Make Your Cat Photo Ready With Funny Cat Costumes!

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Are you toying with the idea of getting a costume for the cat? No need to wait for Halloween.

You know the cat would look super cute in a costume! We have done a thorough search to save you time finding the cutest costumes for cats.

Although these funny cat costumes may look intricate, a closer look will show that they are usually fastened with Velcro and are easy to put on and take off.

cat wearing a red cape costume
I’m actually okay with this! For Now!

Depending on the mood of your cat, they may or may not be easy to put on and take off but at least Velcro gives you a fighting chance. This makes them a perfect photo opportunity. 

Some cats will tolerate costume wearing better than others. Some cats will tolerate no costume at all and other only for a very short time. Here is some information from Pet MD about pets wearing costumes. Remember short and sweet is the way to go.

A couple of photo taking tips:

  1. Have a few kitty treats at hand to act as a distraction.
  2. Wave a wand toy to give you those few seconds to get the perfect shot while the cat is distracted by the wand
  3. Have your camera or phone ready to take the shot as the cat may scoot off in the seconds that it takes for you to get ready.

Get a coffee, maybe in a black cat coffee mug and enjoy looking at these funny cat costumes.

If you think your cat won’t be impressed with the whole costume idea, a good solution would be to meet him halfway. C’mon kitty. Try something simple instead.

Mermaid Kitten Cat Collar Halloween Pet Holiday Accessories Dog Halloween Costume, Purple Blue Small

or something like this

Halloween Cat Collar Breakaway with Bowtie Bell - 2 Pack Kitten Collar Pumpkin Print Kitty Collar with Removable Bowtie Cat Bow tie Collar for Kitten Cat (Pumpkin)

The bow tie is secured with a hook and loop fastener, so it can be removed altogether if preferred. It is also a breakaway collar.

For those of you lucky enough to have an obedient kitty (ha ha), you will know if your cat will take kindly to being dressed in a funny cat costume, even if it is just for a short time.

Halloween Headgear For Cats

Witch/Wizard Headgear For Cats

Halloween Cat Costume Purple Witch Cloak Wizard Hat Cat Halloween Accessories Pet Costumes for Cats Kittens Cosplay

The purple and black in this two piece outfit create an immediate Halloween atmosphere. Your kitty would look pretty special in this outfit, even if it only last s seconds. Have the camera ready. This color combo would look great on any kitty.

The costume is made from satin and other fabric. The hat has an adjustable toggle under the chin. The hat is approximately 4.7 x 6.3 inches.

Cat Bunny Hat

Cuteboom Cat Rabbit Hat Kitty Bunny Costume Small Cat Easter Costume Small Pet Halloween Birthday Cap(Rabbit)

This cute little bunny hat is adjustable for different sizes. Note: This hat does cover the ears.  Monitor how your cat reacts to this. I think we can all agree that a little bit of fun or a short time is okay but not if it causes any distress.

Plush fabric. One size fits all, The head circumference is adjustable.

Unicorn Headgear

Costume for Cats, Horn Headdress Wig Pet Dress Up Party

This product is lightweight, a plus factor. Note: If your cat is a breed with a narrow face it may not ft well.

Halloween Bandana for cats and Dogs

KZHAREEN 2 Pack Halloween Dog Bandana Reversible Triangle Bibs Scarf Accessories

A bandana is a great choice for simplicity for you and the cat.  It is easy to put on and take off.

Lion’s Mane Headgear For Cats

A lion’s mane is obviously going to be flattering for kitty. They do come in different colors so even if you have a white cat there is a lion’s mane to suit your kitty. After all we need to have a color coordinated lion’s mane.

A mane is going to be easy on and easy off. Even the most placid kitty is not going to like too much shenanigans, so the quicker it can go on and off the better.

Don’t be surprised if kitty starts roaring.

