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Good drawstring cat Litter Liners Save Time And Money

"This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links."
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Are you tired of the mess and hassle of emptying cat litter?

The drawstring cat litter bag is a simple solution to this problem. It’s easy to use, convenient, and less messy than traditional clean up methods. They’re also a great option for those who have trouble bending down or getting up from the floor. 

With a couple of quick pulls on the drawstring, all the dirty clumps are neatly contained in the bag for disposal without any fuss or mess. And with no dust flying around, there will be less clean up work for you to do! 

Drawstring litter bags are reviewed below.  The thickness of the bag is important.  The bag needs to be strong.  The thickness of each bag is listed in the table below.

This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

1. JONNY CAT Heavy Duty Litter Box Liners 2Mil thickness
2. Fresh Step Scented Drawstring Litter Liners 2Mil thickness
3. Fresh Kitty Drawstring Litter Liners 2 Mil thickness
4. KONE Drawstring Litterbox Liners 2 Mil thickness
5. Alfapet Cat Litter Liners 2Mil thickness

TIP: Before reading the reviews and the different sizes of the bags, check the measurements of the litter box you currently use (if you use them).
It can very quickly become confusing when trying to remember dimensions of boxes and bags and different brands of litter boxes.  Decide on the size or range of sizes that will suit and stick to that.

1. JONNY CAT Heavy Duty Litter Box Liners – Jumbo

JONNY CAT Heavy Duty Litter Box Liners, Jumbo, 5 Liners-Box

JONNY CAT Heavy Duty Jumbo Litter Box Liners are the strongest on the market. They’re made from heavy duty 2Mil thick, tear-resistant plastic and fit most litter boxes. The convenient drawstring makes tossing the litter out easier, just pull, close and toss. Available in a variety of sizes to fit all types of litter boxes. These liners are unscented.

Made in the USA.


This is a very strong bag even for cats with sharp claws. Tip: if your cat is tearing any litter bag, try adding a little more litter.


Fitting to the litter box.  It can be difficult to get the liner to lay flat.  Also need to press down on the liner when fitted to remove any air bubbles that may form when the bag is being fitted.


The liners measure 36 inches by 18 inches and are 2 Mil thick.
Note: If using a crystal litter, the litter can puncture the bag.  Put a couple of paper towels on top of the bag to help with this problem. They are available in a 7 and 14 count box.

2. Fresh Step scented Drawstring Litter Liners

Fresh Step Drawstring Cat Litter Box Liners, Scented, Jumbo Size, 36" x 19

Fresh Step Drawstring Cat Litter Box Liners are specifically designed to fit most rectangular litter pans. Made with 2 ML thickness, these high quality cat litter bags will keep kitty litter in your litter box liners and off your floors. 

These drawstring-style cat box liners are made with a drawstring making for super easy, convenient clean-up. Pull the drawstrings on both sides of the cat box liner and secure content by tying strings together. 

The different measurements of the bags are shown in this image.

Dimensions of Fresh Step Litter Liners


These liners will work in Litter Robot – an automatic litter box. The thickness of the bag stands up well to cat scratching.


The bag may tear if it needs to be stretched due to not fitting the box.


Each bag is plastic and 2 Mil thickness. These bags are available in 7,14,21 and 28 count and scented or unscented. All have a drawstring. 

3. fresh Kitty Drawstring Litter Liners

Fresh Kitty Super Thick, Durable, Easy Clean Up Jumbo Drawstring Scented Litter Pan Box Liners, Bags for Pet Cats, 15 ct

These scratch guard liners prevent kitty claws from ripping through; designed and scented to prevent yucky cat box odor

No more messes! No more scrubbing! When ready for changing, simply lift and tie the liner to dispose of properly. This is a big liner – see Specifications below. These bags are scented.


These liners have a grip strip which helps to keep the liners in place.


