The Best Self Cleaning Litter Box

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The way to work out the best self cleaning litter box for your situation, is to look at the features and decide what is important for you. We have described in detail, how the self cleaning mechanisms works and design features that add value to the self cleaning litter box.

We also discuss any extra things, for example, filters, trays etc, that you may need to purchase, in order to use the self cleaning litter box.

We also give the pros and cons for each self cleaning litter box and the basic litter box specifications, like size, weight and materials used to make the product.

What about WIFI enabled self cleaning litter boxes? We have discussed them also and the special features they have.

Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

1. Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box 
2. PetSafe ScoopFree Original Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box
3. ScoopFree Covered Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box
4. Omega Paw –  Easy Fill Roll ‘n Clean Cat Litter Box
Benefits of a Self Cleaning Litter Box
What Do We Recommend?
Thinking About A Wi-Fi Enabled Cat litter Box?

Key Takeaways

The first three litter boxes are all similar in price and are automatic self cleaning litter boxes.

The fourth self cleaning litter box, the Omega Paw is also a self cleaning litter box but it requires some intervention from you. The name of this litterbox, includes the words Roll n Clean and that is where you come in. You need to roll this litter box to assist with the cleaning.

I have included this short video that explains how this action works. It is a very simple action.

1. Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box 

How Does The Smart Scoop Work?

Fifteen minutes after the cat leaves the litter box, a smart sensor, triggers the scooping activation.

The clumps of litter are picked up by the rake and deposited into the waste box, that is already lined with a litter liner.

The rake that glides through the litter, picks up only dirty litter. The rake is metal, built to last and for strength.

Then, simply remove the bag and dispose of the waste and replace with a fresh bag.

The design of the rake, including an angled deflector, and the height of the rake ensures that litter stays inside the litter box and not on the floor.

The operation of the Pet Zone Smart Scoop is quieter than some automatic cat litterbox models. It won’t scare the cat or wake household occupants.

One of the positive features of this litter box, is that it uses clumping litter, so you can continue to purchase the clumping litter that your cat already uses.

You may need to review the litter you use, as a light weight clumping litter is suggested.

One cat owner uses Arm & Hammer, Absorbx with success.

If the litter is too heavy it will put excessive strain on the motor. Don’t overfill the unit with litter. There is a line marked in the box, showing the ideal litter level.

There are no cartridges to to replace. All that is required is litter, waste bags (which can be seen in the image) and carbon zeolite filters.

No litter box is perfect and you will still have to remove small clumps, every few days that are too small for the rake.

If the tines on the rake were closer together this would put more strain on the motor.

Other litter boxes will be like this also. Follow the instructions to have the best success.

It is recommended that the whole box be thoroughly cleaned once a month.


One months free supply of the no touch cat litter bags are included with the purchase. Note: Some cat owners successfully use plastic grocery bags as the litter bags. These are becoming quite scarce now so may not be an option for much longer.

Works well to contain odors. It is easy to dispose of the waste.


There is no cover.

This box may be too small for a largish cat. Measure your cat and check the box measurements.

Specifications Of Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box 

This self cleaning litter box measures 26.5 x 16.88 x 7.63 inches. The internal measurements of the box are approximately 14 x 15 inches. 

There is no cover with this litter box.

2. PetSafe ScoopFree original Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box

Self-Cleaning Cat Litterbox

ScoopFree is the original self cleaning litter box. This self cleaning litter box system uses disposable litter trays, so there is no need for you to come into contact with litter at all.

The trays are removed from the bottom of the machine, covered with the supplied lid and disposed of. If preferred reusable litter trays can be used also.

The tray is then replaced with a new tray.

This self cleaning litter box can be left alone for weeks at a time, before it needs to be changed. This is very useful when away on vacation. Even if you are just going away overnight, you know you won’t come home to a stinky house.

If a neighbor or friend is coming to feed the cat, they won’t have to worry at all about the kitty litter tray, which is a huge plus.

The box needs to be plugged in, so must be situated near a power supply. The cord is 10 foot.

How Does It Work?

Twenty minutes after your cat uses the litter box, the entire box is cleaned and the waste is raked into a separate covered compartment.

If your cat should re-enter the box it is detected by safety sensors and the twenty minute timer resets to start at the beginning again.

The litter used in this self cleaning litter box, is crystal litter, which is highly effective at absorbing urine and has very effective odor control.

As a bonus, crystal litter is low tracking and dust is almost non existent.

