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What Is The Best Litter Scoop For Scooping Cat Waste?

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The best litter scoop needs to fulfill all of these requirements:

A litter scoop that doesn’t break
A litter scoop that can get into corners
A litter scoop that is easy to clean
A litter scoop that is strong and not a flimsy plastic

Litter Scoops With Short Handles Or Long Handles?

Cat Litter Scoops With Short Handles

Short handle length scoops are what we commonly think of when we think of cat litter scoops.

WePet Cat Litter Scoop, Aluminum Alloy Sifter, Kitty Metal Scooper, Deep Shovel, Long Handle, Poop Sifting, Kitten Pooper Lifter, Durable, Heavy Duty, for Litter Box, Flat Aluminum with Blue Handle

Cat Litter Scoops With Long Handles

A long handled litter scoop is useful for people who have mobility problems or back problems or are recovering from an operation or other issues that make bending over to scoop a litter box difficult if not impossible.

Yangbaga Metal Cat Litter Scoop with Deep Shovel and Long Handle, Detachable Stainless Steel Non-Stick Cat Litter Sifter with Foam Padded Grip Handle, No Bending Back Heavy Duty Cat Litter Scooper

Cleaning the cat litter box is not a chore that we really want to ask other people to do for us. A long handled scoop can be a lifesaver and allows independence, without needing to ask for help from others.

We have split this review into two parts

Part 1 Review of Regular (Short) Size Handle Litter Scoops

Part 2 Review of Longer Handled Scoops

Reviews Of Regular (Short) Size Handle Litter Scoops

1. IPrimio Cat Litter Scoop
2. DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop
3. WePet Cat Litter Scoop
4. Nature’s Miracle Scoop Plus Caddy
5. Purple Pet iPrimio Plastic Cat Litter Scoop
6. Petmate Litter Scoops With Microban
7. Neater Scooper With Waste Bin and Waste Bags

1. IPrimio Cat Litter Scoop

IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel - Non Stick Plated Aluminum Scoop - Designed by Cat Owners - Patented Sifter with Holder - Super Solid Handle - Black

IPrimio have designed this scoop taking into account the concerns people had with other litter scoops.

This litter scoop is Teflon coated, the same non stick coating used on cookware. Being non stick makes cleaning sticky messes from the scoop much easier. It is even suggested to spray the scoop with spray oil to make cleaning up even easier.

It has a deep shovel so it is able to pick up a fair amount of solid matter from the litter box in one go but it is not so large that it can’t get into corners.

The design of the spacing of the tongs on the scoop is particularly important and this scoop allows only clean litter through the tongs , so eliminates having to re-scoop.
It is made from aluminium making it lightweight. It also comes with a wall holder.

It has a good reputation for working well with the different types of litter that are commonly used such as newspaper litter, crystal litter, clumping litter, pine litter and so on.

The handle has an ergonomic grip making it easy to hold. The warranty is lifetime.


Non stick coating on the scoop.

The scoop is large and deep.

Easy grip handle.

A reinforced front edge to combat wear and tear.

Includes a plastic wall hanger. 


It may be more expensive than plastic scoops.


It measures 13.25 x 5 x 1.75 inches. It weighs 11 ounces. It is made from aluminium. The scoop is Teflon coated. The handle is solid and won’t bend. It is washed using warm water and soap and then rinsed.

2. DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop

DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop, All Metal End-to-End with Solid Core, Sifter with Deep Shovel, Multi-Cat Tested Accept No Substitute for The Original (Colors May Vary)

This scoop is cast aluminium so the handle can’t separate from the scoop. The handle is molded rubber. The handle has been ergonomically designed so that the center of gravity is towards the users wrist.

It’s a big scoop with a deep shovel allowing the user to pick up large clumps without bending. It is large and yet lightweight.

The aluminium is a mirror finish, it is not coated or painted. As it is aluminium it won’t rust.


The enclosed sides are designed to minimize the scatter of litter while the scooping is in progress.

It is a good price point compared to similar litter scoops.


There is no holder included.

It is heavier than a plastic scoop.


The scoop is made from high-grade rust-resistant ADC-12 aluminum. The coating on the handle is phthalate-free.
It is available in three different colors, mint green, watermelon pink and sky blue. It measures 12.7 x 5.9 x 2.6 inches and weighs 8.64 ounces. The slots are 3/8 inch wide.

We are into non stick litter scoops. How about making your litter box non stick, even if it is not non stick now.

3. WePet Cat Litter Scoop

WePet Cat Litter Scoop, Aluminum Alloy Sifter, Kitty Metal Scooper, Deep Shovel, Long Handle, Poop Sifting, Kitten Pooper Lifter, Durable, Heavy Duty, for Litter Box, Flat Aluminum with Blue Handle

This scoop is made from aluminium and the model shown here is the flat finish aluminium model. There is also a polished aluminium model and a non stick aluminium model. It is rust and corrosion resistant.

This is an upgrade version with a deeper shovel. The scoop has a dull serrated edge on the front to help loosen any stuck on material that may need an extra it of effort to loosen from the box.

The size of the sieve on the shovel is designed to pick up any dirty litter and allow the clean litter to fall back into the box.


A sturdy product compared with plastic litter scoopers.

Serrated front edge is a unique feature.


The serrated edge can get clogged with litter unless washed frequently.

The serrated edge could tear litter liners if used.


The handle size is 6.25 inches. The scoop has a serrated edge at the front. There are 10 color choices. The litter scoop measures 14 x 5 x 2 inches and weighs 9.24 ounces.

