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30 Funny Cat Sayings With Pictures

Often I will read sayings or quotes about cats and think how particularly clever they are. Some people have the ability to perfectly put into words what the rest of us may be thinking.

The funny cat sayings or quotes in this post are sometimes written a long time ago by famous writers but not always. There is a mix of modern comedians, actors and writers also.

Giving your cat a name can be tricky. the name has to be just right. Here are some great names for black and white cats.

Finding the perfect gift for a cat lover is fun! Here is some inspiration and ideas you may not have considered.

Kids love cats, sometimes too much. I have had to rescue our cat from overfriendly kids. Stories about cats for kids are always appealing and often have a bit of a life lesson.

Cat themed purses and bags! I don’t think that’s going overboard! There are some very cute bags and totes with kitty themes. Just have a peek!

funny cat sayings
I don’t think we are that funny? What do you think dear?

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