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Cat Stories For Kids – Make loved and Treasured Memories

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Cat stories for kids are the focus in this article. Children love stories about animals and in particular cats and kittens.

Some of my children’s most popular stories were short stories that were learnt by heart because we read them so often. In fact, I knew them by heart too. The Wizard’s Cat is a cat story we all knew by heart.

A short story is also good to hold a short attention span.

The Wizard’s Cat storybook, is a rhyming verse which makes it easy for young children to remember. It is a simple, early reader where the moral of the story is, it’s always best to be ‘you’ and not wish you were someone else. It’s hard to beat that advice.

The Wizard's Cat -  Early Reader

This cat story for kids is a much loved favorite in our house with a lovely but simple message of self acceptance. This simple message gives the opportunity to reinforce the message of self acceptance.

A Short Story To read Right Now!

This is a nice story with a happy ending.

Cleo The Luckiest Kitten In The World!

a little girl hugging a kitten
Cleo The Lucky Kitten! The concept of love for animals

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Cleo. Cleo loved cats and kittens. Cleo wanted a kitten or cat as a pet, but her mom said no.

“Cats are independent creatures and don’t need people to take care of them,” Cleo’s mom would say. This made Cleo sad.

She really wanted a little kitty of her own.

She would dream of having her own kitten to take care of and play with.

One day, she was playing out the front of her house, when she saw heard a meow. It was a tiny, little, squeaky meow.

She listened very carefully. Where was it coming from?

She heard more meowing. She looked all around and then all of a sudden she realized the kitten was in a tree in her front yard.

Cleo couldn’t reach the kitten because it was up too high. The kitten was very sad, scared and alone. It looked so tiny. The little girl knew she had to help the kitten.

Cleo was worried about the kitten. How was it going to get down?

She decided to take a closer look at the kitten and moved closer to the tree. She tried saying “Here Kitty, Here Kitty”

All of a sudden, the kitten meowed and jumped down from the tree.

Cleo got a fright. She thought the kitten might be hurt. The kitten was not hurt and ran over to Cleo and rubbed against her leg, purring loudly. Cleo was so happy! She scooped up the kitten and hugged it tightly.

She called out to her mom but mom didn’t hear her. She wanted to make sure the kitten was okay and not hurt.

The little girl took the kitten inside and encouraged the kitty to have a drink and have something to eat.

Her mom wondered what was going on but she was also very happy that the kitten was safe and she was proud that her daughter was looking after the tired kitty.

Cleo really, really, really wanted to keep the kitten. Her mom said that the kitten might belong to someone else.

They tried to find the owner of the kitten but the kitten wasn’t wearing a collar and didn’t seem to belong to anyone. They posted a photo on Facebook, thinking the owner might see their lost kitten. Cleo was hoping that no one would say the kitten belonged to to them.

Finally, one day, the mom said that Cleo could keep the kitten. Cleo was so happy and excited.

She named the kitten, Bella and became best friends with her new kitty friend.

They bought Bella a pretty pink sparkly collar with her name on it. They also put the mom’s phone number on the collar, just in case Bella ever got lost again.

Are you a cat lover too, like the little girl in the story?

Bella was not just any ordinary cat, she had a special talent for singing. Cleo was amazed when she first heard Bella’s beautiful voice.

Whenever Cleo played the piano, Bella would come and sit by her side and start to purr in tune with the music.

The little girl soon discovered that Bella had a passion for music and loved to sing along with her.

Cleo and Bella had many adventures together, from climbing trees to playing hide-and-seek. They even had a tea party together, just like Cleo had imagined in her dreams.

Cleo loved Bella more than anything in the world. They were the best of friends and would always be together, no matter what.

The following books are all cat stories for kids. Detailed reviews are below the list. All of these cat books are exceptionally cheap and good value.