The bottom of the liner can be difficult to fit into the litter box. Many report their cat scratching through the bag.  In my experience this does depend on factors that are difficult to measure, such as how sharp the cat’s claws are and how much of a digger your cat is.


Pack includes 15 extra-thick plastic liners with ties –  2 Mil thickness. They fit litter pans up to 25’’ L x 21″ W x 22″ H. 

Related: Litterbox liners are a time saver and back saver. No more bending down trying to get all of the cat litter out of the box. Use a cat litter box liner. There’s more details here.

4. KONE Cat Litter Box Liners

KONE Cat Litter Box Liners,20 COUNT Drawstring Kitty Litter Pan Bags Giant Cat Litter Bags Extra Durable Pet Cat Supplies, 45 inch-18 inch

Made of extra thick material, which makes them less prone to puncturing or tearing.

The bag is made with a slicker non-stick coating. The slick surface makes it easier to use the litter scoop. When ready to change the litter, pull the drawstring. The drawstring handles are strong.


Each bag is separate in the box. There is no need to try and find perforations in order to tear a new bag from a roll.


Don’t be confused by sizes. The Giant liners are the ones described here.  The Jumbo liners are smaller. The bars are the same 2ml thickness but measure 36 inches x 18 inches.  The terminology of Jumbo and Giant is confusing.


The thickness of each liner is 2Mil. The liners are non perfumed . The measurements are 45 in X 18 in (115cm by 45.7cm). There are 20 liners per box.

Note: If you find that any litter bag does not live up to expectations regarding “tearing”, cut a paper bag to fit the size of the base of the box. Place the paper on top of the liners and pour the litter on to that.

5. Alfapet drawstring cat Litter Liners

Alfapet cat Litter Box Liners Extra Large-1 Box- Heavy Duty 2 mil Thick Plastic, Clever Drawstring Liner for Easy Disposal- Flat Bottom for Easy, Secure Placement in Kitty Pan-Disposable

The Alfapet cat litter box liner is made from extra heavy duty 2 ml thick plastic. The bags feature a flat bottom for a good fit, and a drawstring to make disposal an easy task rather than an unpleasant one. The XL litter pan liner (36” by 18”) fits most XLarge trays and are suitable for use with pans that are used by multiple kittens. 

When it’s time to change the cat pan liner, simply close it all up with the drawstring, tie it and then dispose.


Budget Price.

The rectangular shape fits the bottom of the litter box does help deal with the problem of the litter bag bunching up on the bottom.


Some cats will still tear through this thickness.

5. Specifications

One box contains 5 bags. The XL size measures 36 inch by 18 inch. The thickness of each liner is 2 Mil.

The best Drawstring Cat Litter Liners

We recommend JONNY CAT Drawstring Cat Litter Liners.

Benefits of Drawstring Cat Litter Liners

They are great option for those who have trouble bending down or getting up from the floor. I’ve found that they work well with any type of litter.

The benefits of these liners include: easy disposal, decreased odor, less mess when changing out the bag. The drawstring makes bag removal easy.

1: Litter Odor Control

Putting a liner into any litter box is a great way of controlling odor. A liner makes changing the litter faster and easier thus resulting in less time for odors to linger.

2: Low Maintenance

Convenience comes with the cost of buying replacement cat litter liners. There’s no denying the cost but I feel that the amount of time saved is worth it when you consider how much time you’ll spend cleaning an unlined litter box.

3: Convenience

Drawstring cat litter box liners are an excellent way to save time. Time saving, because when the litter is ready to be changed, the bag is lifted from the box. The litter is disposed of and the box is now very easy to clean before relining with a new liner.

4: Sanitation

Drawstring litter liners make clean up easier. People with poor mobility can use drawstring liners without having to worry about struggling with cat litter trays full of heavy litter.

Sifting litter box liners are also a good idea. They work in a different way to drawstring liners. How sifting litter box liners work is explained here.

vector - two cats reading
Drawstring! Sifting! I’m glad we are not the ones making the decisions dear!

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