What Is The Best Litter Scoop For Scooping Cat Waste?

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The best cat litter scoop is durable, simple to wash, and designed to reach into the corners of the litter box. Look for a scoop with a wide shovel for efficient lifting of clumps without scattering litter.

Although the function of a litter scoop always remains the same, which is to remove clumps of soiled litter, from the cat litter tray, there are differences in design. We will now look at some of the design differences.

Cat Litter Scoops With Short Handles

Short handle length scoops are what we commonly think of when we think of cat litter scoops.

This is a cat litter scoop with a short handle.

, Aluminum Scooper, Deep Shovel,

Cat Litter Scoops With Long Handles

A long handled cat litter scoop is useful for people who have mobility problems. A litter scoop with a long handle can be used whilst seated – a chair or wheelchair.

 Metal Cat Litter Scoop with Deep Shovel & Long Handle, No Bending

Scooping the cat litter box is not a chore that we really want to ask other people to do for us. A long handled scoop can be a lifesaver for scooping litter when mobility is compromised. A long handled cat litter scoop, allows independence, without needing to ask for help from others.

Respiratory Issues – A Long Handled Scoop Is Better For You

A litter scoop with a long handle, allows you to stand further away from the litter box, than using a scoop with a shorter handle.

This means breathing in less litter dust, which is good news for everyone but particularly those with respiratory issues.

How To choose The best Litter Scoop

Scooping cat litter is a daily job.

A cat litter scoop may seem like a small purchase in the overall scheme of cat litter supplies however, it can actually make a huge difference to the efficiency of scooping the litter box thus getting the job done faster.

1.Price Of A cat Litter Scoop

How much do you want to spend on a cat litter scoop?

Cat litter scoops are inexpensive items but you may have to pay a few dollars more to get the features you want. For example, a cat litter scoop made from plated aluminium with a Teflon coating, will be more expensive than a plastic cat litter scoop.

Sometimes a cheap plastic cat litter scoop may be exactly what you are looking for, even if it a temporary measure.

2.What Is A Cat Litter Scoop Made From?

Cat litter scoops are made from plastic, wire and aluminium. There’s nothing wrong with plastic as long as it is sturdy and not going to bend.

One litter scoop that has been around for many years has an anti microbial coating.

3.Length of the Cat Litter Scoop Handle

A long handled cat litter scoop will be a big plus for those with back problems.

Even without a back problem, just getting older, means it is more difficult to crouch down to scoop litter from litter boxes.

This is a good option for those who want it.

4.Cat Litter Scoop Holder or Caddy

I love the idea of having somewhere to actually put the litter scoop when I have finished using it.

It’s just one less thing to think about because it will always be in the same place. Some cat litter scoops do come with a caddy or the option of buying a caddy.

The litter scoop caddy below shows the measurements, so that you can see if the litter scoop you have would fit into the caddy.

 Cat Litter Scoop Holder, Scooper

A cat litter mat in front of the litter box is a must to help stop the spread of litter. This article examines the pros and cons of different cat litter mats.

5.Shape of the Cat Litter Scoop

The shape of the cat litter scoop is important.

The litter scoop needs to be able to get into the corners of the litter box easily, so a rounded edge scoop may make that job more difficult.

A deep and wide shovel on the litter scoop will allow for more urine clumps to be scooped.

6.Sturdiness of the Cat Litter Scoop

A cat litter scoop is a product you will be using daily, so it must be sturdy and not flimsy.

It needs to be the best litter scoop.

There’s nothing more annoying than wasting money on inferior products that need replacing.

Even though a cat litter scoop, may be inexpensive item, it still needs to do the job.

We are into non stick litter scoops. Make your litter box non stick, even if it is not non stick now.

How To Use A Long Handled Cat Litter Scoop

Long handled cat litter scoops are not used in the same way as shorter handled cat litter scoops. That is because the force exerted with scooping is going to be different (most of the time). Think of the action when using a dustpan and brush. A shorter handled brush allows us to brush debris quite vigorously however a dustpan and brush with a long handle (upright variety) needs a more considered approach and is not done in a hurry.

The same applies to long handled cat litter scoops, it will require a slower approach.

Mostly this would not be a problem as people with mobility/bending problems are not going to want to scoop at 100 miles an hour.

A shorter handle allows for more vigorous scooping. Almost any product will break if not used in the manner it was intended. Keep this in mind when considering your options.

kitten inspecting a litter tray and scoop

Cat Litter Scoops With Short Handles

1. IPrimio Cat Litter Scoop – Aluminium – Teflon coated
2. DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop – Aluminium – Ergonomic handle
3. WePet Cat Litter Scoop – Aluminium – Serrated edge on scoop
4. Petmate Litter Scoops With Microban – Plastic with Microban coating

More Short Handle Cat Litter Scoops

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Cat Litter Scoops With Long Handles

Long Handle Litter ScoopsLength of Handle
1. IPrimio Scoop Monster Cat Litter Stand Up Scooper34 inches – Adjusted Telescopically
2. Yangbaga Metal Litter Scoop With Long Handle32.8 inches – Two Sections That Screw Together
3. TOYDOPOR – Long Handle Cat Litter Scoop32 inches – Two Sections That Screw Together.
4. Sand Dipper Junior Long Handle Litter Scoop27 inches Adjusted Telescopically
5. Kitty Kaddy No Stoop Litter Scoop30 inches Fixed Length
Adjustment Methods for the Cat Litter Long Handle Scoop are : Fixed Length, Adjusted Telescopically or Two Sections That Screw Together.

More Long Handle Cat Litter Scoops

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

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