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14 Different Types of Cat Litter: A Comprehensive Guide for Cat Owners

two cats different cat litter

Are you confused by all of the different kinds of cat litters?  The features of different kinds of cat litter …

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Where To Put The Cat Litter Box! Find The Perfect Spot!

cat litter box in bathroom

Where to put the cat litter box? The laundry or the bathroom is the best place to put the litterbox …

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Bentonite Cat Litter: The Ultimate Solution for Odor Control and Easy Cleanup

clumping clay litter contains bentonite

What is Bentonite Cat Litter? Bentonite cat litter is a type of litter made from bentonite clay and other materials. …

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Cat Litter That Doesn’t Go Everywhere! What Is It? I Want Some!

cat litter that doesn't go everywhere

Cat litter, the bane of any cat owner’s life. It’s essential but also a hassle to clean up. Traditional clay …

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Cat Eating Litter! Why? What Are The Causes and Solutions?

What is the reason behind cats consuming litter? When your cat eats litter, it can be concerning for cat owners. …

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Reasons To Explain Why The Cat Started Peeing Outside The Litter Box

cat sitting next to closed kitty litter box at home

If your cat is suddenly starting to pee outside of the litter box, there could be a number of reasons …

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How do you get a cat to use new litter? With No problems!

cat litter uses

Generally, cats are not creatures of change unless the change is on their terms and timeline.  Make changes gradually when …

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How Deep Should Cat litter Be? A Rule Of Thumb For Quick Calculations

how deep should cat litter be

Cat litter in its many forms is one of the many things to learn about when becoming a cat parent. I …

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21 Unexpected Uses For cat Litter Around The Home

We all know the purpose of using cat litter when you own a cat, but you might be surprised at …

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Biodegradable Cat Litter Bags – Better For The Environment

biodegradable bag for cat waste

I do throw the dog poop bag (yes, I have a visiting doggie) into the trash and think I have …

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Are Litter Box Liners A Good Idea?

are litter box liners a good idea

Cleaning your cat litter box can be a real hassle. It’s not the most pleasant task in the world. We …

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Best Sifting Litter Box Liners To Keep the litter box Clean and Fresh

best sifting cat litter liners

Litter box cleaning is a chore and not a pleasant one. Sifting litter box liners solve this problem and make …

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Good drawstring cat Litter Liners Save Time And Money

litter box liners

Are you tired of the mess and hassle of emptying cat litter? The drawstring cat litter bag is a simple …

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modkat litter box liner refill – Which Refill Is The Right One?

Modkat Litter Box Liners

These reusable litter liner bags are specifically made to fit Modkat Litter boxes. In total there are 5 different liners. …

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Cat Litter Scoop With Long Handles – No More Bending!

long handle litter scoop