Favorite, Popular And Funny Cat Sayings With Photos

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The funny cat sayings in this article are sometimes written a long time ago by famous writers. There’s a mix of funny cat images with quotes from modern comedians, actors and writers also.

1. Lewis Carroll – Clever Cat Sayings

I love this quote (in the image below) from Lewis Carroll.

I agree with Lewis Carroll, it doesn’t matter what words you use when speaking to the cat, the cat will purr.

Maybe it is more to do with the tone of the voice used.

Saying “very naughty kitty”, in a cutsie voice will still have the cat purring.

funny cat saying by lewis carroll

2. Jules verne – Funny Cat saying

This is a warm fuzzy quote. It just makes you feel good and love your kitty even more.

cat quote from Jules Verne, picture of a cat on a cloud

3. Ben Johnson – Funny Cat saying

I don’t know if Ben Johnson can really take credit for being the first person to say this.

It’s a well known quote.

It translates into human behaviour by meaning – take care! Don’t poke your nose in where it is not wanted.

close up picture of a cat and a cat saying

4. Rod McKuen – Funny Cat sayings

Does everyone think that this is their cat?

Cats have that knack of disappearing when they want to.

Despite us looking everywhere, they tend to wander in at some point as though nothing had happened.

saying about a cat with a photo

5. James Herriot – Funny Cat Sayings

We all know this one, James Herriot has just used an eloquent description.

Cats do know how to find the comfiest spots but then again we help them with that too, don’t we?

I could never make the bed on those mornings the cat would be tucked up comfortably on the bed. I didn’t have the heart to move him.

cat asleep on a bed with a clever cat saying from James Herriot

6. Jeff Valdez – Funny Cat Sayings

Always a controversial subject, the cat and dog debate.

Think I’ll be Switzerland on this one.

Jeff Valdez does have a point!

a funny cat saying and an illustration
cat ID tag with a funny Saying

7. A.N. Whitehead – Funny Cat sayings

The behavior of cats and dogs is different. Maybe we all need at least one of each to appreciate the differences.

a funny and true cat saying
The dog does look happy but I’m not sure about the cat.

8. Kristin Cast – Funny Cat sayings

Cats have that independent streak. It always feels like this even though we know they love us too.

a clever cat quote from Kristin Cast

Giving your cat a name can be tricky. The name has to be just right. Here are some cat name ideas for cats that are black and white.

9. Eugen Weber – Funny cat sayings

This is clever and it has a ring of truth about it

a cat saying with a cat sitting on a book

10. Eckhart Tolle – Cat Saying

Love this quote from Eckhart Tolle. We often associate cats with another realm.

cat quote from Eckhart Tolle
This cat has found the perfect place!

11. Aldous Huxley – Cat Saying for Writers

Cats will love to be lounging around while you are writing. The keyboard seems to have magical pulling powers for cats..

cat quote from Aldous Huxley

Finding the perfect gift for a cat lover can be tricky. We have narrowed down the choices and found some ideas you may not have considered.

12. Lilian Jackson braun – Clever Cat saying

Cats have that uncanny ability to make every day about them. I think it is inbuilt.

cat quote from Lilian Jackson Braun

13. Jane Pauley – Cat Saying

Cats have mastered relaxing totally. I don’t know how many cat photos we have of our cat looking pretty much like the cat below – totally blissed out!

cat relaxing and a funny quote from Jane Pauley
Don’t we wish we could nod off to sleep like this, anytime anywhere and be totally relaxed!

14. John Grogan – Cat Saying

This picture says it all. The doggy is looking like a loyal and trusted, faithful friend. The cat is sort of too but the cat is on guard just in case.

picture of a cat and a dog together with a clever saying

15. Robert a heinlein – Cat Saying

How many times did we try to stop the cat from scratching the couch?

How many times did we try to keep the cat on the porch?

We are talking about a senior cat here and stubbornness was still there right to the end.

photos of a cat and quote from Robert A Heinlein
I will go where I want to and do what I want too. I’ll be back at dinner time.

16. Anonymous Cat Saying

100% true! Kids love cats.

Playing with a cat is a fun and loving way to pass the time.

a cat quote and picture of a boy petting a cat

Kids love cats, sometimes too much. I have had to rescue our cat from overfriendly kids. Stories about cats for kids are always appealing and often have a bit of a life lesson.

17. Jim Davis – Cat Saying

Some cats look more suited to this than others but as a cat owner, I would agree with this.

cat wearing a crown with an appropriate saying to match
You are an adorable Princess Kitty!

18. Robert Heinlein – Cat Saying

Robert Heinlein is a wise man. This saying should be on the news every night.

picture of a woman with two cats and a cat quote to match the picture

19. Ernest Hemmingway – Clever Cat Quote

It is hard to put the brakes on with cat ownership. The thing is do you want to be known as the “cat lady” or the “cat man”?

three cats and a quote from Ernest Hemmingway
Sure enough, soon there are multiple cats!

20. Stuart Mc millan – A Clever Cat Saying

This is all time kitten cuteness. We all want to hold and cuddle this little cutie pie kitty.

very cute kitten with an adorable kitten quote
My heart is melting already!
25 funny cat sayings - pinterest pin

21. Terry Pratchett – Clever Cat Saying

I think this is built into the DNA of cats in general. How do you think of a name for a cat. Here are some names for the gorgeous black cats.

clever cat quote from Terry Pratchett

22. George Carlin – Cat Saying

This is clever and it is true. Out pets do have to communicate. There are many different versions of meow.

George Carlin has a funny cat quote
We know kitty, often Meow means – Feed Me!

23. Pam Brown – Funny Bit True Cat Saying

I love this one because it is so true.

A quote from Pam Brown about cats
Where is kitty?

Cat themed purses and bags! I don’t think that’s going overboard! There are some very cute bags and totes with kitty themes. Just have a peek!

24. Elle Newmark – Cat Saying

They might look at you as though you have gone crazy but at the end of the day, they are happy to be purring by your side.

cat quote from Elle Newmark with a cat photo
We don’t judge. Do your own thing!

25. Eric Fellner – Cat sayings

Herding cats sounds like an impossible task.

I can imagine this is just what it would be like.

Trying to bring everything together and then something slips away and has to be redone.

I have never tried herding cats or making movies – too hard!

lots of cats and a funny cat quote
vector - two cats reading
I don’t think we are that funny? What do you think dear?

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