Cat Lion Mane Costume

Idepet Dog Cat Lion Mane - Realistic Funny Lion Mane for Dogs - Complementary Lion Mane Hat for Dog Cat Costumes,Halloween Lion Mane Costume for Cat & Dog (Cat Lion Mane)

Available in small and large sizes. A pull over costume with a full bushy mane and plush ears. Lightweight fabric

Pet Krewe Lion Mane Costume

Pet Krewe Cat Lion Mane Halloween Costume – Fits Neck Size 8”-14 - Lion Costume for Small Cats and Kittens – Ideal for Halloween, Cat Birthday, Cat Cosplay, Cat Outfits, Pet Clothes

Perfect for cats. Designed to fit neck circumference of 8 to 14 inches. Hand wash with cold water and line dry

Lion Mane Wig Cat Costume

PenVinoo Lion Mane Wig for Dog and Cat Costume

Fits a neck circumference of 10 to 11 inches (26 to 30 cm).The fabric is faux fur and polyester. The color will be a little different at different times of the day, like a real lion’s mane.

Festive Season Costumes For Your Cat

Frisco Holiday Elf Dog & Cat Hat

cat elf hat


The hat has elastic ear and chin straps.

A jingly bell on top of the hat will tell you when kitty is nearby.

Adjustable toggle on the chin strap.


This hat may be more suited to a larger animal than a cat. The tall design coupled with ear straps may be too difficult to put on properly.


The measurements to determine which size you need are exactly the same as the Cat Santa hat which is above this hat on the page. Spot clean only.

Cat Santa Hat With Scarf

PETLESO Cat Santa Hat with Scarf -Christmas Costume Set Puppy Dog Cat Santa Hat, Red S


Can be used for other pets such as small dogs or rabbits.


Hat runs on the small side.


The fabric is soft fleece. The hat has an adjustable strap that goes under the chin. Hat Chin adjustable 13 1/2 to 15 1/2″, Scarf Length: 16 1/2″, Neck:11″. The package includes 1hat and 1scarf.


The good thing about a bandana is that it doesn’t get in the way of the cat’s collar.  It is also easy to tie and remove.

There are many bandanas to look at here. There are bandanas for all sorts of celebrations! Got a party coming up?

Funny Cat Costumes With Extra Razzle Dazzle

Frisco Nautical Cat Polo Shirt

cute and funny cat costume

This is a pullover design making it easy on and easy off.

Funny and clever cat quotes. Have a laugh and an ah ha moment or two when you read these quotes.

Bat Wings, Vampire Capes & More Creepy Stuff

From the cat’s point of view, it is probably a good thing that he doesn’t know a bat from a vampire otherwise he may have a few words to say about dressing up.

This is a collection of bat and vampire gear for kitty

Feeke Cat Halloween Costume – Black Cat Bat Wings

Feeke Cat Halloween Costume - Black Cat Bat Wings Cosplay - Pet Costumes Apparel for Cat Small Dogs Puppy for Cat Dress Up Accessories

One size fits most cats – Chest 14 to 17 in, neck 9 to 14 in. Fastens easily at the neck and chest and the Velcro design makes it adjustable. The wings are lightweight black felt so should make it through several Halloween celebrations.

Comments indicate that it is more suited to cats that are not heavy around the chest area.

Cranach Cat Bat Wings

Cat Bat Costume,Halloween Cat Bat Wings for Pets,Cat Halloween Collar Pet Apparel for Small Dogs and Cats,Comfort Material Pet Costume for Halloween (Cat Bat Costume)

The bat wings are made from black felt cloth. Fastens easily at the neck and chest. It is designed to fit neck size 12 – 14.5 inches and chest size 13 – 16.5 inches.

Frienda 3 Piece Set – Bat Wings, Vampire Cloak and Wizard Hat

Frienda 3 Pieces Pet Halloween Vampire Costume Pet Bat Wings Vampire Cloak Wizard Hat for Halloween Party, Pet Cosplay

The costume consists of 1 vampire cloak, 1 wizard hat and bat wings. The soft fabric is felt and cotton. The hat has an adjustable strap.

Got your costume yet? Can’t beat a Cat Onesie. Don’t tell anyone that you plan to wear it all winter!

More Of The Best Cat Halloween Costumes For Cats

Bootique Dinosaur Roar Pet Costume, XX-Small

cat wearing a dinosaur costume
Love it!

There are two wide straps to fasten the costume to the body. One fits under the neck and the other strap fits under the tummy or chest area. The closure is hook and loop so it will be easy to put on the cat and take off.

Bootique Fierce Feline Pet Costume – XX-Small

cat wearing a tiger costume

This costume is designed for cats and dogs. The size shown is the size suitable for cats. Don’t make the mistake of buying a large size as that would be better suited to a dog. The fastening is a hook and loop closure which means it can be put on super quickly and whipped off quickly also. The straps are wide as can be seen under the body in the photo.

