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Make Your Cat Photo Ready With Funny Cat Costumes!

Although these funny cat costumes may look intricate, a closer look will show that they are fastened with Velcro and are easy to put on and take off.

Disclaimer: Depending on the mood of your cat, they may or may not be easy to put on and take off but at least Velcro gives you a fighting chance. This makes them a perfect photo opportunity. 

Some cats will tolerate costume wearing better than others. A couple of photo taking tips:

  1. Have a few kitty treats at hand to act as a distraction.
  2. Wave a wand toy to give you those few seconds to get the perfect shot while the cat is distracted by the wand
  3. Have your camera or phone ready to take the shot as the cat may scoot off in the seconds that it takes for you to get ready.

Funny Cat Costumes - Headgear

Cats wearing headgear makes sense because firstly, headgear is easy to put on and take off, secondly the cat is more likely to tolerate something that is not covering his whole body, thirdly, there are some fantastic choices and lastly, they are inexpensive and fall into the fun but I'm not willing to pay too much category.

Frisco Lion Mane Costume

This mane is suitable for cats even though the photo on the sales page shows a dog wearing the mane. OK dogs can wear manes too but let's face it, a mane is in the cat realm not the dog realm.

It is made from faux fur and has plush ears. The elastic drawstring with toggle helps to get the fit just right. Picture your cat's face where the oval shaped plain fabric is shown.

It does come in different sizes. Use the chart to check measurement to ensure a good fit. The small size is going to be the best fit for most cats.

Frisco Jack O Lantern Bandana

The good thing about a bandana is that it doesn't get in the way of the cat's collar.  It is also easy to tie and remove.

There are many more bandanas to look at here.

Frisco Sombrero Hat

This ruffle with the bells little hat is very cute and is sure to be a hit at Halloween.

It has elastic at the neck which makes it easy to put on over the head.  

Yoda Ears for Cats (or Dogs)

The headband has Yoda’s green ears with of white hair on a headband that includes elastic straps and a convenient fuzzy fastener closure so it’s simple to put on.

Once again an easy costume to be part of the fun but nothing over the top. Social media posts are going to be fun this year.  There are so many new costumes at Chewy.

Frisco Axe Headpiece

This does look spooky. I'm hoping it wouldn't freak the kids out.  It fits with elastic straps and a toggle for finer adjustments.  it comes in three different sizes.

Frisco Bread Headpiece

Wow, who thought of this I wonder?  It really is funny. It is made from a soft fabric and closes with a hook and loop fastener. Very easy to put on and take off.

Funny Cat Costumes With Extra Razzle Dazzle

Taco Cat Costume

This is a delightful little costume and looks super adorable on the cat.  

It is well made, the detail in the actual taco can be seen in the photo.

It is super soft material helping to make it easy to put on. 

Frisco Hotdog Cat Costume

This is a one piece costume with a strap around the neck and the belly.

Frisco Red Lobster Costume

This is a twp piece costume.  The head is separate to the body.  The body has hook  and loop fasteners on the neck and belly.

Frisco Cowboy Cat Costume

This is a two piece costume. The hat has a ear loops, chin strap and toggle to make it secure.  The cat needs to have the front legs put into the costume and there is also a fastener around the neck.  This is one of those costumes that are front walking style and really do look hilarious.  Be quick with the camera.

Frisco Unicorn Cat Costume

 The headpiece is separate and has a LED light which comes into its own once it is dark. The popular unicorn design and colors add a bit of fairy tale fun. The kids will love this costume. The colors and sparkle in the wings complete the unicorn look. The costume has neck and belly straps  for a good fit. 

Frisco Pumpkin Patch Dress

This is a cute little dress.  it slips over the head and has a cute little tulle skirt underneath. There are 6 different sizes so in addition to fitting a cat, a fairly large sized dog can also wear this costume.

Frisco BOO T Shirt

This slips on over the head and front legs.  It is soft and easy to wear with no parts that are going to go topsy turvy.

Frisco Vampire Cape

The sating cape fastens at the neck and has a band at the tummy to keep the cape in place.  The collar is a stand up collar and there is also a bow at the neck.

More Funny Cat Costumes

There are a lot more costumes on the Chewy site.  This is a small section of costumes that are particularly well suited to cats but there are many other choices. Although you may see predominately dogs in the images, the description will also include cats.  Have fun making a choice. It's really a bit of a stab in the dark unless you have a particular theme in mind.

Whatever you do decide to go with, remember that your cat may not be too happy about keeping the costume on all night or even for a few minutes.  

To be on the safe side get a photo while you can so be ready for Camera, Lights and Action as soon as the costume is on.

There are a lot more Cat Halloween costumes here.

Funny Cat Costumes

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