A cat litter mat in front of the litter box is a must have to help stop the spread of litter. This article reviews cat litter mats and looks at the pros and cons.

4. Nature’s Miracle Scoop Plus Caddy

Nature's Miracle Non-Stick Antimicrobial Scoop & Caddy (P-82036)

The scoop has an antimicrobial protection which is designed to control odor caused by bacteria that may be on the scoop. A caddy which holds the scoop is included. The caddy can stand alone or be attached to the side of the litterbox. Interestingly, the DuraScoop litter scoop also fits in this caddy. It is non stick for easy cleaning. If the front edge of the scoop becomes clogged, give it a tap on the side of the litter box to dislodge the material.


This is a very good budget option that also includes a caddy for storing the scoop.

The caddy can be attached to the litter pan.

It is a lightweight litter scoop.


This scoop is plastic which could be viewed as a pro or con depending on your requirements.


The product measures 6.36 x 4 x 11 inches. It is extremely lightweight at 0.32 ounces. The scoop is made from plastic. It is suitable for clumping or non clumping litter. The front edge of the litter scoop is flat.

5. Purple pet iPrimio Plastic cat litter Scoop

Sifter w/ Deep Shovel Litter Scoop - Designed by Cat Owners - Durable ABS Plastic Litter Scoop, Scooper." Solid Strong Handle. By iPrimio. Patented.

This cat litter scoop is made by IPrimio. This is a plastic version of the very popular aluminium cat litter scoop. It does have the same properties as the stainless steel scoop that consumers asked for, for example a reinforced front edge, a deep shovel, a solid handle.


Ergonomic grip handle.

Sifter is designed to let only clean litter pass through.

A lightweight cat litter scoop.


It may have a tendency to break where the handle meets the scoop (after a period of months of use).


The scoop is ABS Plastic. The scoop measures 12 x 1.75 x 5 inches and weighs 5.61 ounces. The slats are 5/32 of an inch or 4mm apart. It has a deep shovel.

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6. Petmate Litter Scoops With Microban

Petmate Litter Scoop w/ Microban, Large - 29111,Bleached Linen

This is a plastic scoop that has been around for a long time. It does not have too many bells and whistles but gets the job done and for the price represents very good value. It does have the antimicrobial coating called Microban which is also on one of Petmate’s very large litter boxes (unavailable currently). Petmate do sell a variety of cat litter scoops so make sure that you choose the best one for your needs.


Plastic is lightweight.


Inexpensive – Very Good budget option


Check the dimensions as some litter scoops are larger than this one.


This is litter scoop is made from recycled plastic. It measures 10 x 4.2 x 1.7 inches and weighs 0.05 of a pound. The antimicrobial protection called Microban helps to resist mold and mildew forming, bacteria and stains. This litter scoop is made in the USA.

7. Neater Scooper With waste Bin and Waste Bags

Neater Pet Brands - Neater Scooper Cat Litter Sifter - Includes 60 Refill Bags - Mess Free Cat Litter Scoop to Bag Waste Bin System with Extra Waste Bags (Grey)

This is something a little different than just a cat litter scoop. This system takes care of scooping the box and collecting the waste in one movement. The waste is also neatly contained in a bag ready for disposal. This bundle includes 60 bags. The mage above shows clearly ow the system works. The waste bin is where the scoop is stored so it is like a one stop shop for dealing with scooping and disposal of the scooped material.


Convenience of scooping and disposal and storage at the same time.

Made in the USA.


This system is not suitable for pellet litter. 

Works best if the litter is scooped daily.

Probably best for a one cat household. More than one cat means the bags will need to be changed often.


The scoop measures 5.9 x 5.6 x 11.7 inches. 60 refill bags are included. The waste bin is included. The waste bin is also where the scooper is stored. It is made n the USA. The scoop and waste bin are made from plastic.

best litter scoop
Can I play with this?

Our Choice For The Best Litter Scoop

Scooping the litter is a daily job. A litter scoop may seem like a small purchase in the overall scheme of things but it can actually make quite a difference to the efficiency of scooping the litter box thus getting the job done faster. Phew! That’s done!

Having a non stick surface makes cleaning easy and aluminium means that it is lightweight but strong also. The scoop has a deep shovel but not too deep meaning, less scoops to get the job done. The handle is designed to be held easily and comfortably.
Like any product, it is all in the design and detail.

Buying Guide – How To choose The best Litter Scoop

  1. Price – The budget is a factor. How much do you want to spend on a scoop? They are inexpensive anyway but you may have to pay a few dollars more to get the features you want.
  2. Material – Scoops are plastic, some are wire and aluminium. There’s nothing wrong with plastic as long as it is sturdy and not going to bend.
  3. Length of the Handle – As mentioned above, a long handled scoop will be a boon for those with back problems. Even without a back problem, just getting older means it is more difficult to crouch down to scoop litter from litter boxes. This is a good option for those who want it.
  4. Holder or Caddy – Yes! I love the idea of having somewhere to actually put the scoop. It’s just one less thing to think about because it will always be in the same place.
  5. Shape of the Scoop – The shape of the cat litter scoop is important. It needs to be able to get into the corners of the litter box easily, so a rounded edge scoop may make that job more difficult. A deep shovel scoop will allow for more matter to be scooped.
  6. Sturdiness of the Scoop – This goes without saying. This is a product you will be using daily so it needs to be sturdy and not flimsy. It needs to be the best litter scoop. There’s nothing more annoying than wasting money on inferior products that need replacing. Even though it may be inexpensive it still needs to do the job.

More Cat Litter Scoops

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