowl by Award-Winning Artist Judith Stiles. Handmade in USA (Cape Cod). Pottery Knitting & Crochet Bowl, Handmade Durable Pottery. Gift for Knitters, Cat Lovers and Animal Lovers.

Kitty Cat Yarn Bowl by Award-Winning Artist Judith Stiles. Each piece is signed by the artist. Judith hand mixes oxides to create the vibrant glazes evident on her pieces of work.

This bowl has a flat bottom that spans 5 inches which gives it stability when pulling the yarn through the slot. Knitters are constantly pulling the yarn whilst knitting, so this is an important design factor. It won’t slide around and is not top heavy.

The design is inspired by Meg The Cat, who pulls yarn onto the floor.


As each piece is handmade the weight will vary. Made in Cape Cod by artisan Judith Stiles. Temperature and humidity will not crack ceramic bowl as may happen with bowls made from wood. This bowl has a flat bottom that spans 5 inches

Cat Yarn Bowl

Cat Yarn Bowl, Yarn Bowl for Crocheting and Knitting Made of Ceramic 566 Inches Tangle Free

This yarn bowl measures 5″ x 4.5″ which holds a good sized ball of yarn. The bowl is hand painted. It is a reasonably heavy weight so the bowl won’t jump about, as the yarn is pulled through the hole, while knitting.

It looks super cute sitting in full view and is a talking point. Even when not in active duty it looks good. It looks good amongst the plants on the plant shelf and some people have actually used it as a plant holder.

One perhaps drawback for me is that you need to remember to thread the yarn through the hole before beginning the knitting project. This is pretty obvious but it is easy to forget also.

It’s a happy way to start knitting for the day.


This yarn bowl measures 5″ x 4.5″. It is a high quality ceramic.

 I Love Cats and Yarn, Lennymud by Lorrie Veasey

Cat Yarn Bowl, I Love Cats and Yarn, Lennymud by Lorrie Veasey

This yarn bowl measures 6.5″ and 3.5″  This bowl is slightly different to the style shown above. Instead of having a hole to thread the yarn through, this bowl features a hook or slot. This means that the yarn can be removed without having to cut the yarn.

I prefer this style as I have the option of removing the yarn without having to cut the yarn. Both work well. It is matter of personal preference.

Kitty Ears Cat Ceramic Yarn Bowl

Kitty Ears Cat Ceramic Yarn Bowl, Crochet and Knitting Gifts - Lennymud by Lorrie Veasey

I love the simplicity and cleverness of the design.


This bowl is made from stoneware clay. It is kiln fired at 1900 degrees. The interior is black, the exterior is glossy white with the black cat artwork. It is made in NJ and is a Lennymud creation from Lorrie Veasey. It measures 6.25 W x 3.5 H .

Cat bags and purses! No words needed. How many totes do you really need? Do they need to be decorated with cats? Many totes and always cats! Silly question!

Black Cat Yarn Bowl

Black Cat Yarn Bowl, Pink glitter ears and Pink glitter cheeks. Measures 5 X 5

This is a handmade ceramic yarn bowl. it measures 5 x 5 inches. It is black cat, with pink glitter ears and pink glitter cheeks. A fun and practical piece.

What about some cat-themed drinking glasses? Cat themed means the glasses are decorated with cats. Check them out!

Modern ceramic handmade knitting Yarn bowl

Modern cermic handmade knitting Yarn bowl. Click for the details!

The cat yarn bowl is made from clay and acrylic paint. It measures 6×3 inches.

Here is a rear view of the yarn bowl.

Modern cermic handmade knitting Yarn bowl. Click for the details!


Notes from the artist: “I usually start a day from my working space and clay preparation. It takes approximately 3 -6 hours of working on the product, depending on the product itself. Then I gather all raw products to fill the furnace and fire a set of items. The whole process takes about one day. A temperature for firing has to be from 950 to 1200 degrees.”

This is a collection of gifts for cat lovers, and they are all in the medium-to-low price range. Great ideas for that special little something gift, like a thank you or a gift for a co-worker.

Wooden Cat Yarn Bowl

Wooden Yarn Bowl Knitting Bowl Large Crochet Yarn Holder YB03 Handmade Crocheting Accessories and Supplies Organizer 7 x 3"

It is important that the finish is smooth so that the wood does not snag the wool.

This design has great functionality because it has two holes at the front plus a spiral cut out at the back. This takes care of which design is preferred by the knitter


This knitting bowl for yarn is made from Mango Wood. It is 7 X 7 X 3 inches. It also has a wide base which will help to keep the bowl in place.

Note: As this yarn bowl is made from wood, it may or may not benefit from some sanding. When using yarn, it is essential that there are no rough edges that the yarn may catch on.

Gifts for Women Wooden Yarn Bowl Holder Bowls for Knitting Crochet Yarn Winder Knitting Accessories and Supplies Large Size 7

What about a black cat coffee or tea cup? I have rounded them up so that you can browse them easily.

More Yarn Bowls

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A cat yarn bowl keeps your yarn from getting tangled and makes it easy to grab the end of the yarn when you need it.

It is a great gift for any cat lover. It is both unique and stylish, and it shows that you care about your recipient’s hobbies.

The cat yarn bowl is also a great conversation starter. It is sure to be a hit at any knitting or crochet party, and it is sure to start some interesting conversations about cats.

The cat yarn bowl is also a great way to show off your own personal style. There are many different styles and designs to choose from, so you can find one that perfectly suits

I can guarantee that any knitter would love one of these cat yarn bowls.

Most knitters have more than one project happening at a time, even if they don’t admit that fact, so it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility to have more than one yarn bowl.

cats reading newspaper - funny
This has inspired me to get my knitting needles out. Fancy a Dr Who scarf dear?

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