The Most Awesome Gift For A Knitting Cat Lover Is A Cat Yarn Bowl

What Do You Get A Knitter Who Is A Cat Lover?

A cat yarn bowl is the perfect solution. This is an easy question for me, being both a cat owner and a knitter. It is also something that a non knitter would probably not know existed.

The solution is -  A Yarn Bowl! A what?

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What Is A Yarn Bowl?

This is a yarn bowl. A cat yarn bowl is a yarn bowl with a cat being an added decorative feature.

cat yarn bowl

The yarn feeds through a slot,  therefore eliminating tangles plus the cat (the real one) cannot create merry havoc by chasing the ball of wool around the room.

Some bowls feature two or three holes which can be used to thread yarn which is especially useful when doing color-work to stop the yarns from tangling. Sometimes knitters use the holes to store the knitting needles or crochet hooks that accompany the project.

As a knitter I have several WIPs (Works In Progress) and I know some people, not naming names, who like to have a bowl for each project because it keeps everything together and nice and tidy. It is also really handy to just pick up the bowl with whatever project you choose and take it wherever you may be going.

My cat has reached elderly status but when he was younger he would chase the ball of wool around when I was knitting and I would have to hide the wool.

I wish I had had one of these a long time ago. Hang on, maybe they weren’t invented then.

Not only can you get some super cool ones but it will be a most wanted and useful gift. There are lots of different types and styles and design and the most expensive isn’t necessarily the best.

Tip - If using the yarn bowl on a slippery surface use a disc of non slip liner underneath the yarn bowl.

Yarn Bowls - Compare 

Handcrafted Pottery Knitting Bowl by Julia Stiles

The smooth edges ensure the yarn feeds well in this bowl. The design is inspired by Mog The Cat.

The measurements of this bowl are 6″x6″x3″. Some of the wooden bowls further down the page have larger dimensions than this bowl.


Cat Yarn Bowl Kitty Cat Yarn Bowl by Award-Winning Artist Judith Stiles. Handmade From Durable Pottery. Gift for Knitters and Cat Lovers. Made in the USA.

Wooden Yarn Bowls

This selection of wooden bowls were chosen carefully to represent good quality.  
It is important that the finish is smooth so that the wood does not snag the wool.

Certainly rough edges can be sanded, however as a new purchase this is not desirable, particularly if giving as a gift.

All of these bowls are a similar size and hold a skein of wool comfortably.

Hagestad Yarn Bowl -7Hagestad Yarn Bowl -7

This bowl is crafted from Rosewood which is a beautiful rich color. It has enough weight so the bowl won't slide around but light enough to easily carry.

The slot in the bowl has been well crafted and is smooth which is essential so that the wool pulls through smoothly. It also comes with a travel pouch, so the whole knitting project is portable. The bowl could sit on the floor of the car when traveling as a passenger and knitting - yes we knitters do that.

This bowl is from Knit Picks. It is made from dark brown stained mango wood. It has three additional holes for yarn or knitting needles.

The surface is glossy and smooth to avoid any snags. Even when not in use it is handy to store knitting bits and bobs.

The measurements are 6” (15 cm) wide x 3.5” (9 cm) high, 5” (13 cm) diameter tapered opening.

Knit Picks Yarn Bowl (Black Mango Wood)Knit Picks Yarn Bowl (Black Mango Wood)

This box is 100% bamboo.  There are two different sizes, 6" x 6" x 6" and 7.75" x 7.75" x 7". A 100g skein will fit comfortably with the lid on and a larger skein with the lid off.

It is useful to be able to put the lid on the box when not is use.  The lid also sits conveniently under the base.

This box is stable and being made from bamboo it is a sustainable material which is a big plus.

Ceramic Yarn Bowls

Ceramic or pottery yarn bowls are possibly going to be heavier than other yarn bowls.

This is actually okay, as it means that these bowls will have stability and won't move about when the yarn is being used and drawn through the slot.  

This is a beautiful bowl and almost looks as though it has been excavated from some ancient ruins, but it is hand made in the USA.

It is available in different colors which actually give each bowl a unique look.

As each bowl is created by hand, there will be variations.

It measures 6"x 6" X 3.5"

This yarn bowl is a good size at 7X7X4 inches.

The furniture protection pads on the bottom are a unique feature.

Ceramic Yarn BowlCeramic Yarn Bowl

Rustic Handcrafted Ceramic Knitting Yarn Bowl Holder with Elegant Swirl Design, TurquoiseRustic Handcrafted Ceramic Knitting Yarn Bowl Holder with Elegant Swirl Design, Turquoise

This bowl has a distressed appearance and comes in three different colors, the color shown and also caramel and off white.

It measures 6.25" x 3.5"

I like the shape and the height to diameter ratio of this bowl.

It measures approximately 5" (inside diameter) by 4 inches high.

There are other colors available from Midnight Sun Pottery which is located in North Carolina.

Midnight Sun Pottery Yarn Bowl Blue Ridge BeigeMidnight Sun Pottery Yarn Bowl Blue Ridge Beige

Hummingbird Yarn Bowl in Azulscape GlazeHummingbird Yarn Bowl in Azulscape Glaze

This is just one of 20 bowls available. This is a popular design. The bowls are made in Colorado. 

Note: The sides are fairly low on this particular bowl. Always check the measurements to ensure suitability.

Portable, Unbreakable Yarn Bowl by Yarn Valet

This yarn bowl is different because it is made from plastic and has a detachable rubber ring that fits around the base to stop it from slipping when on smooth surfaces.

Being lightweight it is the ultimate in portable yarn bowls land can be transported anywhere.

It works best if the yarn is pulled from the center of the ball and actually all yarn bowls will work better this way.
It's not essential but pulling yarn from the center does mean that the ball of yarn is not jumping around as it unravels whilst knitting.  
Did you get all that? You will know what I mean, if you are a knitter.

By the way, these bowls are just as handy for crocheters as knitters.

I  can guarantee that any knitter would love one of these cat yarn bowls.

Most knitters have more than one project happening at a time, even if they don’t admit that fact, so it isn't beyond the realms of possibility to have more than one yarn bowl.

More Cat Yarn Bowls

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Cat yarn bowl
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