What Is The Best Litter Scoop For Cat Litter Boxes?

The best cat litter scoop needs to have all of these features:

  • A litter scoop that doesn't break
  • A litter scoop that can get into corners
  • A litter scoop that is easy to clean
  • A litter scoop that is strong and not a flimsy plastic

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The Long And The Short...

Cat Litter scoops with regular length handles

Regular size handle scoops are what we commonly think of when we think of cat litter scoops.

Cat Litter scoops with long handles

A long handled litter scoop is useful people who have  back problems, are recovering from an operation or have other issues that make bending over to scoop a litter box difficult if not impossible.

Cleaning the cat litter box is not a chore that we really want to ask other people to do, so a long handled scoop can be a lifesaver and allow independence without needing to ask for help from others.

Cat Litter Scoop - Regular Length Handle

Cat Litter Scoop - Long Handle

We have split this review into two parts -

Part 1 Regular Size Handle Litter Scoops

Part 2  Longer Handled Scoops but first of all…

How To Choose A Cat Litter Scoop


Price  - The budget is  a factor. How much do you want to spend on a scoop? They are inexpensive anyway but you may have to pay a few dollars more to get the features you want.


Material  - Most scoops are plastic, some are wire and some are steel. There’s nothing wrong with plastic as long as it is sturdy and not going to bend.


Length of the handle -  As mentioned above, a long handled scoop will be a boon for those with back problems and even without a back problem just getting older means it is more difficult to crouch down to scoop litter from litter boxes. This is a good option for those who want it.


Holder - Yes! I love the idea of having somewhere to actually put the scoop. It’s just one less thing to think about because it will always be in the same place.


Shape of the scoop - The shape of the cat litter scoop is important. It needs to be able to get into the corners of the litter box easily so a rounded edge scoop may make that job more difficult. A deep shovel scoop will allow for more matter to be scooped.


Sturdiness of product - This goes without saying. This is a product you will be using daily so it needs to be sturdy and not flimsy. Even though it may be inexpensive it still needs to do the job.

Litter Scoop Reviews

Regular Length Handle Cat Litter Scoops

#1. IPrimio Cat Litter Scoop

IPrimio have designed this scoop taking into account the concerns people had with other litter scoops.

For example, it is Teflon coated, so being non stick makes cleaning sticky messes from the scoop much easier.

It has a deep shovel so that it can pick up a fair amount of solid matter from the litter box in one go but is not so large that it can’t get into corners.

The design of the spacing of the tongs on the scoop is particularly important and this scoop allows only clean litter through, so eliminates having to re-scoop.
It is made from aluminium, with a Teflon coating so in addition to being easy to clean it is lightweight. It also comes with a wall holder.

The handle has an ergonomic grip making it easy to hold. The warranty is lifetime.

They really do have all bases covered with this scoop.

5 of 5 Stars

2. Nature's Miracle Non-Stick Scoop

The caddy and the scoop are made from plastic.

The caddy is a huge draw card as the scoop can conveniently be kept tucked out of sight when not is use. Plus there is somewhere to put the scoop when scooping is finished. A scoop alone can be tricky to store. This makes scooping the litter box more hygienic.

The scoop also has a hole at the top of the handle for hanging.

Note the entire caddy and scoop do not hang together, it just an option for the scoop.

It is non stick which is a bonus and helps with cleaning and it has an has an anti microbial coating.

4.5 of 5 Stars

3. DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop

This scoop is cast aluminium so the handle won’t separate from the scoop.

It’s a big scoop with a deep shovel and it’s tough enough to able to pick up large clumps without bending.

The handle is comfortable and easy to grip.

This is a tough scoop that gets the job done and lasts for years. It is refreshing to hear that this lasts so long

Making the job easier and lasting for years, is going to get a big thumbs up.

4.5 of 5 Stars

4. RSVP Stainless Steel Kitty Litter Scoop

This scoop is made from stainless steel.  It is hard wearing, long lasting and can be cleaned with briskness.

As it is stainless steel there is no flex or bend that is common in cheap plastic litter scoops.

It has a comfortable handle with rounded edges so it is easy to grip.

4 of 5 Stars

Recommendation For A Regular Length Handle Is...

#1. IPrimio Cat Litter Scoop

Scooping the litter is a daily job.  A litter scoop may seem like a small purchase in the overall scheme of things but it can actually make quite a difference to the efficiency of scooping the litter box thus getting the job done faster. Phew! That's done!

