Black Cat Coffee Mug

Will The Perfect Black Cat Coffee Mug Make Me Really Happy?

Warning : This article is just about mugs with black cats, no marmalades or grays or tabbies, or tortoiseshells or blues. 

There's a couple of teaspoons that have crept into the mix but they are cute and still black cat themed. 

By the way, did you know that August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day?

​The creme de la creme of black cat coffee mugs

Black Cat Superstitions

Superstition surrounds black cats, for example, a black cat crossing in front of us can mean to some that some bad luck is going to follow but this isn't the same for all cultures.

Why do black cats have so many bad omens attributed to them?

It would appear that many of these superstitions have their roots in the Middle Ages, a time when superstition was common and people were driven by fear and lack of knowledge.

In different parts of the world, superstitions surrounding black cats vary however there are still vestiges of those superstitions that remain today.

For example, most people would have a reaction to a black cat passing in front of them whether it be positive or negative.  

It is not something that we attach much thought to apart from it being a superstition.

Some Black Cat Superstitions From Times Past

  • In Germany children were kept away from black cats as black cats were seen as omens of evil.

  • If a black cat happened to appear in the room of an unwell person, it was said to signal death.

  • To come across a black cat in the twilight was thought to be unlucky

  • Men and women reputed to be wizards and witches chose black cats as their companions and were even suspected of actually being shape shifters (the ability to change into human shape).

  • The folklore pertaining to black cats differs significantly from culture to culture as would be expected. In Scotland for example, if a black cat arrived at your house it was said to bring good fortune.
    The fairy known as Cat Sith in Scottish folklore, takes the form of a large black cat.
  • It is quite fascinating reading and interpreting the information with our modern views which are not harboured in deep suspicion and ancient rites. We can see how some of these traditions have evolved from times past and the way in which they are linked to modern traditions.
  • Fortunately for black cats, they are thought to bring good luck to those in Britain and Japan.
  • In the UK when a black cat crosses your path it is a good omen and people will often make a positive comment regarding their good luck.

    I think I will go for the good luck option.
  • A ship’s cat is often black and for good reason to bring good luck and for protection at sea.
Black cat coffee mug

This photograph is of Churchill and Blackie. Blackie was the mascot for HMS Prince Of Wales (1941).

By Horton (Capt), War Office official photographer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

There is something special about a black cat. There was a black cat in our family once, a gorgeous cat, creatively named, Blackie.

We also have a cat called Tom. I guess we are not known in our family for creative cat names.

Black Cat Coffee Cup