Cute Cat Onesie Pyjamas – You know You Want Some

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Cute cat onesie pyjamas are here to stay. There’s no going back to pre-onesie days.

Lounging around in cat onesie pj’s to keep warm and cosy is always a good idea. Have you ever thought how great they are for themed parties and an easy costume option? Plus they are so comfy. It’s not too often that party and comfy go hand in hand.

Cat onesie pyjamas are rather adorable. Imagine this – home from the party wearing your cat onesie and straight to bed. Not many pyjamas take you from being the life of the party one minute, to being tucked up in bed or on the couch, the next.

Get your MEOW on!

 cat onesie pajamas -pajama party
Kids Cat Onesies Pyjamas – The kids will love you!
Adult Cat Onesie Pyjamas – Everyone else will secretly wish they had thought of Cat Onesies!
Compare Cat Onesie Pyjamas – Choosing is tricky!

Kids Cat Onesies Pyjamas

Kids cat onesie pajamas are usually unisex, so there is no differentiation between male and female. Almost all cat onesie designs suit both girls and boys.

cat onesie pajamas on christmas morning
I can’t wait to get them on. Do they look cute?

The kids will love these cat onesies because they shout “fun.”

For parents, cat onesie pyjamas have a double bonus, they are fun for the kids and they are practical too. Because onesies are mostly generously sized they should last through a couple of growing spurts.

Parents – expect to gain a couple of brownie points for this decision.

Cat – Kids and Toddler’s Autumn/Winter Jumpsuit

This cat onesie for babies and toddlers is just adorable and definitely huggable. There are sizes for this onesie suit from 0-3 months right up to 24-30 months.

The onesie has an easy zip closure. The end of the zip is protected by fabric to avoid the end of the zipper rubbing on skin. In my opinion this is a super important feature of zipper closures on any onesie. Often the end of the zipper is near the neck so having a fabric closing protects the skin in that area from rubbing.

The zipper also means that it is easy to change a diaper. The cuffs are elastic, not tight but snug enough not to be loose. Not all sizes have feet. The hat is soft and super cosy and lined for extra warmth. The fabric is polyester and can be machine washed.

Wouldn’t your little cutie love a story about cats, while wearing a snuggly, wuggly cat onesie? These irresistible cat stories are for toddlers and young children.

Cat Onesie Kids/Teen Sleepwear

Cat Onesie Girls Pajama

This cat onesie sleepwear will suit ages 6-7, 8-9 and 10-11 years.

The onesie has a front button closure. The buttons on the onesie are large and the hood is lined. The fabric is fleece, super soft, warm and cosy.

This cat onesie has a loose fit and side pockets. The onesie is very well made and has been an instant hit for lucky recipients.

The hood on this particular onesie, is reported as actually staying on the head, as many fall off easily.

Cat Onesie Pajama Cosplay Halloween Costume

Flappy Suit One Piece Animal Pajama

This onesie is called a Flappy Suit because it has airbags inside that move parts of the costume with normal body movement (nothing the child has to do).

The ears and the tail moves when waring this onesie.

This movement is apparently (because I have not seen this costume) a real surprise for kids.

Just to get an idea of the movement aspect, there is a terrific super quick little video of a little boy moving the ears on his monkey costume. Scroll down down the page into the reviews and it is not far past the photos of kids in the costumes. It will bring a smile to your face.

Onesies like this make great costumes for kids. Onesies are not fussy to put on or wear. Onesies are comfy and it is easy to get into character.

Kids can wear their own clothes underneath the onesie, for example jeans and a long sleeve T shirt.

For kids who are not too sure about wearing a onesie, having their own clothes underneath is a bonus. The onesie can always come off if necessary. A big bonus in my book. The onesie is described as thick, soft and warm. Ready for the chilly weather.

Kids Onesies Unisex Cat Costume Halloween Cosplay Pajamas

 Kids Onesies Animal Pajamas

The onesie is made from polar fleece. This onesie has the following sizes – 4T, 5T 6 years, 8 years and 10 years.

Do check the sizes though, as sometimes sizes are temporarily unavailable. Like many of these costumes it is suitable for boys or girls.

Cat drinking glasses are not your everyday item but while you are in the cat theme mood, why not? There are some cat glasses here.

Black Cat Unisex onesie/Jumpsuit

 Black Cat Onesie Pajamas

This cat onesie is a very cute costume/pajamas that does live up to the way it has been presented online.