Bolbove Pumpkin Costume For Cats

Bolbove Pet Pumpkin Costume for Cats & Small Dogs Party Halloween Cosplay Free Size Orange (Hat+Clothes)

The fabric is polyester fastened with adhesive hook and loop. There are spaces for the cat’s ears at the side of the hat. The hat is separate to the pumpkin cape.

The leaves around the neck area are part of the cape not the hat. The cat could wear one or the other if desired.

Lanyar Hooded Cloak Witch/Wizard Costume For Cats

Cute Hooded Cloak Witch/Wizard Halloween Holiday Costume for Small Dogs & Cat Kitten, Cat Costume

This is a super little costume transforming your cat into a witch or a wizard in seconds.  It is a plush material so not irritating for the cat.

The package includes one hat and one cloak. The hat has a drawstring so that the size can be altered to suit.  It comes in two different sizes.

Small/medium: Measurements: back length 13″, neck girth 11-14″, chest girth 18- 20″. Medium Size: Measurements: back length 16″, neck girth 16-20″, chest girth 24- 28″

It is recommended that this costume be hand washed. That should take all of about two minutes. However it is worth taking care of something you have paid for. It is surprising how often you find a need for a costume or can lend one to someone else.

Doctor and Nurse Cat Costume

Mikayoo Pet Dog Cat Halloween Costume Doctor Nurse Costume Dog Jeans Clothes Cat Funny Apperal Outfit Uniform(Doctor,M)

There is universal agreement that this is just the funniest costume. Some people had an issue with the size.  there are different size options and quite specific measurements given so make sure you do a quick measure first.

Mikayoo Pet Dog Cat Halloween Costume Doctor Nurse Costume Dog Jeans Clothes Cat Funny Apperal Outfit Uniform(Doctor,M)

If you have two cats, a doctor and a nurse would be a good option.  I was laughing while reading a review where someone had done just this.  They laughed for about two minutes before they could even take a photo.

Let’s face it we all need a good laugh at the moment.

Be quick to get a photo of kitty in a costume.  Have your phone ready. There’s more great kitty costumes here.

Prymal Comfort Trump Cat Costume

Trump Cat/Dog Costume for Halloween, Parties and Pictures

You need a sense of humour for this costume because it is just meant to be fun. It comes with the territory and you will have to allow your cat to be the boss when in costume.

To color coordinate it will looks its finest on a ginger cat or a cat with ginger markings.The hairpiece fits with elastic under the chin.

The collar and tie are secured with Velcro so this is an easy on and off costume. The fit is for an average size cat or small dog but approximately 10 or 11 lbs is a size guide for a comfortable fit.

It is getting near that time of the year! Gifts for cat lovers are always a hit with office co workers.

Big Spider Costume

MASCARE Halloween Pet Big Spider Costume Cat Funny Party Dress up Accessories

This costume is made from soft felt. It can be hand washed if necessary.

I don’t know how kitty feels about having a spider around his neck but he won’t know if you don’t tell him.

The whole costume just slides over the head in one go so easy on and easy off.

It fits a neck girth  girth from 9.5″ to 11.5″ I would be erring on the side of caution here and going for a fit that is one the loose side rather than the tight side.

It is soft and easily wearable.

Cat lovers who purchase these costumes do so for fun, knowing the cat will not tolerate the costume idea for too long.

Take a photo when your cat is wearing the costume so that you can enjoy the occasion even if it didn’t last too long.

Just A Few More Costumes

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

halloween costumes for cats
What about a doctor nurse combo? I do like the unicorn too. What a choice!

More Funny Cat Costumes

There are a lot more costumes on the Chewy site.  This is a small section of costumes that are particularly well suited to cats but there are many other choices. Although you may see predominately dogs in the images, the description will also include cats.  Have fun making a choice. It’s really a bit of a stab in the dark unless you have a particular theme in mind.

Whatever you do decide to go with, remember that your cat may not be too happy about keeping the costume on all night or even for a few minutes or seconds.  

To be on the safe side, be ready to get a photo while you can so speed and dexterity may be needed. Lights! Camera! Action! the minute the costume is on.

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