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Five Ways to Stop Cat Litter From Going Everywhere


​What is the solution to stop cat litter from going everywhere? It's no fun stepping in cat litter especially with bare feet! Not quite as bad as stepping on Lego but it is up there!

​Cleaning cat litter from ​tracking everywhere in your home is not an easy task. It can be ​tiresome doing this daily ​and taxing especially if you have a lot of household chores ​​or a busy work schedule.

Cats spread litter ​because ​some litter sticks on their fur and paws after using the litter box. Some cats w​hen digging in their boxes, kick, and fling ​litter ​everywhere.

​Five Ways To Stop Cat Litter From Going Everywhere ​


Always Use A Litter Mat 

A litter mat ​is a reliable and effective way to help prevent litter spread.​

Place a ​litter mat under your cat’s litter box. ​Litter mats are similar to floor mats however they are designed specifically to trap litter and help solve this problem.​ The litter mat is then shaken when needed to get rid of the litter. It is also worth running the vacuum over the mat when this vacuuming the general area.

These mats are called litter trappers and that is because the​re are two layers.  The top latter has a honeycomb structure for the litter to fall though.  Then it is easy to empty the litter by picking up the mat and emptying the litter back into the litter box. Voila!

iprimio litter trapper
iprimio litter mat_size of the mat shown

​Make sure your mat is bigger than the size of your cat’s litter box to catch all litter thrown out of the box.


​​Assess The Litter Box

​Litter boxes vary in sizes and designs. ​ Significantly, go for the biggest litter box ​ that will comfortably fit the area you have in mind for the litter box.

There is research to show that larger litter boxes are ​definitely better for kitty. If your cat is large there is a good chance that litter is going to be difficult to contain.  The problem may be that the litter box is to small.  This article is about litter boxes for large kitties.

​Think about a ​covered litter box or a top entry litter box as your cat will not be able to kick the litter out of the box. ​ Both types of litter box can help solve the problem of litter going everywhere and help keep your house clean.



​Long haired breeds of cat may at times need the hair between the toes to be trimmed if it becomes excessively long or if the​ cat is constantly grooming.  It should then be done on a sparingly basis and with a pair of rounded end scissors. ​

It is not a practice that is advised to help keep scattered litter ​under control. ​The tufts are there to cushion and protect the paws from the ground.


​Invest In A Decent Vacuum Cleaner

​Choose a vacuum that is going to do the hob of picking up litter and cat hair. ​​ ​Read choosing a pet vacuum cleaner, a handheld vacuum, or a carpet sweeper, all designed for pet hair.  It does seem kind of obvious to say vacuum and sweep the area but there are tips that help with picking up pesky cat litter ​ and they are outlined in the article.  

​Do we like vacuuming ? Ugh - but there are way to make the chore easier.


​​Toilet Train The Cat

stop cat litter from going everywhere

​Come on out kitty! You've been in there long enough!

​​OK, not quite as ridiculous as it sounds.  It can be done. ​I would love to hear from someone who has done this successfully or tried and ​kitty wouldn't cooperate.

I direct you to this excellent article that gives great advice if this is the path you choose to follow.  Please come back and tell us the success or otherwise of your venture.

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stop cat litter from going everywhere

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