This system is for cats over 6 months old. As it is a good idea to get your little kitty used to the box, it can be used unplugged and just scooped like a regular litter box until kitty is over 6 months.

This litter box is not recommended for very old cats, that may have trouble getting in and out of the box.

The litter box needs to be placed in an area that is not susceptible to high moisture, for example a bathroom, a laundry or basement. This is because the crystals will attempt to soak up the moisture from the air and will mean the tray will need to be replaced more often.

Avoid bathrooms or areas of high humidity.

Replace the tray when the crystal litter is saturated or when the waste trap is full. This will vary depending on how many cats are using the litter tray.

One disposable litter tray is included. Plastic reusable litter trays can be purchased.


The biggest pro is just not having to deal with litter.

This system uses less litter than clay and clumping litters.


Don’t place the box where it is humid, such as the laundry or basement. Crystal litter doesn’t like humidity.

This box is suitable for cats up to 15 lbs.

Specifications Of PetSafe ScoopFree original Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box

You have two color options, the box with the purple guard or the box with the gray guard.

The box measures 27.56 x 19.1 x 6.25 inches. It weighs 18.64 pounds.

The box needs to be near a power supply. A separate privacy hood is available. It is purple.

A disposable litter tray and a bag of crystal litter is included. Disposable Litter trays are available separately.

3. ScoopFree Covered Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box

 Front-Entry Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

This is the big brother of the Original ScoopFree box described above. It has more features and therefore costs a little more.

This litter box has a readout which shows how many times your cat has used the box. While this may sound a bit unusual, it is a really good idea.

Keeping count of the number of times your cat, has used the litter box is useful to know.

It may signify that the cat has a urinary tract infection if they are using the litter box excessively.

It may also help to identify a problem that you are unaware existed. This is particularly useful if your cat is getting older.

You can also choose whether you want the waste to be raked at 5, 10 or 20 minutes after the cat has used the box. Be aware also that the rake will need cleaning at some point. If your cat re-enters the box soon after it has been used, the rake will not clean because the sensors will be obstructed. The timer will reset itself.

This litter box also has a privacy lid which can be removed.

These models that use power, won’t work as an automatic function, if the power supply is interrupted.

Not intended for use by kittens or very old cats that may have trouble entering and leaving the box.


No more handling litter, storing litter and tipping dusty litter into a litter box when using the ScoopFree automatic self cleaning litter box.


If the power supply is interrupted the automatic self cleaning features will not work

Specifications Of ScoopFree Covered Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box

Included with the ScoopFree automatic self cleaning litter box, is a litter box UL-rated 120V 60Hz adaptor with a10 foot power cord, a litter tray filled with premium blue crystals, and a privacy hood.

Note: The first litter tray is disposable and carboard (with crystal litter) comes with the box.

Disposable litter trays are available separately. Plastic reusable trays can be purchased.

Power is required to use the ScoopFree automatic self cleaning litter box in its automatic capacity. The litter box is made from plastic and silicone.

4. Omega Paw –  Easy Fill Roll ‘n Clean Cat Litter Box

 Self Cleaning Roll 'n Clean Litter Box

This is the newest of the Omega Paw Self cleaning litterboxes.

You may be wondering what is different about this one, as it looks the same as the previous model. This model has an improved method of refilling the box with litter.

The hood, swivels down, transferring the litter into a chute. Then the litter is poured into the box. Great idea!

Clumping litter must be used for this box to work properly.

This is a self cleaning litter box but it is not totally automatic. You need to do some work, however the clever design makes the job easy.

The price point is certainly a consideration as this product is considerable cheaper than the more automated versions.

I have included this very short video, as it is easy to quickly see, how the box works.

Didn’t watch the video? Here is a short explanation of how the box works. Read the explanation below:

Notice how the box has a slightly curved bottom? The way this box operates, is via a tipping motion to the side.
The filter or grate, separates the clean litter, which filters through the grate and stays in the litter box.
This leaves behind the clumps of soiled litter.
The waste box is then removed, by gently pulling it out and disposing of the waste.

There are a couple things to note…

Firstly, make sure the hinges securing the top to the bottom are closed, before tipping otherwise it won’t be pretty.

If your cat doesn’t like lids, the lid can be removed and just replaced for cleaning.

Don’t be too vigorous when tipping. It is not a compost tumbler. The video above shows the desired tipping motion.

The plastic around the removable tray, the part that is pulled out to remove the waste, can become worn.

Don’t use excess force when removing and replacing the tray. This will prolong the life of the Omega Paw.