There are three sizes available for this cat onesie: M for 5-6 years old ,L for 6-7 years old ,XL for 8-9 year old.

The exact measurements for the onesie are given on the product page.

A zipper is discreetly placed across the lower back to make it easier when going to the bathroom. Bonus for kids!

There are different reports given on the quality of the fabric used from wrinkled to super soft and cozy.

Black Cat Onesie

 Black Cat Onesie

This balck cat onesie has a hood with attached ears. The tail of the onesie is stuffed and has a wire inside to position and shape the tail as desired. The fabric is soft velour.

Sizes of this onesie are medium to suit a 10-12 year old, Large, to suit a 14 year old and X-large to suit a 16 year old.

Catboy Classic Toddler PJ/Costume

Catboy Toddler PJ

The sizes available on this cat onesie are Small (2T), Medium (3T-4T), Large (4-6) and the tail and headpiece are detachable.

The fabric of the onesie is 100% polyester.

Boys can imagine they are a superhero when wearing this awesome cat onesie.

This onesie is a one piece costume, not a separate top and bottom. It does not glow in the dark. It does not have a zip or buttons. On the back it has a hook and fastener closure in several places.

Cat onesie pajamas - pinterest image

Adult Cat Onesie Pyjamas

Ugly Christmas Sweater parties or costume themes are becoming more popular each year.

The Meowy Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Jumpsuit would be perfect for this and if you are game, go as a couple. Add a cat themed glass and everyone will be really impressed or think you have gone bananas.

 Crazy Cat Person One Piece Outfit

Wearing a cat onesie is a fun way to get to get the night going with a few laughs for just being silly. You can always revert to “meow” if you have enough of talking. That could be quite useful.

How about a black cat coffee cup to complete the look with our onesie? I have rounded up some beauties here.

Male Zipper Funny Cat Romper

Cat Graphic Jumpsuit One Piece Outfit

This cat onesie is made from – Viscose 75% Polyamide 20% Spandex 5%. The combination of these fabrics means that the garment will have some stretch.

The onesie can be machine washed and hung to dry. It will dry quickly because of the synthetic fabric.

The onesie has two deep side pockets, deep enough to hold a mobile phone. keys etc.

The collar is a grandad collar. It has a hidden zippered closure.

If you change your mind about the cat theme, there are lots of other cool designs to choose from.

By the way, females have bought this suit and it looks terrific. When deciding on size, the reviews on the site give many examples of different body weight and body height combinations with some recommendations.

This is a fun outfit. I want one!

Be prepared! You definitely need some clever and funny cat sayings to go with your onesie.

Unisex Sherpa Cat Pajamas

 Sherpa Cat Pajamas

The great thing about a cat onesie is that they are warm and cuddly and also fun and cozy.

The fabric is ultra soft and is machine washable, however it is recommended to hand wash before wearing for the first time and to dry the onesie, flat.

There are side pockets for convenience and somewhere for your phone. It is a loose fit adding to the overall cosiness and has a zip closure.

Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Onesie

Dr Seuss, Cat in the Hat One Piece Hooded onesie pajama

The sizes available of this cat onesie are Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large.

As a guide to size selection, a size Small was suitable for a 5ft 3″person weighing 110 pounds.

There are other comments regarding size in the reviews of the Onesie.

The closure is a zipper at the front.

Just Love Adult Onesie Cat Pajamas

Onesie with Animal Prints Pajamas

This is a Cheetah Cat Onesie however on the same page, there is a choice of Pink Leopard and White Tiger.

Sizes are X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large and XX-Large.

The fabric is a soft synthetic. This outfit can be machine washed. This is a plus, as most of the other onesies are best off handwashed.

It has a zip, no buttons and it has pockets.

Some people buy the cat onesie as Halloween costumes but then end up wearing at home because of the comfort and warmth factor.

Sizes may run small so it is definitely better to be a bit baggy and roll up the sleeves rather than be too tight and uncomfortable.

Read the reviews about size to help you choose the best size for you.

Are you thinking of cat related gifts for friends, family or co workers? There are heaps of practical ideas, like these gorgeous bowls for storing and using yarn.

Compare Cat Onesie Pyjamas

I am very flattered that humans actually want to look like us.
Photo credit: Honza Soukup via / CC BY

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