Cat Stories For Kids – Book Names

1. Kiko The Kitty Cat 6. Clicker The Cat
2. One Cat, Two Cat, New Cat! 7. Dr Seuss Beginner Book Collection
3. Lucky Lucy 8. Pete The Cat
4. Rattles The Barn Cat The Love Of Reading – From An Early Childhood Teacher
5. White Cat Black Cat

Cat Stories For Kids – Book Reviews

1. Kiko The Kitty Cat

Kiko the Kitty Cat: Short Stories for Kids

This book is about Kiko The Cat who is a detective cat. That sets the scene and sparks interest straight away as there is going to be problem solving.

Children love problem solving stories. They are great for stimulating discussion by asking the child you are reading to his/her ideas about possible outcomes.

This cat story for kids is suitable to be read aloud to young children although when I did this, I found myself substituting or explaining some of the words.

Sometimes the words seemed to be too adult, however substitution was easily done. I tend to do this quite a bit anyway, depending on the comprehension level of the willing listener.

The plots and stories woven around the plots are engaging and this maintains interest.

Below is the box set of Kiko The Cat and other stories by Uncle Amon.

KITTY CAT BOX SET: Fluffy the Kitten, Kiko the Kitty Cat, Ziggy the Kitty Cat, and Lucky Lucy

A box set of books is perfect for babysitters and grandparents. It’s always handy having a little surprise up your sleeve.

This boxed set of cat stories for kids is only available on Kindle not in Paperback.

Uncle Amon also has fantastic journals that are perfect for kids to do their own writing. Each page has 5 lines for writing the story and a large box for illustrations.

It’s nice to have a special book. I would have loved, loved, loved this as a kid.

This little bundle plus a journal would make a great gift for a child.

To continue with the theme I would encourage your child to come up with their own Kiko story. If they are old enough to write, let them go for it.

These little home-written books become precious and a part of the home library. I know, we have many.

Have you ever noticed that there are many cat saying and quotes? Some are super clever and others are cute. All seem to sum up different parts of a cat’s personality.

2. One Cat, Two Cat, New Cat! Cat Stories For kids

One Cat, Two Cat, New Cat!

This is a great cat story for kids about two cats happily living together when a third comes by and wants to be accepted.

Everyone wants to be accepted and this particular moral, although relating to cats in this instance, is also transferable to our own lives.

It’s a rhyming story which is good for young readers as they pick up on the cadence of the language and like these stories to be reread.

Eventually they can “read” the book to themselves or you.

The illustrations are great and the written description and the illustrations do go together particularly well. This would be a good discussion point with a child, for example, Which cat do you think is Ocho and why?

A great little popular cat story for kids.

A nice warm hot chocolate while reading. A cat mug for that cup of hot chocolate sounds like a good idea too.

3. Lucky Lucy Cat Story For Children

Lucky Lucy Cat Story

This is another Uncle Amon cat story for young children. He will be thinking I’m an author stalker.

His books are highly relatable to children. The moral of the story – Giving Is Its Own Reward – opens up many things for discussion.

For young children this is something that they need to see and hear about in action and it is by the example of others that they will follow.

Uncle Amon has done it again.

The mazes and puzzles are great and an added extra. Someone who bought the book on Kindle got past the obvious limitations of having a maze on Kindle by having the child trace their finger through the maze. Good idea!

Cats in costumes, okay in moderation and definitely not forced upon the cat. There are some fun costumes here.

4. Rattles The Barn Cat – Cat Story

Rattles, the Barn Cat Misfit

This is what I call a heartwarming cat story.

We all love the idea of a rescue cat even if it’s a child’s story.

Happy endings don’t always happen in real life but when reading a book just for pleasure and enjoyment to a child, a happy ending makes it a positive experience for all.

There are four books in this cat series for young children. The first book deals with the rescue of Rattles and his journey to his new home.

The illustrations are lovely with a homely feel that kids love and can identify with.

Book 2 – Rattles Doesn’t Like Santa Claus
Book 3 – Rattles Very Secret Escape
Book 4 – Rattles, What Happened To My House?

In the first book, Rattles is a misfit but finds his place in life. This is perfect series of cat stories to read to kids.

