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Make Your Cat Photo Ready With Funny Cat Costumes!


Enjoy these funny cat costumes. Although some may look intricate, a closer look will show that they are ​ fastened with Velcro and are easy to ​put on and take off. This makes them a perfect photo opportunity. Some cats will tolerate costume wearing better than others.  If you are planning on taking a few photos having a few kitty treats at hand will help as a distraction.

​Waving a wand toy will also give you those few seconds to get the perfect shot while the cat is distracted by the wand.

​Funny Cat Costumes - Headgear

Cats wearing headgear makes sense because firstly, headgear is easy to put on and take off, secondly the cat is more likely to tolerate something that is not covering his whole body, thirdly, there are some fantastic choices and lastly, they are inexpensive and fall into the fun but I'm not willing to pay too much category.

​Frisco Lion Mane Costume

This mane is suitable for cats even though the photo shows a dog wearing the mane which is a bit silly as let’s face it, a mane is in the cat realm not the dog realm.

It is made from faux fur and has plush ears. The elastic drawstring with toggle helps to get the fit just right.

It does come in different sizes. Use the chart to check measurement to ensure a good fit. The small size is going to be the best fit for most cats.

​Frisco Witch Please Bandana

There is only one size so this would not be recommended for very small cats. If you do purchase and find it is too large simply roll the top over until it is smaller and then tie.

PS This is a scarf trick that doesn't apply just to scarves for pets. ​​

You know one size fits all, sometimes it is too big.

If your cat is on the larger side, perfect! Get a matching one for the dog.

​Frisco ​Sombrero Hat

This little hat is just too cool for words and transforms your pet into an uber cool cat about town. ​The boss cat with a cool relaxed vibe.

It has a chin strap which includes a toggle to make adjustment for stability and size.​  ​

People might or might not think about wearing it too. I'm sure the cat will share. Good to know that it is just not me loving these little hats.

​Frisco Witch ​Hat

If a witch hat is doing it for you we love the extra decoration on this hat to make it special.  It's not just a plain black hat.

It has an adjustable chin strap and the buckle, pom pom and sequin ​ detail makes this hat a stand out amongst witches hats.  Now there’s something I hadn’t thought of before.

The small to medium size will suit most cats.

​Cat Wearing Costumes - Very Cute

​I have watched this video so many times and it still makes me laugh every time.  The music ​chosen was a brilliant choice!

Funny Cat Costumes With Extra Razzle Dazzle

​This is a delightful little costume and looks super adorable on a cat.  

It is well made and the detail in the actual taco can be seen in the photo.

It is super soft material helping to make it easy to put on. This costume get top points all round.

A pizza costume for a cat

First we had a taco and now we have a pizza.  There is a definite food theme happening there.

This is a pull over the head costume and is lightweight.

There is a detailed size measuring chart to help get the right fit.

Halloween Boo Cat PJs

Kitty will be ready for bed in these PJ's. The fabric is stretchy. ​One person found the head ​to be too big for their cat, photos show another cat with the PJ's fitting perfectly.This ​indicates how the​ sizing chart is helpful when choosing the correct size. The Boo theme in black and orange is very cute.

Udderly Cow Cat Costume

​This is a good example of a costume that looks quite intricate but is actually easy to put on.  The soft fabric head is slipped over the head of ​the cat and the rest ​ fastens underneath with hook and loop fasteners.​The udders are removable. Please do measure however the small size generally fits cats and the fasteners are adjustable so there is a bit of give and take.

LED Bumble Bee Cat Costume

The cat looks so cozy in this costume, sure to keep a kitty head warm. The LED feature is activated by turning on the on/off switch on the battery pack.

There seems to be some inconsistencies with the Led light not lighting up or being the wrong color. Things to consider if this takes your fancy. Can you do without the LED?

Unicorn Cat Costume

Unicorns are still flavor of the month, year, decade and don’t look like disappearing anytime soon.  

In fact are they real?

This one is a snap to put on and has all the sparkle you would expect from a unicorn.
It has a neck and belly fastener.

red riding hood costume for a cat

This is a two piece outfit, a cute black and white dress with red detail and a red cape with ribbon ties. ​ Children would delight in seeing your cat in this costume at Trick or Treat.
As it has two parts, the dress and the cape it could potentially be more difficult to manage dressing your cat.  It really depends on your cat’s temperament.

Glow in the Dark Bones Cat Hoodie Costume

What is it about glow in the dark, especially if there is a skeleton or anything potentially scary?

This is actually like a mini hoodie although the hood does not not necessarily need to be pulled up, it can rest on the back of the animal and is very cute despite its scary overtones.

Mermaid Cat Costume

Just look at this mermaid. 

She has really gone all out with that hair. It is a definite standout and will surely get some attention.

The costume has fasteners at the neck and the belly.  Some pet owners found that the wig was a little difficult to keep on.

Have the camera ready!

​​More Funny Cat Costumes

There are a lot more costumes on the Chewy site.  This is a small section of costumes that are particularly well suited to cats but there are other choices.

Whatever you do decide to go with, remember that your cat may not be too happy about keeping the costume on all night or even for a few minutes.  To be on the safe side get a photo while you can so be ready for Camera, Lights and Action as soon as the costume is on.

​...and there's more costumes here too.

​Awesome Cat Halloween Costumes ​ Cats

​Have fun and have a laugh.  Of course I mean laugh along with kitty not at kitty.  We don’t want to hurt his feelings!

Funny Cat Costumes

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