The price of the Omega Paw. This is a good option. It is not completely automatic but certainly much easier than scooping, cleaning and refilling a standard litter box.

No liners, filters, or electricity needed.

One cat owner suggested that Boxiecat litter works well with this box because it clumps well.


No cons, other that it is not totally automatic and still requires work from you.

Specifications Of The Omega Paw

There are two sizes to choose from – Regular and Large. The regular self cleaning litter box measures 16.5L x 18.5W x 17H inches. The large measures 18.5L x 21.5W x 20H inches.

When it is time to clean the litter box, use warm soapy water and let the box air dry. Clumping litter is used with this box.

What Are The benefits of a self cleaning litter box?

  • A litter box that self cleans, is a huge time saver for anyone, families, working couples and the elderly or if you are recovering from an illness or operation.
  • Not having to clean the litter box gets a big tick.
  • No more bad smells is also a good reason to get a self cleaning litter box.

    There will always be some odor, however a self cleaning litter box just means that the clean up is dealt with straightaway.

    This lessens the chance of any odors lingering for too long.
  • We all have those days where life gets in the way and knowing that the litter box is clean is a relief.

    Great if you are coming home from work and are having guests. One less thing to do and the house won’t be smelling like a litter box.

    Cats are clean animals and they need a clean litter box. A dirty litter box can lead to litter box avoidance.
  • There is also the hygiene aspect to consider. Just being that step removed from the actual cleaning, is more hygienic for us, the humans, and yes we have some rights too.
  • Pregnant women should avoid handling litter.
  • Great if you have small children or grandchildren. Although obviously small children need to be supervised, a self cleaning litter box will at least afford some protection from the nasties that lie within.

Shake any trapped litter back into the litter box when using a litter trapper litter mat.

Will kitty use the new box?

The brand new self cleaning litter box arrives. It is set it up and in theory that will be that. Kitty will be enamoured of his new litter box and trot off to do his business.

But alas, what if he won’t use the new litter box!

This should not come as a complete surprise, as cats can be resistant to change – stating the obvious.

Sometimes we have to be a little bit devious (for the greater good) to get our way.

  1. Keep the old litter tray nearby, so that the cat can still use the box BUT don’t keep it as fresh as a daisy, like it normally is. Cats are clean animals and they want a nice clean litter tray.
  2. Eventually as the old litter tray starts to get a bit on the nose, kitty will decide, that the new box is looking and smelling mighty attractive (good decision kitty).
  3. Then you can stealthily remove the old litter box but not too soon.
    This may take some perseverance on your part but be strong – you can do it.

What Do We recommend To Start With?

If you have decided on investing in a self cleaning litter box but have some reservations because of the cost or the reliability of the box, begin with an Omega Paw.

The price point is low. It is not totally automatic but it is self cleaning. It is easy to rock the box from one side to the other. There is the convenience of self cleaning without the cost of initial set up.

If more automation is what you are looking for we like the Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box.

One thing that is highly desirable about this box is that it requires no ongoing purchases of cartridges, litter trays or crystal litter.

It does require the purchase of a light clumping litter and waste bags. Preferably also use the filters for optimum results.

If an ordinary litter box is going to be your first choice, you do not need to buy expensive litter. Why not make it an affordable litter? This article describes the types of cheapest litters that still do the job well.

WI FI enabled Cat Litter Boxes

A Wi-Fi enabled litter box is connected to your phone via an app.

You can monitor things such as

  • litter level
  • your cat’s health
  • get notifications and more, depending on the brand of litter box
  • One unit can support up to four cats, which certainly offsets some of the cost, not to mention the space freed up from not having multiple litter boxes.
  • The Litter Robot is unquestionably a leader in this field and they certainly have devotees who are prepared to pay the price.

    I get it, the boxes are brilliant, they are also good to look at and would not look out of place anywhere.

    A cat that has a Litter Robot is a lucky cat.

    1.The Litter Robot – Wi Fi Enabled

    a wifi enabled litter box
    The Litter Robot – It looks brilliant in White!

    2. ScoopFree Smart WIFI Enabled Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

    The ScoopFree boxes are also Wi-Fi enabled but at less than half the cost of a Litter Robot.

    The app tells you when it is time to change the tray or order replacement trays. I like the sound of that. One less thing to remember.

    I don’t know about you but my apps are outta control Time to do some app culling.

    ScoopFree Wi-Fi enabled!
    I’m all for clean, clean, clean! I’ll meet you at The Robot at 10am!
    best self cleaning litter box - pinterest image

    More Self leaning Litter Boxes

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