Having a non stick surface makes cleaning easy and aluminium means that it is lightweight but strong also.  The scoop has a deep shovel but not too deep so less scoops to get the job done. The handle is designed to be held easily and comfortably.  
Like any product, it is all in the design and detail.

Overall rating :  5 / 5
cat litter scoop with cat litter box

Cat Litter Scoops With Long Handles

#1. Imperial Cat - Neat n Tidy - Heavy Duty Litter Scoop For Cats

This is the tough workhorse of kitty litter scoops and is a real boon for those with mobility issues.

The handle is extra long, 18” from the basket to the tip of the handle.

The scoop is a heavy wire gauge, it will stand the test of time. The handle is vinyl coated for comfort.

It is suitable for use with pine pellet cat litter as the pellets will fall through the openings which are ⅜ x ⅜” in size.

The shape of the scoop means that it is easy to get into the corners of the litter box, something that a rounded scoop cannot do so easily.

5 of 5 Stars

2. Sand Dipper Long Handle Back Saver Cat Litter Scoop

This is the ultimate in the meaning of long handle with a reach of over 27 inches.

The basket is stainless steel and is marine grade, the pole is lightweight aluminium. The handle also has a wrist loop just giving a bit more stability to the grasp.

This scoop is so brilliant design wise in so many ways however we have noted that the basket may be too small for some users.

4.5 of 5 Stars

3. Pureness Extra Giant Long Handled Litter Scoop

The handle is extra long (16") which means less leaning over to scoop.

It is well priced and it's a very fast job to cycle through the litter with just six or so scoops.

The scoop has a deep shovel so it can handle a lot of litter at once.

The best way to use is as follows; scoop and then when raising the scoop, shake gently from side to side so that the larger pieces of litter (depending on what you are using) can pass through back into the litter.

Dust is minimized by not lifting the scoop too high.  This scoop is plastic.

4.5 of 5 Stars

4. Petmate Ultimate Litter Plastic Scoop

The handle is molded and easy to grip.  It is 19”inches long in total and is plastic.

The long handle makes it easy to reach into the back of the litter box and less of a back breaking chore.

It is sturdy and the generous extra large scoop means it does the job quickly.

Have a good look at the scoop though because the openings may be too large for some types of litter.

On the flip side, this does allow clean litter to pass back into the box.

4 of 5 Stars

5. No Stoop Litter Scoop

This scoop is 30" long so really ticks the boxes for not needing to bend to scoop the kitty litter.

It is a strong and lightweight scoop and does the job well.

Because the handle is so long, it can be used with two hands which is an important consideration.

This scoop is American made.

4 of 5 Stars

Recommendation For A Long Handled Litter Scoop is...

#1. Imperial Cat -Heavy Duty Litter Scoop

Using a long handled litter scoop means that it needs to be strong as the longer the handle the less control you have of the actual scooper.  As you can see the scooper or basket is wide, it is sturdy and is going to do the job.

It may not necessarily be the prettiest scoop but when you are looking for sturdy and long handled this is the scoop for you.

Overall rating :  5 / 5

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How To Use A Long Handled Cat Litter Scoop

Long handled cat litter scoops are not used in the same way as shorter handled scoops.

That is because the force exerted with scooping is going to be different (most of the time). Think of the action when using a dustpan and brush.

A shorter handled brush allows us to brush debris quite vigorously however a dustpan and brush with a long handle (upright variety) needs a more considered approach and is not done in a hurry.

The same applies to long handled cat litter scoops, it will require a slower approach.

Mostly this would not be a problem as people with mobility/bending problems are not going to want to scoop at 100 miles an hour.

A shorter handle allows for more vigorous scooping. Almost any product will break if not used in the manner it was intended. Keep this in mind when considering your options.

Choosing The Best Cat Litter Scoop

If mobility issues are the foremost concern then definitely consider the heavy duty scoop made by Imperial Cat .
It is a practical and user friendly choice for those with limited mobility.  It can be used with two hands if necessary.  

If you still require a long scoop but not something that is necessarily for mobility issues the Petmate Ultimate Litter Scoop (19“) or the Pureness Long Handled Litter Scoop (16”) will both give the benefit of using a longer handled litter scoop.

Litter Box Etiquette!

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The Spread Of Kitty Litter!

Help, it's taking over! What can you do to stop the spread of kitty litter at your place?

Stop The Cat From Pooping Randomly

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