Kids get to know and highly relate to the main character in a series.

There’s a load of discussion there. I always feel with books that you don’t need to discuss the life out of every story or life lesson in a book. That almost becomes a chore.

However there may be an appropriate moment when you can refer back to the moral or lesson in the story.

It is good to just read for the sake of reading and the enjoyment it brings.

cat stories that kids love

5. White Cat Black Cat

WHITE CAT BLACK CAT Preschool: Ages 3-5

A beautifully illustrated picture book about cats with catchy rhymes, both guaranteed to catch the attention of young readers.

The book is suitable for pre-schoolers and early learners but actually will appeal to all ages and particularly cat lovers.

Like some of the other stories about cats, there is a moral or message behind this story that deals with the acceptance of who we are even though we may at first appear to be different.

It is being a friend that is important.

Now that you have chosen some cat books, how about a cat onesie for the perfect surprise. Nothing like setting up a cosy scene for reading cat stories.

6. Clicker The Cat – Cat Story

Clicker the Cat: Online Children's Book about Internet Safety

This is a clever little cat story for kids about Clicker the Cat, who apart from being very cute, has an important message about using digital media.

The message is to ensure children know a healthy balance between screen time and playtime. It is something we have to incorporate into children’s education and at home.

This is an important message and children are now a part of digital media from the moment they are born (baby selfies).

Children growing up now, do not see a difference between digital media and the offline world like older generations do and that’s because it is all they have ever known.

We need to be proactive and get through that vital message about balance between screen time and playtime. This is the first book in a planned series.

Great illustrations in this must read book with its clever and timely message.

7. Dr Seuss Beginner Book Collection

Dr. Seuss's Beginner Book Collection (Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, Fox in Socks)

Dr Seuss and The Cat in the Hat is pretty well its own institution and loved worldwide. Since I wrote this article, Dr Seuss has come under fire and some publications will cease.

It offers a vast array of different books and book series.

This series of five books beloved beginner books is the perfect set to start the reader on a path of reading enjoyment.

8. Pete The Cat – Delightful cat Stories For kids

Pete the Cat Take-Along Storybook

Pete the Cat books have become so incredibly popular and for good reason.

Pete the Cat stories are engaging, the illustrations wonderful and children and adults enjoy reading these books.

Kids love that this set of cat books has its own little case, complete with a handle and Velcro closing. Yep, my kind of thing. Who doesn’t love a little case to pack things away in? Kids love doing this.

This makes it easy to transport. Kids like having their own suitcase. This is a great deal for five books.

The five stories in this set are:
Pete the Cat: Construction Destruction
Pete the Cat: Cavecat Pete
Pete the Cat: Robo-Pete
Pete the Cat: Go Pete Go!
Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map

There is a huge selection of Pete The Cat books and associated products. Many things and great gifts for young children – Fun and Educational!

The love of Reading – From An early Childhood teacher

I was an early childhood teacher. Books for kids still excite me with the possibilities they hold for discussion or simply reading for the enjoyment of reading a good story.

A short story is fine.

There is nothing like the rapt attention of listeners as you read or retell a favorite story.

Encourage your children to make their own books for fun. Your child’s ideas may be based on their favorite series. This is a wonderful way to have kids engaged with learning from the beginning of life.

They are not only reading but writing also. Doesn’t have to be fancy and let go of perfection. This is a fun activity.

My four year old used to dictate stories for me to write. It was good fun. I could barely keep up with his ideas and some of those ideas were crazy.

I’ve still got those books. Crazy ideas and fun!

Your kids will be guaranteed to enjoy reading when it is a fun approach.

I love paper books for children however eBooks are amazingly convenient and an excellent option to be able to read to children anywhere, especially on the go.

I read eBooks and love the versatility of being able to whip out my Kindle when waiting for an appointment.

You will be setting up your little reading buddy on a lifelong path of reading enjoyment with these children’s books about cats.

vector - two cats reading
We do love reading and if it is about us, even better!

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